pine bark extract and your skin

Antioxidant protection, collagen protection, water retention, cellulite

Pine bark polyphenols from the red / maritime pine (Pinus maritime / Pinus pinaster), has been widely researched and has been found in numerous studies to fight free radical damage (antioxidant), protect collagen, boost circulation and fight water retention. 

Pine bark extract is rich in a group of compounds called "low molecular weight procyanidins" or  "oligomeric procyanidins". Procyanidins are plant chemicals primarily found in apples, maritime/red pine bark, cocoa beans, grape seed & skin, red wine, bilberries, cranberries, black currants, green & black tea. Procyanidins have strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, connective tissue-protecting and blood vessel-protecting action. Oligomeric procyanidins (OPCs) are compounds formed from a small number (less than four) of catechin and epicatechin molecules, making them the most absorbable and bioactive type of procyanidins.



For all these reasons, red pine bark extract is great as an active ingredient in anti-cellulite, leg wellness, skin firming and under-eye creams [the Celluence® leg wellness/cellulite creams are the only creams in the world to contain 95% pure red pine bark polyphenols in a highly bioavailable form, PLUS 39 more natural actives for maximum results].