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18 years of expertise in face / body skin tightening and cellulite
8 years expertise in Radiofrequency (8000+ sessions)

Welcome to LipoTherapeia (7 Park Crescent, London, W1 / 0207 118 2014), the only aesthetic practice in London dedicated only to skin tightening and cellulite and the home of the Meso-CRF® Body & Meso-CRF® Face treatments. In the last 18 years we have treated more than 2,800 clients and have provided more than 18,000 cellulite and skin tightening procedures.

Our science background, constant innovation and experience guarantees that you will receive the best possible treatment and care, free of hype and fake Instagram photos. Instead we offer honest, science-based advice and treatment, the highest technology and a personal, boutique service - and of course 100% genuine before and after photos and testimonies.


Skin tightening (Face/body), anti-ageing, cellulite treatments

Our treatment menu includes high intensity, yet comfortable, non-surgical face lift (facial skin tightening, anti-ageing and rejuvenation); non-invasive décolletage lift and anti-ageing treatments; body skin tightening (including non-surgical bum lift, thigh gap, stomach, upper arm and hand tightening treatments); and of course, our advanced cellulite removal treatments, for which we are renowned.


Centella asiatica + radiofrequency treatments

Our most famous treatments currently are our exclusive Meso-CRF® Centella Meso-CRF® Centella Facial and Meso-CRF® Centella Body treatments, combining the ultimate in radiofrequency technology with the most important skin firming natural active, 100% purified centella asiatica extract, in high concentrations.


Post-pregnancy / post-liposuction treatments

Our Meso-CRF® Body treatments are ideal for skin tightening after pregnancy; cellulite and skin looseness, experienced by most office workers; post-cosmetic surgery to tighten up sagging skin and/or cellulite left after liposuction, smartlipo, vaser, bodytite, cellulaze and celfina surgery (liposuction does NOT get rid of cellulite - it actually makes it worse); models, celebrities and actresses - yes, many models and celebrities do have loose skin and cellulite and we offer the strongest SAFE skin tightening treatment either side of the Atlantic (and we routinely work with celebrities and high net worth individuals).



The strongest body & face radiofrequency treatments available

LipoTherapeia is the only aesthetic practice in the world where you can have advanced body and facial skin tightening, facial anti-ageing and anti-cellulite treatments with Deep Tissue Radiofrequency™, the strongest - and yet most comfortable - radiofrequency technology available today.

Monopolar radiofrequency is universally accepted as the most effective technology for facial and body skin tightening and cellulite - and we use high-power, cooled, resistive, monopolar radiofrequency. This is the only type of RF treatment that bypasses the epidermis and focuses with accuracy on the dermis and hypodermis, deep inside the skin where collagen cells and the large collagen structures and found. The hypodermis is also where cellulite is found. Unfortunately, most radiofrequency treatments are either too weak and/or too superficial and thereby either ineffective and/or unsafe.

Our Deep Tissue Radiofrequency™ technology is the outcome of our intensive work on, and seven year experience in, the Physics of radiofrequency. The result is maximum intensity, non-invasive treatment with maximum comfort, zero pain and zero downtime, no injections and no nasty lasers. You can go straight to work, gym or social life right after treatment, despite just having the strongest RF treatment available during your lunchtime (see also: how does treatment feel / what does treatment involve).

However, we did not just stop here. We combine our Deep Tissue Radiofrequency™ with the absolutely best natural actives, to offer you the ultimate non-invasive skin tightening, anti-ageing and cellulite treatments.



Meso-CRF®: radiofrequency plus the most amazing natural actives

Resveratrol cellulite treatment

To offer you maximum results and make the most of our intensive radiofrequency treatments, we have developed Meso-CRF®.

Meso-CRF® is our exclusive combination of our Deep Tissue Radiofrequency™ with the absolute best natural actives, in high concentrations: 100% purified centella asiatica extract, curcumin/turmeric extract, EGCG/green tea extract, forskolin, caffeine, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, resveratrol, escin/horse chestnut extract, cocoa flavanols and carnosine. Each of these actives has a specific action on skin tightening, anti-ageing and cellulite and all are of the best quality in the world, costing up to £4000/kg.

Meso-CRF® is the result of years of constant development, innovation and extremely hard work. Literally no other clinic in the world offers this combination of advanced technology and concentrated purified actives, for maximum results, naturally.

Super intensive  •  Natural  •  Non-invasive  •  Injection-free  •  Pain-free  •  Zero downtime  •  Ideal lunchtime procedures

First session: £160 | Follow-up sessions: £200 | 3x sessions: £540 | 6x sessions: £960 | 12x sessions: £1800 | Full pricelist



Our Meso-CRF® signature treatments

We currently offer the following signature treatments, based on the absolute best technology and 100% purified natural actives:

The first and only radiofrequency centella asiatica facial

Combining the anti-ageing benefits of green tea and radiofrequency

The ultimate chocolate facial with radiofrequency, cocoa flavanols, hyaluronic acid and Rose De Mai

The ultimate cellulite treatment, combining radiofrequency and curcumin

The ultimate skin tightening & cellulite treatment, combining radiofrequency and centella asiatica



How do I know which Meso-CRF® treatment I need?

You do not need to know in advance or choose yourself which treatment is the best for you: just book a Meso-CRF® session and after assessing and discussing your specific needs we will provide the appropriate treatment, placing emphasis on your specific needs.

On the other hand, if you know that you want to have treatment specifically based on any of the above actives, you can request this specific treatment on your first session and you will receive your chosen treatment. And if you buy a package of 6x or 12x sessions, you may also choose treatment with different "signature actives" or different body/face/décolletage areas on different sessions.



As seen oN

Our work has been featured on Daily Mail, Evening Standard, Daily Mirror, Daily Express, The Times, The Sun, Metro, Telegraph, Cosmopolitan, Grazia, She, OK, Top Sante, Health & Fitness, Slim at Home and many more. Check all our press reviews here.

"While I only had one session, I saw immediate effects. My dry, dull British weather-beaten skin looked “glowing” as my friend told me. If you want to look fresh for a special event even one session does the job."
Evening Standard  |  Meso-CRF® Face | Centella


"There appeared to be hardly any cellulite at all. I honestly thought I was stuck with my cellulite for life, but my skin is much firmer and the dimples are obviously reduced."
Daily Mail  |  Meso-CRF® Body

"Of all the things I’ve tried over 13 years as a health, wellbeing and beauty journalist, this is one I’d do again"
Top Sante  |  Meso-CRF® Body | Turmeric


"Amazing, I haven't seen my body looking this smooth and toned in years!"
Sunday Mirror  |  Celluence® creams


In addition to our press reviews, please check our 100% Photoshop-free before & after cellulite pictures and our 100% genuine Celluence® cream testimonies.




Number of sessions / maintenance treatments

On session is great for an immediate skin tightening / anti-ageing effect, but in most cases we recommend 6x-12x weekly or fortnightly sessions, depending on severity (even with the strongest treatment in the world you need repeated stimulation (treatments) and to allow some time for results to occur - we do not do "you only need one session" lies).

For maintenance we recommend treatment once a month or a course of 6x sessions once a year / once every two years to maintain firmness and prevent cellulite. As with any medical / aesthetic treatment or product, results vary from person to person.




Our expert consultations last 30' (£50) and offer answers to all your questions. We do not do free consultations, because in many cases people do not show up, thereby wasting precious clinical time, which could be used for YOUR treatment. Introductory sessions actually include full consultation and full treatment, so when you buy an introductory session you don't need to book or buy a consultation separately.



Body areas

Meso-CRF® treatments are super-safe and super-powerful, and one 45' session is typically more than enough for the treatment of one body area (no need for the 90' or 120' sessions needed with clinics and "Instagram therapists" using low power, superficially acting equipment).

Single, 45' sessions

Face, neck OR décolletage
Bum, back of thighs & outer thighs
Front of thighs and thigh gap lift

(typically £160/session, depending on course bought, please see below)


Double, 90' sessions

Face, neck AND décolletage
Entire thighs and bum

(typically £320/session, depending on course bought, please see below)


Intensive 45' sessions

Thigh gap intensive
Non-surgical bum lift intensive
Stomach intensive
Upper arms intensive
Hands intensive

(typically £160/session, depending on course bought, please see below)

You may also have double (90') sessions combining any two single sessions. For example: face and back of thighs; or stomach and front of thighs; or thigh gap and upper arms etc. Any combination is fine.




For such advanced treatments, our pricing is very realistic and aligns with the fact that even with the absolutely best technology, you need 6-12 sessions per area for good, long-term results. The body does not change overnight, regardless how much money you throw at it for a treatment. So we do not charge you £400, £700 or even £2500 for one "miracle" session and then mislead you with a claim that you only need one, two or even three sessions, as many clinics and salons do. You NEVER need one session, never, no matter what the marketing hype says and how expensive the treatment is, for either body or face. The only thing that works with one session is facelift surgery, and even that requires 3-6 months for full recovery, so it's not instant either. We do not even mention liposuction here, because it does not work for cellulite and it leaves skin loose, making cellulite look worse (and it also requires 6 months for full recovery).

So here are our realistic prices which balance the high cost of our technology and actives with the need for courses of 6x or 12x sessions.

Introductory sessions

Consultation with an expert | 30', £50
Single introductory treatment (one area) | 45', £160
Double introductory treatment (two areas) | 90', £320


Follow up sessions, paid individually

Single treatment (one area) | 45', £200
Double treatment (two areas) | 90', £400


Prepaid packages

Course of 3x sessions | £540, £180/session
(ideal if you are in London for only a few days)

Course of 6x sessions | £960, £160/session
(our most popular course)

Course of 12x sessions | £1800, £150/session
(for perfectionists who want 12x sessions on one area; or for 6x sessions each, on ANY two areas)

Course of 24x sessions | £3600, £150/session
(for perfectionists who want 12x sessions each, on ANY two areas)

Course of 36x sessions | £5400, £150/session
(for perfectionists who want 12x sessions each, on ANY three areas)





The clinic

All our treatments are exclusively provided at the Hale Clinic, Europe's largest complementary health clinic (7 Park Crescent, London, W1B 1PF). The Hale Clinic was established in 1987 and officially opened by H.R.H. The Prince of Wales in 1988. 

The clinic is just moments away from Harley Street, London's premier medical district, and from Regent's Park. Our practice faces the beautiful gardens of Park Crescent, directly opposite the clinic. We are located outside the congestion zone and there is plenty of pay & display parking outside the clinic.


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New clients / Introductory sessions

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All introductory sessions include consultation and full treatment.


 treatment packages

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Cancellation policy / disclaimer

To avoid no-shows and short-notice cancellations, we operate a strict, full-fee 48-hour cancellation policy (72 hours for double sessions and for ALL Monday sessions) and we kindly request that all appointments be prepaid at the time of booking. Only exception to our cancellation policy is emergency hospitalisation. Please check our simple terms and conditions, before you place an order. Please note that, as with any medical or aesthetic treatment, results vary from person to person and although we offer the strongest possible treatment to each and every client, we cannot guarantee specific results.