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general terms & conditions applicable to this website, lipotherapeia treatments and celluence creams


0.1. LipoTherapeia Ltd

  • All information, products and treatments are provided by LipoTherapeia Ltd (Company House Reg: 07675379), under full acceptance of our terms and conditions below.

  • Our trading address is: LipoTherapeia @ Chelsea Private Clinic, 151 Sydney Street, London

  • Our telephone number is: 0207 118 2014

  • The UK law and UK courts apply to all legal disputes

  • We do not store credit card details neither do we share any customer details with any 3rd parties

0.2. Use of the information provided on this website and in the treatment room

  • Use of this website explicitly implies your agreement to the terms and conditions described below. If you do not agree to our T&Cs you are requested to leave this website now.

  • The information provided on this website is based on our two decades of professional opinion in the fields of health and aesthetics and our interpretation of the relevant research as published in peer reviewed journals and proprietary research, it is for educational purposes only, cannot be guaranteed 100% accurate, only applies to aesthetic - NOT medical - concerns and does not constitute., or aim to replace, medical advice or inform about any medical condition or disease.

  • The products presented on this website only apply to aesthetic - NOT medical - concerns and do not constitute, or aim to, replace medical advice or treat any medical condition or disease.

0.3. Financial information and financial transactions

  • All financial transactions on this website are securely processed via Stripe (Stripe Payments Europe Ltd), our credit card processing company, which is regulated by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

  • Your credit card details are securely held by Stripe. We do not know (and we do not want to know) or hold your credit card details! All refunds are also processed through the same company. All telephone orders and transactions at the clinic are processed by WorldPay and we adhere to strict regulations regarding card payment safety.

0.4. Copyright & trademarks

  • Our LipoTherapeia® and Meso-CRF® trademarks are registered in the United Kingdom. No use of these trademarks is allowed without written permission. Our Celluence® trademark is registered throughout the European Union. No use of this trademark is allowed without written permission. Furthermore, we reserve the right to the use of our trademarks: Advanced Protocol™ and LipoTherapeia Cellulite Massage™.

  • All text and "before and after" photos are © 2000-2018, LipoTherapeia Ltd & Georgios Tzenichristos. All rights reserved.

  • All other photos are licensed to LipoTherapeia Ltd by third parties and reproduction of any of those photos without written permission is strictly prohibited. Reproduction of said photographs may lead to litigation not only by LipoTherapeia Ltd but also by third parties to whom the copyright belongs to.

  • Our trademark names, Meso-CRF® and its derivatives is interchangeably used on this website for our treatments, offered exclusively by LipoTherapeia®. However, for ease of use, only the term Meso-CRF appears on these terms and conditions.

0.5. Our privacy guarantees  - No spam

  • We, at LipoTherapeia.com, do not collect any private information about you when you visit the site. Google and Squarespace, our website platform, collect on our behalf anonymised usage data of the traffic of this site, including visitors' IP addresses, which do not identify any particular visitor and are used for statistical purposes.

  • All data collected regarding, and needed for, the provision of your treatments and all enquiries made to us, are stored securely, according to privacy laws, and comply with treatment provision and insurance laws, which supersede GDPR. You have to right to enquire about these data.

  • Your name, email address, postal mail address and telephone numbers will never be shared in any way with any third-party. No marketing text messages, no junk mail and no spam from us - guaranteed.

  • We NEVER keep your card payment details when you place an order over the phone. These are destroyed immediately after payment is made. We do NOT have any access to your payment details when you make payment via the website. These are kept securely by our card payment acceptance provider, Stripe.

  • We occasionally contact you with special offers and news about our services and products, ONLY if you double opt-in, and no more often than 6 times a year. Any marketing emails you receive comply with GDPR law and your name and email address are processed and stored exclusively with MailChimp, according to GDPR law. You can unsubscribe at any time from our marketing emails by clicking on the "unsubscribe" link on any of our emails sent to you.

  • If you are a journalist or "celebrity" and received free samples of our products or free treatments, we reserve the right to use your name and testimony for marketing purposes.

  • Any cookies collected from search engines and social networks comply with privacy laws, as laid down by these providers. We do not use any cookies for remarketing or other marketing activities that track you around the web (for example, you will not see our ad on your internet browser after visiting our website or social media page).

  • Your privacy is guaranteed with us!

0.6. Our confidentiality guarantee

  • We regularly treat celebrities and other high-profile / high net worth individuals who are very protective of their privacy, and we will never disclosed any details about them (including the mere fact that we treated them), to either the press or anyone else.

  • Whether you are a celebrity or not, we value your privacy and will never disclose any personal or other information about you to any third party (with the exception of testimonies or photos about free treatments and/or free creams, as mentioned above). If necessary, we are happy to sign a non-disclosure / confidentiality agreement to further guarantee confidentiality.

0.7. Price changes and special offers

  • All prices (including special offers and course discounts) are subject to withdrawal and amendment without prior notice. Of course, all prices/special offers/course discounts for treatments, consultations or products already purchased will be honoured.

Of course, your statutory rights are not affected by any of our terms and conditions.



A.1. Delivery policy

  • Please ensure your billing (credit card) address and shipping address are identical. To ensure security / fraud prevention we do not ship to a different shipping address. All orders with non-matching billing / shipping address will be cancelled.

  • We ship to the UK and the rest of the world via Royal Mail. Other carriers are available on request, but at extra cost.

  • We aim to ship within 5 working days at the latest (usually 2 working days). We will notify you if we cannot service you within this time frame and give you the option to either wait for stock to arrive or cancel your order and receive an immediate refund.

  • We are not responsible for custom delays, surcharges (duty, tax etc.) or other problems at your country's customs office, so before ordering please find our about such costs and delays by contacting your local customs office and ensure you are happy with such costs, delays or other problems.

  • Please note that for your protection we ship and insure all goods by registered mail/courier and you will be asked for proof of signature by the courier.

  • For security / fraud prevention reasons we do not send more than 2 creams as a first order. If you wish to place an order of multiple creams you can contact us and pay by bank transfer, one month AFTER you place an order of 1-2 creams.

A.2. Return and refund policy

  • Opened or used bottles of Celluence® creams are not returnable or refundable for health and safety purposes. You may return an unopened bottle within 14 calendar days of delivery and we will be happy to issue a full refund - no questions asked. For orders outside the EU, a 20% restocking & admin fee is charged on all returns.

  • Naturally, the cost of our shipping of the products to you is not refundable.

    • Only when our free delivery offer is active a £4.50 post & packing fee per order is charged for all UK orders in case of return/refund.

    • A £12.50 fee per order for all EU orders

    • A £18.50 fee per order for all orders from the rest of the world is charged, in addition to the 20% restocking and admin fee

  • Products returned to us undelivered because of non-acceptance by you or your country's custom office will be refunded, with a 20% restocking fee charged for orders outside the UK.

  • Any used products or products returned 15 days or later after delivery will not be refunded. Post or courier stamp will determine both the delivery and return shipping dates. You are responsible for your own shipping and insurance cost when you return products to us. Please make sure you pack properly, ship with a reputable carrier and insure adequately to ensure that the package arrives safely at our premises as we will not accept responsibility / issue refunds for lost or damaged returned items. We may not accept returns / issue refunds for items sent by non-tracked and/or uninsured shipping services.

A.3. No claims or guarantees made about any specific effectiveness

  • At Celluence® we aim to offer you high quality products that feature the best ingredients from around the world. However, NO claims whatsoever or guarantee are made about the effectiveness of our Celluence® creams for the simple reason that we cannot control your diet/exercise/lifestyle regime or how your body itself reacts to the treatment. Nothing biological can be guaranteed. Cream effectiveness depends on your body’s state of health, your genetics and your lifestyle (all areas being outside of our control), not just on the quality of the product used.

  • By ordering from us you explicitly agree that you buy our products for the high quality ingredients they contain, not for a specific result or effect.

A.4. Possible Adverse reactions

  • Our products contain high quality ingredients, are sourced by reputable manufacturers and meet strict safety requirement according to EU regulations, including microbiological tests, stability tests and toxicological safety assessments. However, anyone may experience an adverse reaction to any product, regardless how innocuous that product is.

  • If you suffer from sensitive skin or allergies we encourage you to apply a small quantity of the product on a small, inconspicuous area of your skin and wait for 48 hours for any possible sensitivity, before you liberally use the product to larger skin areas. If such an adverse reaction is experienced by this test, we will be happy to offer you a full refund (minus our delivery costs and your shipping of the product to us), even though the product was used, provided that you supply evidence and a full description of the problem (we require this information to comply with EU regulations).

  • If you buy multiple units of the same product and experience an adverse reaction by one unit, we will also refund you for the other units, provided they were not used at all.

A.5. Orders by salons, spas and clinics

  • We offer a standard 35% discount on the full price of the creams, currently £85/cream, for an order of 20x creams or more.

  • If you are VAT registered in the EU, you can purchase VAT-free, provided that you supply us with your VAT registration number. If you are based outside the EU, you can also purchase VAT-free. In both cases, both the bank account used to pay for the goods and the premises where the goods are sent to, must be outside the UK.

  • Packaging as well as tracked & insured shipping by Royal Mail or other courier are to be paid in addition.

  • We have a minimum order quantity requirement of 20x creams of either code, i.e. to benefit from the 30% discount you must buy at least 20x or more of any mix you wish of Celluence® Phase One or Celluence® Phase Two. Payment is by bank transfer only in advance of your order (we do not accept credit/debit cards for salon orders).

  • We also require you to first buy one item of the cream you intend to purchase, assess if it is suitable to your salon/clinic/spa and customers' needs and then place the order of 20x or more creams of the same type. Trial orders placed by salons benefit from 2-for-1 discount. Just place an order for Celluence® Phase One at £135 on our website and we will send you a pack of Celluence® One plus Celluence® Phase Two.

  • Because we give you the option to first try the product before placing an order of 20x or more of that product, when you make such order you accept full satisfaction with the quality of the product and agree not to request any returns or refunds for your order.

  • You cannot act as a distributor/wholesaler for your country or your locality without written permission from LipoTherapeia Ltd.

  • Please also note that our creams are NOT suitable for use as a contact medium for treatments (massage, radiofrequency, ultrasound etc.) and therefore you are not allowed to use them as such.

  • Finally, you must ensure that all claims you make about the Celluence® creams are legal in your country. We do not make exaggerated / misleading claims and we do not allow such claims to be made by you either.



b.1.1. Our cancellation policy - TREATMENTS

We operate a strict, full-fee 48-hour cancellation policy (72 hours for double sessions or ALL Monday appointments)

  • Our cancellation policy is strictly 48-hours for single sessions, 72 hours for double sessions and ALL Monday appointments. Our cancellation fee is 100% (the full cost of the appointment is charged without the aforementioned cancellation notice).

  • You may cancel the treatment/consultation and receive a full refund or change your appointment to another day without being charged ONLY if you offer us the appropriate cancellation notice, as specified above.

Bookings made 48/72 hours or less before the appointment time can not be cancelled

  • Since bookings made 48/72 hours or less before the appointment time fall into the 48/72-hour cancellation zone, they can not be cancelled or postponed without the cancellation fee charged which is the full price of appointments.

Cancellation must be in electronic, written form

  • In both cases you must notify us electronically either by email, or through the contact us form on this website, or by text. Please offer us offer us the appropriate cancellation notice, as specified above, to avoid being charged for your appointment. No refunds or re-bookings will be made if you fail to provide us with such notice.

The only exception to our cancellation policy is emergency hospitalisation, once

  • Exceptions to the above rules will only be made for emergency hospitalisation, only once, and for no other reason whatsoever.

  • Please do not ask us for exceptions because we cannot afford to make them. For you, the customer, an one-off cancellation is just that: an one-off cancellation. For us, many one-off cancellations add up every week and can easily comprise ⅓ or even half our income. Naturally we cannot afford to lose 1/3 or half our income every single week. Furthermore, without our cancellation policy ⅓ or half of our availability would be wasted, which means that we could not offer you a proper service.

If we find a replacement we do not charge you

  • If you cancel early enough in the 48/72-hour cancellation zone we may be able to find a replacement for your booking. In this case we will not to charge you the cancellation fee.

B.1.2. OUR CANCELLATION POLICY - free consultations

  • Please note that we run a very tight schedule. In order to offer you and all our clients a professional service and avoid disruption at the clinic from short notice cancellations and no-shows, we operate a strict 24-hour cancellation policy for free consulations.

  • Please kindly give us 24-hours' notice if you need to cancel or change your free consultation - or any other appointment - for another day.

  • If you do not give us 24-hours' cancellation notice or if you do not show up for your appointment we will not be able offer you a second free consultation slot. In that case an introductory session must be booked.

b.1.3. Delayed arrival for an appointment

  • As it is common practice at all professional clinics and salons, if another client is late for her appointment and you are booked right after her, we will only treat her for the remaining appointment time, to ensure that we do not waste your time and make you wait unnecessarily. Naturally, the same rule applies to you, if you are late.

  • On the other hand, if a client arrives late and we have no other booking afterwards, we will be happy to offer her treatment for the full appointment time, but under no circumstances can we add extra time to another appointment to compensate for the loss of time due to delayed arrival.

b.2.1. Introductory sessions

  • All our treatments have to be prepaid at the time the booking is made. Treatments not prepaid at the time of booking will not be booked.

  • Please note that our introductory appointment offers are only available once. If you miss your introductory appointment without providing us with 48/72-hours cancellation notice, the introductory offer will not be available next time and the full appointment fee will need to be paid in advance for your replacement introductory booking.

  • Individual follow-up treatments are charged at the full price and must also be prepaid. Courses of treatments are charged at discount rates and must also be prepaid.

b.2.2. Meso-CRF, Radiofrequency, Cavitation, Electro-Mesotherapy treatment pricing

  • All our treatments that utilise one technology only, i.e. stand-alone radiofrequency, stand-alone cavitation, stand-alone no-needle mesotherapy and any combination of two or three of the above techniques are charged at the current Meso-CRF prices. No discount will be given for standalone treatments of for combination of two technologies.

B.2.3. Treatment duration

  • Please note that for all Meso-CRF appointments last 45', of which 5' are used to set-up and clean the equipment and to allow you to prepare for the treatment, and 40' are used for actual treatment on the machine.

  • In rare cases we offer 60' appointments, of which 6' are used to set-up and clean the equipment and to allow you to prepare for the treatment, and 54' are used for actual treatment on the machine.

  • Introductory treatments last 60' of which 15' are assessment/consultation, 5' are used to set-up and clean the equipment and to allow you to prepare for the treatment, and 40' are used for actual treatment on the machine.

B.2.4 Only the client is allowed in the room during treatment

  • Please note that we do not allow a second person in the room during treatment. A friend or relative may join the client during the consultation process before the first treatment, but for health and safety and privacy reasons we do not allow a second person in the room while treatment is provided.

  • If you arrive for treatment and you insist that another person is with you during treatment, the session will be considered cancelled and charged at full price.

b.3.1. All courses must be prepaid in full

  • All courses of treatments must be prepaid in full to qualify for the course discount.

  • The course discount applies to the full course only. if a refund needs to be given, for ANY reason (including but not limited to health or emergency reasons), the sessions you received will be charged at full price and deducted from the total amount you have paid for the course and then a refund will be given for the remainder, minus a 10% admin fee on the full amount of your course. If the amount for the received sessions exceeds the total amount, no refund will be given.

B.3.2. Upgrade courses (easy payment option)

  • Instead of paying the full price of a course of 6x or 12x in advance, we allow you to first buy a course of 3x and then upgrade to a course of 6x by paying the difference between the prices of the two courses. This allows you to budget and have a step-by-step approach with your treatments, and still get the full discount of the longer course without prepaying for everything in advance.

  • However, this upgrade system strictly applies to the first 12x sessions to help you budget by spreading the cost of the courses of 6x or 12x. You cannot buy an upgrade from a course of 12x to a course of 15x or to a course of 18x at the upgrade price - any such purchases will be cancelled and the money paid refunded.

  • After 12 sessions are completed, the upgrade course facility is no longer available.

B.3.3. Payment of a course at the salon

  • If for any reason you fail to pay for your course in advance, full payment for the entire course of treatments must be made at the salon on the first appointment of that course. If you have not prepaid for your course and fail to pay for the full amount of your course on the day of the first treatment, then the full price of that treatment will be charged for that day.

  • If you have not prepaid for your course please ensure you have the a functioning credit/debit card or cash on the day of the first appointment of your course to avoid paying the full price for that particular treatment.

B.3.4. Courses expire 6 months after they are purchased

  • As of 1/11/2011 all our courses expire 6 months after they are purchased (except when a different expiry date is explicitly stated), after which time we are under no obligation to provide any treatments or issue any refunds. Please use your full course within 6 months to avoid losing your sessions. By buying a course of treatments with us you agree that you will receive no treatments after the expiry period if you do not use all your sessions within that period of time.

B.3.5. Course refunds

  • LipoTherapeia courses may be cancelled within 14 days from the day of purchase or before the 3rd session is received (whichever is the earliest). Refund will be given for any unused treatments but these will be charged at the full price, currently £200 for Meso-CRF® treatments (NOT at the discounted course price), and they will be deducted from the total amount you have paid for the course, together with a 10% admin fee on the full amount, and then a refund will be given for the remainder.

  • In exceptional circumstances (such as hospitalisation for example) we may, at our discretion, offer a refund for the remaining sessions of your course, but only if you provide us with a hospital/doctor’s note. In that case, the sessions you received will be charged at full price, currently £200 for Meso-CRF® treatments (NOT at the discounted course price), and they will be deducted from the total amount you have paid for the course, together with a 10% admin fee on the full amount, and then a refund will be given for the remainder.

  • Treatments or consultations cancelled or postponed without 48/72-hour notice will be deducted out of the total number of your course of treatments, according to our 48/72-hour full-fee cancellation policy.

  • Please provide us with 48/72-hour notice to avoid being charged for your appointments.

B.4.1. "Before and After Photo" offer for Meso-CRF treatments

  • Please refer to the terms and conditions on the relevant dedicated special offer pages

B.5.1. We reserve the right to refuse treatment, at our sole discretion, to:

  • Clients who behave rudely or inappropriately to our staff

  • Salon/clinic owners and beauty/massage/complementary therapists or nurses/doctors who offer, or intend to offer, treatments similar to ours

  • Men, as our female therapist (who provides all folow up treatments) only provides treatments to female clients

  • Other clients who create disruption to our practice for different reasons. Examples of such behaviour includes but is not limited to: frequent cancellations, refusal to pay on time, unreasonable complaints etc.

  • Clients who do not abide to our terms and conditions

b.6.1. No guarantees about specific effectiveness

  • At LipoTherapeia we aim to offer the best possible treatment with our advanced technology and expertise. However, guarantees can not be made about the effectiveness of either the Lipo Actives creams/gels, supplements or LipoTherapeia treatments for the simple reason that we cannot control your diet/exercise/lifestyle regime or how your body itself reacts to the treatment. Nothing biological can be guaranteed. Treatment/cream effectiveness depends on your body’s state of health, your genetics and your lifestyle (all areas being outside of our control), not just on the technology used or the skill of the practitioner.

  • By buying a session or a course of sessions you explicitly agree that this treatment/course of treatments is just that, a treatment, i.e. an effort towards a result (cellulite reduction, spot fat loss and/or skin firming) via our technology and skills - NOT a "cure" or a guarantee of a specific result, and you explicitly agree NOT to request refund or other compensation from us if a specific result you have in mind has not been reached. No salon/clinic/doctor offers such guarantees and we do not offer them either.

  • If you do not agree to this condition we cannot provide you with our treatments.

B.6.2. No guarantees about adverse reactions

  • We make every effort to offer super-safe and pleasant treatments and we currently have a 99.6% safety record, with the remaining .4% of treatments leading to temporary swelling/irritation that dissipate in about one week. However, we can not absolutely guarantee that irritation, pain or other adverse effect will not occur in your case. Nothing biological can be guaranteed. As with all aesthetic/medical/complementary treatments there is a small probability of an adverse reaction and by opting for a treatment or a course of treatments you explicitly assume that risk and agree NOT to request a refund or other compensation from us in case of such an incident. No salon/clinic/doctor offers such guarantees and we do not offer them either.

  • If you do not agree to this condition we cannot provide you with our treatments.