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"Amazing, I haven't seen my body looking this smooth and toned in years!"
Sunday Mirror

Best cellulite cream

"I was very impressed and enjoyed the results in such a short amount of time. Their philosophy means you are taken care of every step of the way with honest instructions and no outrageous claims. A product that does what it promises without gimmicks or outlandish diets attached."

WTYB (We Try, You Buy)



Feel your legs fresher & lighter in just 5 minutes
and fight cellulite with repeated application...

...with the aid of extracts of horse chestnut, gotu kola, butcher's broom, cocoa polyphenols, red pine bark, green tea, turmeric, coleus, green coffee, resveratrol, citrus fruit, mint and 28 more actives!



Dramatically different cellulite creams

The two Celluence® creams (Phase One + Phase Two) are the only leg wellness / cellulite / stretch mark creams in the world with 40x high-quality natural actives in high concentrations, for enhanced synergy and maximum results. Most ingredients are of >95% purity and in liposome form or other fast absorption matrix for enhanced penetration and assimilation by the skin. This is in contrast to the usual one or two cheap active ingredients in low concentrations, found in most anti-cellulite creams.



"Our aim was to make the best leg / cellulite creams money can buy"

The creams are the culmination of 15 years of research and experience in cellulite reduction and leg wellness and 24 months of development by LipoTherapeia. LipoTherapeia are London's foremost cellulite experts and the developers of the Meso-CRF® cellulite / skin tightening treatment. No expense has been spared in the creation of these creams. When researching and developing the Celluence® creams our philosophy was simple: we aimed to offer our customers the absolutely best possible cellulite creams, with the absolutely best anti-cellulite / anti-stretch mark / leg wellness natural active ingredients, for maximum results.


"There are not many times when you come across a product that actually feels like it’s doing what it claims, and is an absolute pleasure to use and I can say this is such a cream. I am the happiest at 43 than I have ever been with my legs, and I put most of this down to the creams. Thank you."
[Genuine customer review, S.V., Jan 2017]


The Celluence® creams will not rid of your cellulite all on their own or in two weeks (no cellulite cream in the world can do that, regardless of the marketing hype). Healthy diet and exercise are also needed. However, the Celluence® creams are the most concentrated and most comprehensive cellulite / leg wellness creams money can buy, offering you maximum results.



 it's all about the active ingredients

Forskolin / coleus forskohlii extract  •  Caffeine  •  Escin / horse chestnut extract  •  Esculoside / horse chestnut extract  •  Ruscogenin / butcher's broom extract  •  Red pine bark extract polyphenols  •  Cocoa flavanols  •  Carnosine  •  Gotu kola / centella asiatica extract  •  Hyaluronic acid (ultra low molecular weight)  •  Resveratrol  •  Pterostilbene  •  Curcumin / turmeric extract  •  EGCG / green tea extract  •  Hesperidin  •  Quercetin  •  Raspberry ketone  •  Proanthocyanidin  •  Rutin  •  Hydroxyproline  •  Retinol / vitamin A  •  Sericoside  •  Ascorbic acid / vitamin C  •  Ximenynic acid  •  Visnadine  •  18-beta glycyrrhetinic acid  •  Beta-sitosterol  •  Chrysanthellum indicum extract  •  Allantoin  •  Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)  •  Argan stem cell extract  •  Medium chain triglycerides (MCT)  •  Menthol  •  Lemon peel essential oil  •  Rose pepper extract  •  Genistein  • Chlorogenic acid / green coffee bean extract  •  Sclareolide  •  Red mandarin peel essential oil  •  Dihydromyricetin  •  L-carnitine



 Synergistic action against all aspects of cellulite

All these natural actives are well-researched for their action on cellulite, stretch marks and overall leg wellness: poor circulation / lymphatic drainage, superficial fat accumulation, fibrosis, skin looseness, collagen glycation, oxidative damage and low grade chronic inflammation. Quite simply, no other cellulite cream in the world today contains ALL the important active ingredients against ALL aspects of cellulite / leg wellness, in one package and in high concentrations.

A Celluence® cream is not a retinol cream, a caffeine cream, a gotu kola, cream or a curcumin cream etc. It is 40 natural creams into one, benefitting from the synergy that occurs when 40 natural actives are used together.




In addition to it's action on cellulite**, the Celluence® creams offer instant relief and refreshment for heavy / tired / puffy legs***. The Celluence® creams are also ideal before/during/after a long haul flight and to reduce cellulite pain and painful/itchy skin due to water retention (please note that as with any treatment or body product, results vary from person to person).



WHAT to expect / HOW TO USE

The creams come with pumps, and full instructions are available on the label. The Celluence® formulations are a non-greasy combination of gel and liquid cream (lotion) which absorbs within seconds and has a lovely fresh scent of mint + lemon peel essential oil (Phase One) or mint + mandarin essential (Phase Two). Upon application of the creams you will feel an instant buzz and a feeling of lightness and freshness on your legs, that quite often lasts for hours (for more info on our creams check our FAQs; for more info on cellulite creams in general click on the link).

An instant feeling of freshness and relief from heavy, tired legs can be experienced from day one, and the creams will continue to be equally effective for leg rejuvenation every time the cream is applied.

On the other hand, for best results with cellulite, stretch marks and overall leg wellness we suggest application for 1-3 months, every morning and evening after shower, and to combine the creams with a healthy diet and exercise regime (no cellulite cream can "get rid of cellulite" in one or two weeks, regardless of marketing hype, and no cellulite cream produces results if you are not following a strict sugar / alcohol / excess fat / excess carb avoidance regime).

Whilst specifically designed for the legs (calves, thighs, hips and butt), the Celluence® creams can be used on any body area that would benefit from it's skin firming, circulation boosting, anti-stretch mark and anti-cellulite natural active ingredients, i.e. stomach, arms, waist, back (but not the face, neck or breast).



Should I choose Phase One or Phase Two? Do I need to buy both?

The distribution of actives in the two creams is very balanced, so each cream can function equally well on its own. You can buy Phase 1, Phase Two or both, and you only need to buy them as a package if you plan to continuously use them for more than three months.

We created two different creams, instead of one, to allow you to use the each cream alternately every month for 3-6 months without getting used to the actives. If you plan to use the creams for up to three months, no tolerance will develop and you can use either cream - they are equally potent and beneficial. If you plan to use the creams for 3-6 months, then please buy them both, as a package, and use Phase One continuously until it finishes, then use Phase Two, then back to Phase One etc.






Don't just take our word - read our real, 100% genuine reviews and testimonies of clients who have used our creams. Several publications, including the Cosmopolitan, The Daily Mirror & The Daily Mail and Health & Fitness have featured the Celluence® creams.



100% genuine customer reviews


What clients say*

Here you can read reviews submitted by customers who used the Celluence® creams for at least one month. Contrary to most cellulite cream reviews on the web, which are typically made up (especially those found on so called "review" sites), the testimonies below are guaranteed 100% genuine. For privacy reasons, we only display the initials of the reviewers (unless they told us they don't mind about the name being shown), but we do keep a full file of all testimonies and reviewers.


Review by D.Z., London, United Kingdom

"I have tried so many anti-cellulite creams in my life, from fairly cheap ones to quite expensive famous brands, but I can tell for sure these are the best. All the natural components (around 20) act simultaneously and effectively against water retention. I have used them regularly, twice a day (3 minutes massage to each leg is enough to make them penetrate completely), for the last 12 months, and I am really pleased with the results. The smell is nice and not particularly strong, the texture is fine and not sticky, and when applied after the shower they leave a fresh sensation, which is really nice during the summer. Definitely to recommend to every woman who cares about her body.”


Review by S.V. , London, United Kingdom

"There are not many times when you come across a product that actually feels like it’s doing what it claims, and is an absolute pleasure to use, and I can say this is such a cream. Whilst I do not have bad cellulite, I have an extremely reactive body, with many food intolerances which creates chronic bloating and water retention, making my cellulite worsen dramatically. This is when I notice the biggest improvement in my skin tone as the creams work to reduce both the water retention and cellulite, making my legs feel colder, lighter, smoother and as if they’re detoxing. Both creams smell divine and are absorbed readily into the skin, leaving a wonderful tingle, to remind you that it’s working. I have been using both Phase 1 & 2 creams for a few years now, consistently once a day, and have not missed an application. For me they work with my diet and exercise on a daily basis to improve the skin texture and therefore cellulite and also, when the bloating / water retention is in force, it helps relieve the symptoms and shrink me back to size. I am the happiest at 43 than I have ever been with my legs, and I put most of this down to the creams. Thank you."



Review by H.L., London, United Kingdom

"I had stage 3 cellulite on the backs of my thighs and hips, which was a result of years of consuming cheese, caffeine and a generally unhealthy lifestyle. After having 2 children within two years, the problem was exacerbated to the extent that I felt terrible in a bathing suit and I felt that my legs looked like those of an elderly woman, rather than someone in their mid thirties. After being introduced to the creams by the Lipotherapeia Clinic, I started using the Celluence Phase One cream mid May, with the hope of improving the appearance of cellulite on my thighs and hips. I had used various anti cellulite creams in the past, with no effect, so I was a little bit cynical about it making a difference. However, from the first application, I knew this was a different cream; the area I applied it to started to tingle and felt quite cold, so I would need to layer up (despite the warm weather). I applied it as per directions, two pumps each area, twice a day. I also made sure that this time I was going to diet and exercise; while this has never before made a difference to my cellulite, I needed to lose some weight before a beach holiday. I went away on a beach holiday a month later and while I still avoided a bikini, I can honestly say that I felt better about wearing a swimsuit in public. There is still some cellulite, but it has already improved and I feel I am now have stage 2 cellulite... I am now on the Celluence Phase Two cream and will continue alternating both creams every month. I feel that in combination with exercise and diet, these creams have made a difference to my hips and thighs, they feel smoother, when I look in the mirror it isn't as visible and it has made a difference to my overall body confidence."


Review by C.W., London, United Kingdom

"This is the best anti-cellulite cream on the market... and I've tried a lot of creams! I was initially attracted to the aluminium bottle, strange I know, but I am a believer that if the product contains active ingredients then it shouldn't be exposed to the light. I apply this every morning after my shower to my thighs and buttocks. After a few minutes it starts to tingle and you feel the ingredients work. I leave it to dry for 5 mins and then get dressed. I really have noticed a difference in the appearance of my cellulite. The back of my legs look much smoother and my skin feels tighter. I try to exercise 3 times a week and drink plenty of water and combining this with the anti-cellulite cream has made a noticeable improvement. I will definitely continue using this product."


Review by Adela Debuse, London, United Kingdom

"I have cellulite. Okay, so I am nearly 52 years old and it seems only fair when 22 year olds have it too. Thinking about that doesn't help. I just want it gone! Over the years I have tried many creams, thinking "Ah please let this one be true to it's word!" None have been until I discovered Celluence. I have been using it for a month. Such is the brilliance of this cream that you feel it working immediately as it creates a tingling sensation on your skin and beneath your skin. I feel it penetrating my skin targeting my unwanted fat. Not satisfied with only feeling it working, I have investigated further and know that this doozy of a cellulite-killing cream contains loads of active ingredients that kill those fatty lumps. And it smells amazing too! I look at my silhouette in truth-telling light and I can see a smoothness that reminds me of what I looked like 15 years ago!" [Adela was happy for her name to appear on this page. Normally we keep all clients' names confidential.]


Review by S.Y.A., Gloucester, United Kingdom

"I have been suffering from swollen and tired legs at the end of the day for a while. I was looking at circulation issues when I found the Celluence creams and decided to give them a try. I was told to use it after a shower and to massage it firmly into my lower legs for about a minute or so until the cream was rubbed in. The cream has a darkish colour but a fairly neutral smell, and is very light and fluid rather than a thick cream, so it rubs in easily and you can dress quickly afterwards. Within a minute of rubbing it in the active ingredients make your legs cool and you can almost feel the blood vessels constricting. It has a tingly, cooling sensation which makes your legs feel alive and far lighter than they have done all day. This feeling lasts for about ten to 15 minutes and while the swelling may not all have gone completely away, any pain that was in the legs has certainly calmed and the legs feel rested and refreshed. The Phase One and Phase Two creams do act the same on the legs, but combined they give a wonderfully light, mobile and and energetic feeling to tired legs. Just what I needed."


Review by T.M., London, United Kingdom

“I want my cellulite cream to be functional and to contain high quality ingredients, so this ticks the box. The product comes with a wealth of scientific knowledge behind it. It is very easy to use and absorbs very quickly, which is great for my busy lifestyle. I use it every morning and night instead of my normal body cream. This product feels like it’s really doing something when it’s on the skin - with the cool, tingling sensation lasting for about 15 min after application. I have been using the cream for months to control my cellulite and will continue to do so as it is working - my skin feels tighter and less dimply. I’m really pleased with the overall results. I think this is the winning combination for me after trying more or less everything else out there".


Review by K.F., London, United Kingdom

"After a course of 12 very successful treatments for cellulite and saggy tummy at the LipoTherapeia clinic, I was recommended the Celluence Phase One cream to maintain the results. The cream is light in texture and is readily absorbed into the skin. The invigorating and refreshing aroma is predominantly of menthol with undertones of lemon. The cream lasted a good month with use twice daily all over thighs, buttocks and tummy areas. The cream did indeed maintain and boost results, with no return of orange peel skin. I would definitely recommend it to keep pesky cellulite at bay or to promote skin toning."


Review by L.A., London, United Kingdom

"I purchased the Celluence Phase One cream back in May, unsure of whether it would have any effects or not. I have been using it twice a day ever since and have found a fantastic result. The cream itself is very light and dries quickly, as soon as you put it on, you can feel an almost tingling sensation. The initial effects do not happen instantly and you need to continue to apply the cream for some weeks first. However, I have been using it for three and a half months now and have definitely noticed a significant reduction in my cellulite. I have tried many other cheaper creams out there, which have had no effect whatsoever.  I feel the additional money to buy this cream is 100% worth it and would recommend it to anyone to give it a try I am due to purchase more soon!"


Review by T.Z., London, United Kingdom

"Having suffered from cellulite since my adolescence, I have tried hundreds of over-the-counter products only to be disappointed by the very limited results. My theory is that most beauty-product corporations only have profit in mind, not true healing. Accordingly their products contain minimal amounts of active ingredients. Following some in-clinic cellulite treatments by Georgios personally, I quickly recognised that his dedication to the science of cellulite reduction is deeply sincere…not commercial. I followed his advice on nutrition and exercise and carried on with treatments twice a week. Pleased with the results I obtained, I decided to invest in both creams (Phase One and Phase Two) and it is the best decision I have made, not only for the toning up of the ripples and dimples but also for the improved circulation and feel of well-being in my legs in general."


Review by S.R., London, United Kingdom

"Having tried nearly every cellulite cream going, I looked online for what else there was. Reading the information on the website made me want to give the creams a try before investing in the treatment. You use two squirts of the cream morning and night (depending on the size of the area) and massage it into the site for 1-2 minutes. The cream, unlike some cellulite creams is not thick and luxurious, but of amber colour and thin to initial touch. However, it smooths onto the skin easily and a little does go along way. More surprisingly your skin instantly feels moisturised and deeply nourished. You can feel the skin tighten as the many ingredients work together to firm and tone and, as you rub it in, you almost feel you are creating a layer of lotion over your skin to hide way the lumps and bumps. There is a lovely cold aspect to the cream (think strong peppermint in the mouth) which makes your skin feel awake and refreshed. Having been using the cream for a month now, the quality of my skin has improved with it feeling much less dry and far more moisturised, in addition it is also more toned and the cellulite looking far less noticeable. I have not always used it twice a day, but a massage with LipoTherapeia cream is now a part my daily routine and is helping to keep the cellulite at bay."


Review by I.H,, London, United Kingdom

"I started using the creams after a treatment series from LipoTherapeia, and used them for about 3 months. The best way is to apply them twice a day, but I am not that disciplined, so I generally applied them once a day, morning or evenings. Upon application, the creams leave a nice, lasting refreshing sensation (a feel that "it's working") and get absorbed quickly. After 2-3 months my skin looked better, it was more firm and toned. I think these creams are among the best cellulite creams you can get and good value for money considering the high number of active ingredients they contain. I would definitely recommend them!"


Review by A.S., Sussex, United Kingdom

"I am 51 years old and have suffered from cellulite on the backs of my thighs and bottom for years, and more recently on the front of my thighs and upper arms. I have tried various (often expensive) treatments and creams to eliminate, or minimise the appearance of, the cellulite - with depressingly limited or nil results. In my quest for something that might actually work, I discovered the Lipotherapeia website and was sufficiently impressed with what I read to commence treatment at the Lipotherapeia clinic. In tandem with the treatment, I have been using both the Phase One and Phase Two Celluence creams alternately for about nine months - both on my thighs/bottom and (more recently) upper arms. The creams have a distinctive and pleasant fragrance, with a light texture that absorbs well.  It is packed with active ingredients and almost immediately after applying the cream your skin cools and tingles - which comes as is a bit of surprise the first time you use it! I am pleased to report that the cellulite on my thighs/bottom has definitely reduced and is much less visible - and the texture and firmness of my skin is much improved."


My personal experience of using the Celluence® creams
(by Georgios Tzenichristos, formulator of the Celluence® creams, London, United Kingdom)

"I have been using both Celluence Phase One and Celluence Phase Two on my calves for several months now, as a measure against heavy legs. My calves - or any other part of my body - does not have cellulite but knowing that there are several active ingredients contained in the creams that support micro-circulation, lymphatic drainage and the veins themselves (escin, esculoside, pine bark extract, cocoa polyphenols, sericoside, ximenynic acid, centella asiatica, caffeine, ruscogenin, proanthocyanidin A2, rutin and hesperidin, among others), I have decided to use the creams daily myself and see if they can be of help. Due to my job, I have to stand for several hours a day while providing treatments at the clinic. I usually apply one pump of either cream - and sometimes both of them mixed - on each calf and rub for a few seconds. A few minutes later the cream is absorbed and I am ready to get dressed and go on about my business for the day. On application of the cream I feel a reassuring cooling / buzzing sensation which persists for 15-30 minutes. The few times that I have applied the cream on the thighs and butt - just to check how a typical client would feel - the tingling sensation can last for up to an hour, if I use 3-4 pumps per area (normally 2 pumps per area are recommended). The creams help my legs feel less tired, heavy or puffy during and at the end of the day. I do not really suffer from much water retention, but I do not like even that little there is. I do suffer from heavy legs though, so the creams are of great help to me and I make sure I apply them every morning before I go to the clinic. Some of the days that I do not apply the cream in the morning - either because I forget or because I am in a rush - I do suffer from heavy, tired, sometimes puffy legs by the end of a long day, especially in the summer. On those days, even lying down will not help me rid of the feeling of heaviness. However, a quick application of either cream helps my legs feel fresh and light again, sometimes in as little as 15 minutes and I can go to bed without any tension on my calves or a "restless leg" feeling. After using the creams for several months now, I have noticed that the little water retention / puffiness there was is now gone and the skin on my calves looks and feels "dry", in the bodybuilding sense of the word, i.e. without excess water or fat (I guess the little fat that was there has also gone). Knowing that the active ingredients in the creams do not just boost circulation but also help support the actual veins, capillaries (capillarotrophic) and inter-cellular matrix (tissue between cells that often tends to accumulate excess water), I will continue using the creams, alternating them every two months (it takes me about two months to finish one 250ml bottle on my calves), in order to help strengthen my capillaries and veins. I feel that this is the best I can do for my calves, in addition of course to eating healthily, exercising on the vibration plate and doing my weight and cardiovascular training as often as my busy life allows.  As a nutritionist who is aware of the, well researched in the last few decades and traditionally established for centuries, beneficial effects of gotu kola, horse chestnut extract, butcher's broom extract, pine bark extract etc., I really feel grateful that I can make use of such high quality and highly concentrated amazing natural herbal extracts locally, without resorting to taking those nutrients in an oral form, as supplements. I have also tried the creams on half of my stomach, to see how well and how fast superficial stomach fat is reduced and I have to say I was amazed with the fast results. (The other half of the stomach, where creams were not applied on, was used as control and make sure the results are not due to dieting etc. What one does for science!)"


Our philosophy



We developed the Celluence® creams with you in mind

Our two year development of the Celluence® creams was not yet another business project - it was a creative effort to formulate the perfect cellulite cream. We wanted to formulate a cream with a "dream-team" of the best high quality active ingredients. One that would give our clients at the clinic the chance to apply on their bodies the best cellulite / leg wellness cream possible, complementing Meso-CRF®, our advanced anti-cellulite treatment.

Our creams were not made for an anonymous audience that we would never see face to face, but for clients that we personally treat and develop a long-lasting professional relationship with, clients that can demand and afford the best. So these creams had to be the very best, they had to be products that can make us proud when we face our clients again after their use of the creams.

And we believe we achieved that goal. We have succeeded in creating two highly absorbable creams, containing the 40x most important and well-researched leg wellness, anti-stretch mark and anti-cellulite active ingredients. Our clinic clients - and website customers - love the creams and place repeated orders for them, which is the best testament to their quality. These creams are available for worldwide purchase so women around the world have access to the same high quality formulations our London clinic clients have (currently limited to UK, EU, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand).




For the two Celluence® formulations we extensively researched 400 natural active ingredients which could be of benefit in the reduction of cellulite by means of their action on different aspects of cellulite - excessive fat accumulation, inflammation, skin looseness, connective tissue deformity, poor circulation / water retention, oxidative damage and glycation.

Out of those 400 actives, we short-listed the 160 most important ones and tried them in the lab. Following this initial assessment, we arrived to a final short-list of the most important 40x natural natural actives, according to peer-reviewed papers, proprietary research data and clinical studies published on them. Some of these actives (such as forskolin, ruscogenin, escin, good old caffeine, curcumin, resveratrol, retinol or gotu kola, for example) are "legendary" and have a long history of use and a long list of research papers published on them. While others are a bit less well-known but equally important in the fight against cellulite, heavy legs, skin looseness and local fat deposits.

After deciding on the 40x best anti-cellulite / leg care actives, we formulated two Celluence® creams, each containing a different set of 20x of actives. The division of 20+20 different actives in the two creams allows the alternate use of each cream every other month to ensure that your body does not get used to any single active ingredient out of the forty contained in the creams. This allows the two creams to be used for several months without any interruption, for a natural and powerful cellulite treatment at home.



What is so different about the Celluence® creams?

The result of two decades of expertise in cellulite reduction:
We have been specialising in cellulite reduction for the last two decades and formulating anti-cellulite creams for our clients for the last 16 years. These creams are the result of our interest and passion for helping our clients and our continuous research and study for all these years.

It's all about the active ingredients:
Many anti-cellulite creams depend on the much cheaper functional ingredients (the so called "base" of the cream) to create an illusion of smoothness, tonicity and suppleness, without the need of the much more expensive multiple actives that are needed to offer any real, non-gimmicky benefits. In our creams the focus is on active ingredients, only using functionals as a delivery vehicle for the fast absorption of the actives.

Highest quality actives:
Not all active ingredients are of the same quality. The same name on the label (e.g. centella asiatica extract) can refer to a cheap herb of dubious quality from an untrustworthy supplier or to a real, high quality extract from a certified manufacturer with the best reputation. Naturally, we use the latter.

Highest purity actives:
Not all active ingredients are of the same purity. The same name on the label (e.g. horse chestnut extract) can refer to a cheaper hydroalcoholic (water-alcohol based) horse chestnut extract with 0.1% esculin (one of that herb's main active ingredients) or to a much more expensive 100% pure powder extract of esculin. This 1,000-fold difference means that you will have to buy and use 1,000x creams that contain the cheaper extract in order to benefit from the same amount of esculin that the second cream contains. Naturally, we only use high purity actives - and we don't charge you 1,000x more for the privilege :)

High concentration:
Not all active ingredients mentioned on a cream label are of the same concentration in a cream. A cream that contains 0.01% of an active ingredient (yes, many do contain as little) is not the same as a cream that contains 1% of the same active. This 100-fold difference means that you have to buy and use 100x bottles of the former cream to have the benefits of a specific ingredient contained in the latter cream. Naturally, we use the highest possible concentrations for our 20 active ingredients that can fit in the creams - and we do not charge you 100x more for the privilege either!

High number of actives for real synergy:
Cellulite is a complex aesthetic problem, being the sum result of excessive fat accumulation, skin and connective tissue looseness and distortion, water retention / poor circulation, inflammation, glycation and oxidative damage. It would be naive to thing that cellulite can be fought just by the use of caffeine, retinol, forskolin or even by the combination of those or any other three, four or even five active ingredients. What is needed is a synergy of several fat-fighting, circulation-enhancing, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-glycation, skin firming, skin healing, anti stretch mark actives. And this is what the Celluence® creams are all about: 20x actives in each cream (40x in total) that act on many different aspects of cellulite, chosen after assessing 400x such actives, over more than two years. And we also do not charge you 20x more for the privilege!

Two different, high quality creams to use alternately every month:
We have enough hands-on experience in cellulite reduction to know that a 2-3 week use of any cream can only be a short-term gimmick, with 3 or even 6-month use being ideal for maximum results. With continuous use though, comes tolerance: your body gets used to many of the actives and does not respond as well. Hence the use of two creams, equally chock-full with multiple active ingredients, to alternate from month to month, for long-term use and maximum results.

Fast absorption:
Our 40 ingredients are enclosed in the special high-absorption formula for fast penetration into the skin. And it works: the skin is absorbed within minutes, with no greasy or sticky residue.

Focus on the cream, not the packaging or marketing:
Our main focus on these creams is the purity, quality, concentration and synergy of active ingredients, not flashy packaging. So we use simple, modern functional packaging that reflects our values: essence and quality, not superficiality. Furthermore, we do not allocate half of the cream cost on marketing - we prefer to pack the cream with a higher concentration of active ingredients instead, for your benefit.

No hype, no exaggerated promises, just high quality:
We do not name our products with names such as "zero size miracle", "nip and tuck", "super slimming serum" and we do not make exaggerated promises. In fact, knowing for the last two decades that cellulite reduction depends on so many factors and that nothing in the human body can be absolutely guaranteed, we make absolutely no claims, except one: that we provide you with a high quality cream, chock-full of the best, highest quality, well-researched anti-cellulite active ingredients.

Focus on education:
We don't hide our ingredients - in fact we are happy to educate you about them by providing you with a full list of our actives and what they do, together the relevant research paper summaries on this website.


Frequently asked questions




Really simple! Just apply two pumps per area per leg, once or twice a day. Rub for 30-60 seconds and leave to dry for five minutes. Then you can get dressed and continue with your day. Applying right after a shower is great and applying right after exercise and a shower is even better, as you take advantage of the favourable hormonal environment that exercise has created in your body.

If you buy both Phase One and Phase Two creams, please use Phase One first until it finishes and then use Phase Two, then back to Phase One etc, so you never get used to the actives in either cream!

An area is defined as follows:
Back of thighs, hips and buttocks (4 pumps in total for both legs)
Inner and front of thighs  (4 pumps in total for both legs)
Calves  (2 or 4 pumps in total for both legs)
Stomach (2 pumps)
Waist (2 pumps)
Upper arms (2 pumps in total for both arms)
Please do not apply more than 8 pumps at any one time.




We normally recommend you to use 2 pumps per are on a maximum of two areas at a time. If you wish to intensify your treatment / accelerate your results, just before a holiday for example, you can double the amount used per application and use 4 pumps per area. This means, that if, for example, you apply the cream on your back of thighs, hips and butt (one area), you will use 8 pumps in the morning (4 per side, double the normal amount) and 8 at night. Please note that if you apply double quantity of cream, you will also need to allow double the time for absorption. The creams are already highly concentrated and despite that they get absorbed very quickly, but double dosage means double the time for absorption.

In this case we recommend the following procedure:
Have a shower first
 (for this kind of intensive use, a shower prior to application is essential for fast absorption.)
Apply 4 pumps per area and lightly massage for about a minute
Do not put on your clothes for 4 minutes (do something else, e.g. brush your teeth or other morning or night routine)
Massage again for a few seconds, until all cream is absorbed (do not allow the skin to become too dry)
Do not put on your clothes for another 4 minutes, as above, after which time you can go on about your normal day/night, as usual
The maximum of 8 pumps per application must still be observed, so you cannot use the creams on two body areas as that would require 16 pumps (intensive application is for one body area only, which requires 8 pumps in total)

200ml normally lasts about 25 days (use on one area), so with intensive use a bottle will last 12 days instead.





With application twice a day one 200ml bottle will last one month for use on one area. You can apply the creams to a maximum of two areas at a time. The creams are highly concentrated but we still encourage regular use over 2-3 months for maximum results, although you can typically start seeing some results in as little as two weeks.




Our research phase during the formulation of the Celluence® creams included the assessment of 400 possible ingredients and we shortlisted and tried in the lab 160 of them. Finally, we concluded to the use of 40 active ingredients, which would naturally would not fit into one cream. So we made two high-spec concentrated body creams so you can benefit from the 40 best anti-cellulite active ingredients!

However, there is also one more practical reason for making two creams. If a cream is to be used continuously for more than a month you may develop tolerance to it's ingredients, i.e. your body may get used to them and not respond as much. By alternating the two creams, one every month, you never develop tolerance and can use the cream for several months for maximum results. Contrary to marketing hype, no cellulite cream can offer anything more than a temporary gimmicky result with only 2-3 weeks of use, something in which we are not interested.



Shall I choose Phase One or Phase Two? Do I need to buy both?

The distribution of actives in the two creams is very balanced, so each cream can function equally well on its own. You can buy Phase 1, Phase Two or both, and you only need to buy them as a package if you plan to continuously use them for more than three months.

We created two different creams, instead of one, to allow you to use the each cream alternately every month for 3-6 months without getting used to the actives. If you plan to use the creams for up to three months, no tolerance will develop and you can use either cream - they are equally potent and beneficial. If you plan to use the creams for 3-6 months, then please buy them both, as a package, and use Phase One continuously until it finishes, then use Phase Two, then back to Phase One etc.




For maximum results you must be on a slight weight loss phase while using the cream, in order for the excess fatty acids to be oxidised by your body instead of being re-deposited in your fat cells. This weight loss must be achieved by a combination of both exercise and healthy eating and must be about .5 lb per week. More is better but not necessary. Losing 8 lbs in one week through crash dieting and then losing nothing for four weeks doesn't help. Obviously, putting on weight whilst using the cream is not suggested.

Regular massage on the affected areas is also recommended - but is not essential. This can be performed on dry skin with very little natural oil, such as sweet almond oil, jojoba oil etc., but not with the cream, which is designed for this purpose. The technique is very simple: just knead the cellulite-affected skin (not the muscles) as you would knead dough. Five to twenty minutes are recommended, daily or 2-3 times a week. Dry brushing after shower or using a loofah in the shower will enhance cream absorption but can not replace the hand massage and should not last more than five minutes.




To comply with strict legal regulations, we make absolutely no claims and consequently we guarantee no results.

However, our products speak for themselves. The two Celluence® creams contain a total of 40x high-purity, high-quality, high-concentration, natural anti-cellulite, anti stretch mark and leg wellness actives, that are well-established - some of them for decades now - to act on different aspects of cellulite (fat accumulation, skin and connective tissue looseness, fibrosis, circulation, glycation, inflammation). These are included in a high-absorption, natural cream base. With these specifications, we do not think we need to make any claims.

Furthermore, there is another reason that we cannot make any claims. The effectiveness of any cellulite reduction method (cream, treatment, diet, supplement) depends at least 50% on the user contributing towards the end goal, by eating healthily (basically avoiding sweets and excess fat and carbs), avoiding alcohol / smoking, and exercising.

Finally, there is always the question of how one's body reacts to a treatment or cream: some women see fast results with little effort, while others see slower results. And of course, there is the issue of how regularly one applies the cream: many people use creams erratically and still expect results, which does not make sense...

Since there is no guaranteed way for the treatment or cream provider to know how well the user adheres to these guidelines and how well the user's body naturally reacts to the treatment/cream, then obviously no guarantees can ever be given - by anyone. 

All a therapist can do is offer their client the best treatment possible, one that will maximise their client's chances of getting a great result. And likewise, all a cream manufacturer can do, is put the best possible high quality ingredients in the cream, in order to maximise the customer's chances of achieving a great result. And this is exactly what we did with the Celluence® creams.




Of course they are safe! As per EU laws, our creams passed a strict safety assessment which included microbiological and toxicological evaluation. Moreover, we only chose natural active and functional ingredients, avoiding harsh artificial chemicals. In fact, many of our actives have a long history of use as oral nutritional supplements, with decades of safety data on them (of course, the creams are strictly for external use on the body).

Naturally, everyone can have an allergic reaction to anything (that depends on the reactivity of an individual's immune system), so there is no 100% safety for any cream or even any food. In case of any irritation please discontinue use and if necessary seek advice from a healthcare practitioner.




No, the creams cannot be used in either case. Please wait until you completely finish breast-feeding before you use the cream.




Yes, of course and the combination of cream plus treatment will definitely offer a great synergy! However, you can not use the cream as a contact medium for the treatment (massage, radiofrequency, ultrasound etc.) as it is designed strictly for home use.




The Celluence® creams were not created as a way to make money. Our aim was for our clients at our London clinic to benefit from literally ALL the good cellulite / leg wellness / stretch mark ingredients, so that they can achieve the best possible results. Learn more about how our creams differ from any other cream on the market.



What about skin tightening / body firming, slimming?

"Since the creams contain skin toning / collagen boosting and slimming actives, can't I also use them as skin firming creams or slimming creams"? It is true that the creams contain several actives well-researched for their slimming / skin firming action, so by definition they creams do help in all those areas.

For intensive skin tightening / lifting and slimming, more than just a cream is required for good results, so in this case the creams are used to maximise intensive slimming / skin tightening treatments. We want to make it clear, however, that it is impossible to lift a sagging bottom or stomach - or lose weight / fat - solely with a cream, so we do never make such claims.




Taking into account the unprecedented high number (40x per cream), high concentration, high quality and high purity (quite often 100%) of active ingredients, then the Celluence® creams actually offer amazing value for money, especially when considering that high quality, high purity materials are expensive.

Many anti-cellulite creams (even the very expensive ones) contain very little in the way of active ingredients, relying mainly on functional ingredients (the "base" of the cream) to temporarily improve skin "feel" and "tone". If the cheapest "cellulite cream" (200ml cream, two active ingredients) costs £10, then logically two 100ml Celluence® creams with the 40x active ingredients in total should not cost £90 but £200 [40/2 actives *£10 = £200]. And if the two ingredients used in the "economical" £10 cream are cheap ones, such as good old plain caffeine or carnitine (which are more than 5x times cheaper than the average cost of actives in our creams) then a Celluence® cream should cost around £1000.

Therefore, when purity, quality, concentration and number of actives are taken into account, the Celluence® creams are 11x times cheaper than the cheapest cellulite cream on the market. Or, to put it another way, you will need to buy 11x single / low quality ingredient creams in order benefit from one Celluence cream.

In summary, £90 for the two 100ml Celluence® creams is not expensive, it is actually great value for money.


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Notes & disclaimers


* Please note that as with all aesthetic / medical treatments and products, results vary from person to person and specific results cannot be guaranteed

** Of course the Celluence® gel / creams are not a miracle and they will not totally eliminate cellulite. It is impossible to eliminate cellulite completely with any medical or aesthetic treatment or cream, of ANY kind: you cannot "get rid of cellulite", as magazines proclaim every spring, neither can you reduce it by 44% in 15 minutes, as some cellulite cream manufacturers claim. However, you can prevent and reduce cellulite with a combination of healthy eating, exercise and a quality cellulite cream and/or strong cellulite treatment. The Celluence® creams do provide your skin with 40x very high quality anti-cellulite actives. However, as cellulite depends a lot on your lifestyle and how your body functions, and because nothing biological can be guaranteed with any medical or aesthetic treatment or product, we do not guarantee any specific results in relation to cellulite reduction.

*** The Celluence® creams contain multiple natural actives, extensively researched for their action on circulation and lymphatic drainage, but of course we do not claim that the creams eliminate the clinical causes of water retention or heavy legs, treat circulatory problems, prevent flight-induced deep vein thrombosis or ANY other medical condition or that they replace medical attention. The creams can only to be used to relieve the feeling of pain/tiredness/heaviness/itchiness. If you suffer from circulatory ailments of any type please visit your medical doctor and/or wear flight socks during flights.

**** A typical 200ml size of either Celluence® cream contains 20x active ingredients and currently costs £80: this works out as £2 per active ingredient per 200ml of cream, which is better priced than ANY other anti-cellulite cream on the market today. Even the cheapest cream on the market, which only contains two quite unimportant anti-cellulite actives, costs £10/200ml, which works out as £5/200ml per active ingredient, i.e. 2.5x times the price per active ingredient in comparison to the Celluence® creams (!), and without the synergy of 20x actives. At £2 per active ingredient per 200ml of creams. the Celluence® creams provide amazing value for money and are extremely modestly priced for what they offer.