"The Best cellulite treatment in London"

"I look at myself in the mirror: there appears to be hardly any cellulite at all, my skin is much firmer and the dimples are obviously reduced", Daily Mail


Beauty through nature and technology

Welcome to LipoTherapeia, the only cosmetic practice in London dedicated exclusively to body skin tightening, facial skin tightening and cellulite reduction.

At LipoTherapeia you can have treatment with Meso-CRF®, an exclusive combination of deep tissue radiofrequency (we pride ourselves on our expertise of radiofrequency treatment), high power ultrasound cavitation and mesotherapy (injection-free) with 40x natural actives. These exclusively include pure curcumin (turmeric extract), hyaluronic acid, EGCG (green tea extract), resveratrol, cocoa polyphenols, forskolin, centella (gotu kola extract), carnosine, liposomal caffeine, retinol and 30x other natural, high-purity, high-concentration actives.


Literally no other clinic in the world offers this exclusive combination of advanced technologies and pure actives, for maximum results, naturally.




We currently offer the following signature treatments (45'):
Meso-CRF® Facial
Meso-CRF® Décolletage
Meso-CRF® Thighs & Booty 
(front OR back)
Introductory session: £145
6x sessions: £870 (£145/session)
12x sessions: £1620 (£135/session)

We also offer the following popular double sessions (90'):
Meso-CRF® Facial + Décolletage
Meso-CRF® Thighs & Booty (front AND back)
Introductory session: £290
6x sessions: £1620 (£270/session)
12x sessions: £3240 (£270/session)

Cellulite creams:
Celluence® Phase One/Two, 250ml, £95
Celluence® Phase One+Two, 250+250ml, £135


Science-based skin tightening & cellulite reduction

To offer you the absolutely best advice, treatment and skin products we daily follow all the scientific research, assess all new equipment and test all new natural actives relative to skin tightening and cellulite removal. And we share all this knowledge via our blog.

All our treatments are based on physics and biology, not beauty therapy myths, and are offered by an expert with 16-year experience, not a machine operator. Meso-CRF® treatments are pain-free, non-invasive, super-safe and require zero downtime (you can go straight to work after face or body treatment). During the last 16 years we have treated more than 2,600 clients and have provided more than 16,000 cellulite and skin tightening procedures.

Our cellulite before & after treatment pictures are 100% Photoshop-free and our cream testimonies are 100% genuine. Our treatments, creams and expert advice are regularly featured in most major national magazines, newspapers and TV, including the Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, OK, Grazia, the Times, Telegraph, Express, Daily Mirror, She, BBC among others.

At LipoTherapeia we will not sell you miracles or make exaggerated claims about "instant cellulite removal", "fat melting" and "permanent" skin tightening with just 1-3 sessions (as falsely advertised by many aesthetic clinics) because this is biologically impossible. Instead, we always offer honest, science-based advice (what to expect on your first session; you can also check our frequently asked questions). Please note that, as with any treatment or body product, results vary from person to person.


What we do and not do

At our practice you will receive the best celulite / skin tightening treatments in London at very low prices, especially when our expensive, advanced technology and actives are taken into account and the fact that you receive a personalised, boutique service and treatment by a skin tightening / cellulite expert, not a generic beauty therapist, who also does hollywood waxing, manicures, laser hair removal, eyelash tinting etc.

Our service has nothing to do with cheap, ineffective, conveyor belt "cellulite treatments" provided with cheap machines, diluted products and random protocols. Neither do we use a misleading initial price of £800, only to offer treatments on Groupon for £89. Furthermore, our treatments are different to, and we are not interested in providing, Velasmooth, Thermage, Eporex, Exilis, Eximia, Viora Reaction, Venus Freeze, Med-Contour, 3D Lipo, Endymed, Cavislim, LPG/Endermologie, Caci, Ulthera / Ultraformer / HIFU, Coolsculpting / cryolipolysis, "laser lipo" or G5, so please do not enquire about those treatments.


Dedicated treatments for specific needs

Dedicated treatments and protocols are also available for specific needs: office workerspost-lipo treatments (after liposuction / tummy tuck / vaser / laser lipo); after pregnancyslim women with cellulite / skin laxity; models and dancers; overweight women; while you lose weightwhen you cannot exercise; Meso-CRF® Clarity treatments for acne-prone skin; Celluence® Dynamic Cellulite Massage, for those who prefer hands-only treatment for cellulite; DermaPen® Original for stretch marks, acne, scar reduction and anti-ageing anywhere on the face/body.


Cellulite science in a bottle

At LipoTherapeia we have also developed Celluence® the ultimate cellulite creams. The Celluence® creams contain the same 40x high-purity natural actives we use for our treatments, in high concentrations, for maximum results. No other cellulite creams in the world contain ALL the important anti-cellulite actives in one bottle.

"Amazing, I haven't seen my body looking this smooth and toned in years!", Sunday Mirror



Cellulite BEFORE and AFTER pictures


The effectiveness of our treatments is clearly reflected in our 100% genuine "before and after" photos displayed below.

In contrast to the usual fake "before and after" photos found on most websites, all of our "before and after" pictures are:

100% unretouched
(no Photoshop manipulation)

Taken with identical lighting both "before" and "after" to offer accurate proof of treatment effectiveness
(no misleading lighting manipulation, such as changing room spotlights before and full frontal flash light after)

Of our own clients treated at our own clinic by the same specialists who will treat you
(no pictures provided by the manufacturers, of clients treated at some clinic somewhere in the world...)

Using our own exclusive technology, treatment protocols and treatment products that will be used for your treatment too
(same advanced technology, expert treatment protocols, concentrated treatment formulations and expert therapist)



Please note that our "before and after" cellulite treatment pictures were taken in 2011 with the previous version of the Meso-CRF® equipment, formulations and treatment protocols of that time. With the vastly more advanced treatment protocols, equipment and natural actives we use today, results are even more impressive.

Also, you may note that the results do not only include cellulite reduction, but also skin lifting / tightening, thigh gap reduction and local fat reduction :)



All photos: © LipoTherapeia Ltd 2011. All rights reserved. No photos can be reproduced without written permission. Please note that, as with any treatment or body product, results vary from person to person.





Unfortunately, most before and after cellulite pictures are fake

The sad truth is that the vast majority of "before & after" photos found on most websites and used by most salons and clinics are simply fake, aiming to take advantage of the public's ignorance. Specifically, most so-called "before and after" pictures are either:

Taken with harsh lighting "before" and flattering lighting "after"

This is as misleading for the consumer as retouching. Again, beware: if you see photos too good to be true on a website, ask if they can confirm in writing that their photos are taken with identical lighting "before and after". Or simply ask an experienced photographer to have a look at the photos - they can immediately tell the difference (click on the photo below for a hi-res example of lighting manipulation.

Heavily retouched on Photoshop to remove the cellulite on the "after" photos

The use of retouching on celebrity photos may be unethical, but the use of retouched "before and after" photos by salons is actually fraud. So if you see photos too good to be true on a website ask if they can confirm in writing that their photos are not retouched.

Provided by the equipment manufacturer, i.e. photos are not of clients treated at the clinic/salon in question

Treatment quality varies widely from clinic to clinic, even if the same equipment is used, so using manufacturer-provided photos means absolutely nothing about the expertise and results offered at a specific clinic



You can rest assured that we do not follow such misleading practices. All our photos are of clients that we have treated, at our own practice with our own exclusive treatment protocols and products, are completely unretouched and are taken with exactly the same lighting "before" and "after".

In fact, there were a few occasions when we found our photos stolen and adorning another clinics' website (yes, it does happen), hence the prominent copyright notice in the middle of our photos.

Finally, please note that despite using the most powerful anti-cellulite technology available today, we do not lie to our clients about results with only one, two or even three miracle sessions, as many clinics do. We prefer to be honest and keep our word.

In fact, in order to clearly show the difference, we intentionally used harsh lighting on these pictures, so cellulite on both the "before" and "after" photos looks more severe than it normally is (of course the light was identical before and after, for accuracy and honesty).

How to get rid of cellulite?




One of the most common questions I am asked is: "how to get rid of cellulite on legs fast with diet and exercise". My honest answer is that you cannot get rid of cellulite completely - forget what marketers say - although you can substantially reduce it. And that you cannot get rid of it fast with diet and exercise, although you can seriously accelerate its reduction with treatment and creams.

Newly visible cellulite (less than 6 months old, mild orange peel appearance) may "go" completely if you revert to an anti-cellulite lifestyle: regular exercise, no contraceptive pill and limited smoking & drinking; plus a diet low in sugar, fried food and excess carbs and rich in lean protein, vegetables and fruits (no fruit juices). These measures are ideal to prevent cellulite from forming, and they can also moderately and slowly reduce established cellulite, producing limited to moderate improvement within 6-12 months.



For faster cellulite removal, combine the anti-cellulite lifestyle described above with a multi-ingredient, highly concentrated cellulite cream, and a comprehensive, intensive cellulite treatment (radiofrequency / cavitation / electro-mesotherapy / massage).

A strong cream will provide better value for money than a strong treatment and will work on aspects of cellulite that a treatment can't, such as fibrosis, glycation and oxidative damage. On the other hand, a strong treatment will provide faster results than a strong cream, but at a higher cost. The combination will offer a good balance of value for money and speed of results and will tackle all seven aspects of cellulite.



Do not bother with cheap, non-intensive treatments or one-ingredient / low concentration creams (usually based on cheap caffeine): nothing will happen and you will waste valuable time and money. Cellulite surgery is not an option either: one surgical technique (tissue coagulation with laser) typically causes scar tissue worse than cellulite; and the other two (cutting the hypodermal septa with a laser or with a lancet) produce flabby, jelly-like skin, which also typically looks worse than cellulite.



Of course, there is no point paying good money for a cellulite cream and/or treatment and then undermine the whole process by drinking, eating, smoking and being sedentary as usual. Our 17-year experience shows that the best solution is the combination of the anti-cellulite lifestyle with a strong anti-cellulite cream and a strong anti-cellulite treatment, as described above.


How to tighten skin

The exact same diet and exercise is essential to maintain skin firmness on the body and to gradually - and mildly - help improve it within several months to a year. But for more impressive and faster results (within several weeks, instead of several months) you will need to have a strong, deep, monopolar radiofrequency treatment - the only body skin tightening technology / treatment that actually works. Everything else will provide very slow or no results. Mesotherapy (injection-free) combined with radiofrequency can help, especially if encompasses multiple actives in high concentrations, otherwise it's pointless.

A good, concentrated home use cream, rich in multiple skin firming actives, can play a valuable supportive role, if used during treatment and/or at home. Some laser treatments and high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) can help firm facial skin (but NOT body skin), but they are not as safe or as effective as radiofrequency. LED phototherapy treatment for skin firming is insignificant (too weak and too superficial) compared to strong monopolar radiofrequency - there is no comparison (regardless of what the marketing hype says).



You don't need to be stuck with cellulite, skin ageing and skin looseness. Everyone can improve and have their best body ever. Don't compare yourself with anybody else. Set your own goals and have the best body you can personally have!

Be the best YOU can be!





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