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Welcome to LipoTherapeia, the only aesthetic practice in London dedicated 100% to skin tightening/lifting and cellulite reduction. We daily follow the science of cellulite and skin tightening and know ALL relevant technologies, equipment and cosmetic active ingredients inside and out.

And of course, knowing the science deep down, we chose and use the absolutely best equipment and the absolutely best anti-cellulite / skin tightening actives in the world. No expense spared or compromise made.

Please find out more about us and our treatments below.

Advanced skin tightening & cellulite removal | London

  • 19-year experience and specialisation

  • 9000-session experience and research in radio frequency skin tightening and cellulite removal

  • What we offer

    • Cellulite removal treatments - THE STRONGEST CELLULITE TREATMENT IN LONDON

    • Whole body skin tightening treatments, from top to toes - THE STRONGEST SKIN TIGHTENING TREATMENT IN LONDON

    • Non-surgical bum lift & banana roll treatment - THE STRONGEST BUM LIFT TREATMENT IN LONDON

    • Non-surgical face lift / jowl lift / jawline treatment

    • Non-surgical décolletage tighten & lift treatment

    • Non-surgical inner thigh/thigh gap tighten & lift treatment - THE STRONGEST INNER LIFT TREATMENT IN LONDON

    • Post-lipo treatments (after liposuction, vaser, laser lipo / smart lipo, cellulaze, cellfina)

  • The most advanced skin tightening and cellulite treatments in London, combining:

    • 300 Watt Deep Tissue Radio Frequency treatment

    • 100 Watt Ultrasound Cavitation treatment

    • Advanced Electro Mesotherapy treatment with 10x natural actives, including caffeine, forskolin and centella asiatica

  • What we don’t do

    • No temporary gimmicks, such as mechanical massage (with rotating balls, vacuum suction or vibration), cellulite clay wraps, microcurrents or electrical muscle stimulation

    • No HIFU or superficially acting bipolar/tripolar/quadripolar/octipolar radio frequency

    • No freebies to celebrities in order to overcharge you for your treatments

  • Real before and after cellulite photos

    • Honesty, no hype, no exaggerated promises

  • What the press says

    • Continuous presence in the national press for the last 15 years: Harper’s Bazaar, Daily Mail, Evening Standard, The Times, The Sun, Metro, Telegraph, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Grazia, OK and many more publications

  • Our clinic in Chelsea

    • 151 Sydney Street, London, SW3 6NT, U.K.

  • How many sessions? How often? What if I live outside London?

    • 6-12x sessions typically recommended, every two, three, seven or fourteen days

    • No delusional claims about amazing results after one session

  • What if I live outside London?

    • What if I only have 3 weeks before my holiday / wedding?

  • What about comfort and safety?

    • No pain, no downtime, no bruises, 99.6% safety

    • Non-surgical, non-invasive, no injections

  • Prices

    • £230 for one session

    • £210/session for a prepaid course of 3x

    • £200/session for a prepaid course of 6x

    • £190/session for a prepaid course of 12x

    • £180/session for a prepaid course of 12x on ONE area


Read our latest articles:

19 years of experience and specialisation in body/face skin tightening & cellulite

For the last 19 years we have specialised in providing advanced, intensive cellulite and skin tightening/lifting treatments (and nothing else) 1,000 times a year. So in the last two decades we have treated more than 2,900 clients and we have provided more than 19,000 cellulite and skin tightening (face & body) procedures.

That includes 9 years and 9,000 sessions of Radio Frequency, Ultrasound Cavitation and Electro Mesotherapy treatments, in which we specialise.

This extensive experience offers you reassurance that you are in good hands and that you are taken care of by the best.

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What we can do for you / Treatment menu

Whole body skin tightening and cellulite removal

Non-surgical decolletage lift

Non-surgical jowl lift / face lift

Non-surgical thigh gap lift

Post-lipo treatments

Non-surgical bum lift

We can provide you with expert assessment, consultation and treatment for:

  • Cellulite removal on thighs, top of knees, bum, calves, stomach, waist and upper arms (plus some superficial fat reduction, although we do not offer fat removal treatments per se). This is by far the most advanced and intensive cellulite treatment in London.

  • Whole body skin tightening, from top to toes: calves, knee tops, thighs, bum, waist, stomach, back, upper arms, décolletage, neck, jawline and cheeks. Our treatment works equally well on the entire body and face, providing intensive skin tightening and overall anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation. Plus some stretch mark reduction (although we do not offer stretch mark treatments per se). Again, this is the strongest skin tightening treatment in London.

We offer the following specialised treatments for specific areas:

  • Non-surgical bum lift, including cellulite removal. And in contrast to most places in London, we have no problem treating large sizes, as we use the strongest equipment available. Big buns? Not a problem!

  • Non-surgical jowl lift / face lift, focusing on lifting the under-chin, jowl/jawline, nasolabial folds (laugh lines) and cheeks, intensively and safely. Plus overall anti-ageing, skin pore tightening and some acne improvement (although we do not offer acne treatments per se)

  • Non-surgical décolletage lift: anti-ageing, skin tightening and lift (although we do not offer breast lift treatments per se)

  • Non-surgical inner thigh lift / “thigh gap” treatment, including cellulite removal

  • Non-surgical tummy lift, including cellulite removal (and in contrast to most places in London, we have no problem treating large sizes, as we use the strongest equipment available)

  • Post-lipo treatments for cellulite reduction, residual fat reduction and excess skin tightening: after liposuction, liposculpture, bum lift, brazilian bum lift (there is still cellulite there after a BBL), thigh lift (there is still cellulite there after a thigh lift), smart lipo / laser lipo, vaser lipo, body-tite, cellulaze, cellfina and cellulite subcision (unfortunately they don’t work as well as advertised)

We only do skin tightening and cellulite and frankly we have no intention in doing anything else. We don’t need to make millions or build an empire or a chain of Pizza Express-style beauty clinics. And besides, there are plenty of good people who do an excellent job with acne removal, chemical peels, hair removal, cleansing facials etc. Why be average in twenty areas when you can be the best in two: cellulite and skin tightening/lifting.

We stay focused and specialised in one area of expertise, so that you feel confident and reassured that you have treatment with the best.

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Advanced skin tightening & cellulite treatment with high-power technologies and concentrated natural actives

Our exclusive to us Meso-CRF® cellulite and skin tightening treatments for face and body combine:

  • The strongest, deepest-acting, safest Radio Frequency treatment available: 300 watts of deep acting radiofrequency (we are proud of our 9-year, science-based experience, practice and research on radio frequency treatments)

  • 100 watts of Ultrasound Cavitation treatment: also the strongest available

  • Advanced Electro Mesotherapy treatment with 10+ high purity natural active ingredients, used during your treatment together with radio frequency and ultrasound. These are the purest, most concentrated anti-cellulite treatment gel formulations anywhere in the world, no exaggeration, with some being used for our jowl/face lifting treatments, some for our décolletage lift and some for cellulite and some for skin tightening on the rest of the body:

    • Liposomal caffeine

    • Forskolin

    • Centella asiatica

    • Hyaluronic acid / Low molecular weight

    • Curcumin

    • Resveratrol

    • Green tea extract

    • Cocoa flavanols

    • Hydroxyproline

    • L-Carnosine

  • Personalised treatment by a skin tightening and cellulite expert with 19-year experience or a highly trained assistant: no mass market, conveyor-belt treatments performed by operators with half a day’s or one day’s training on how to use a machine

The combination of the strongest technologies and actives and expert treatment protocols ensures that you receive the best treatment available.

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What we don’t do

There are hundreds of treatments for cellulite and skin tightening and 90% of them don’t work, meaning they do not offer meaningful and long term results in a reasonable number of sessions. So in addition to what we do, it is important to state what we don’t do:

  • We don’t do temporary gimmicks, such as mechanical massage (with rotating balls, vacuum suction or vibration), clay cellulite wraps, microcurrents or electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), All of them only have a very temporary effect on cellulite (they just VERY TEMPORARILY boost circulation, giving you the illusion that “they work”). And, contrary to hype and crafty marketing, none of those techniques do anything for the two most important aspects of cellulite: fat accumulation and skin tightening.

  • We don’t do tripolar, bipolar, quadripolar or octipolar radio frequency because these are too superficial to affect the hypodermis, where the large collagen and fat structures occur and water retention takes place.

  • We do not do HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) because at low intensities it achieves nothing and at high intensities causes scar tissue, which is then euphemistically called “skin tightening”. We do not believe in “scar tissue-ing” your skin.

  • We do not do acoustic wave therapy (aka AWT, pressure waves, lipotripsy or shockwaves) because we assessed it extensively several years ago, way before anyone used it for cellulite and with much more advanced equipment than the toys used for cellulite, and we found it ineffective (that lack of effectiveness, though, did not stop some clinics from creating a huge hype based on nothing and make millions of pounds out of the unsuspecting public; now the same clinics sell mechanical massage for £250/session - unbelievable).

  • No horrible chemical peels and injection-based mesotherapy, that cause more problems than they solve

  • No weak or superficially acting treatments, such as LED light therapy, IPL or lasers (light by definition does not sufficiently penetrate more than 1-2mm into the skin

  • And of course, we don’t do ridiculous cellulite surgery, such as subcision, cellfina, cellulaze and profound RF, which quite often cause more problems that they solve (quite often severe skin looseness, pigmentation, scar tissue, plus more cellulite bumps are simply not treated)

  • We don’t do freebies to celebrities in order to then overcharge you for your treatments

In summary, we use only three select technologies provided simultaneously at a reasonable cost, as opposed to using an endless list of pointless treatments just for show and at a high cost.

All in all, we focus on what is in your interest and what provides the maximum benefit and value for money to you.

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Real before and after photos, honesty, no hype, no one-session imaginary “body transformations”

Real cellulite before and after pictures

Real cellulite before and after pictures

No fake Instagram photos, fake reviews, miracle promises or “celeb” hype":

  • 95% of before and after photos on Instagram or websites are fake, even those that come from equipment manufacturers. This means that either the photos have been manipulated on Photoshop or that the lighting is different between the “before” and “after” photos

    • horrible vertical lighting, such as that found in store changing rooms, for the “before” pictures

    • pleasing full frontal lighting for the “after” pictures

  • Similar statistics apply to reviews, even the big review websites: most of reviews are not original

  • Furthermore, many salons and clinics use celebrities and influencers to create hype with wild, unrealistic or unachievable claims about body “transformations” and miraculous results in 1-4 monthly treatments (impossible), non-surgical Brazilian butt lifts (they don’t exist) or "non-surgical liposuction" (doesn’t work), taking advantage of the insecure, the naive and the gullible.

  • Unlike the alternative reality displayed by some unscrupulous smooth operators on Instagram, the real reality on your legs is ruthless. Celeb endorsements do not change the laws of biology, neither fake before and after pictures on Instagram do. Ten minutes after a single treatment, the cellulite on your legs is exactly the same as before, no matter what you saw on Instagram and fell for it. No miracle happened and it won’t automatically change twelve weeks later with one just because someone said so. And neither will a couple more monthly sessions with a puny, low-spec machine have any effect either. It’s all Instagram BS.

We do not do any of those. All our before & after photos are 100% photoshop-free and taken with identical lighting before and after (including the one above). And although we use the most advanced equipment and actives available, we do not make exaggerated promises, such as the ones above, because we know that such results are biologically impossible (the body takes REPEATED and INTENSE stimulation over TIME (weeks and months) to change - not one session, not with low power equipment and not in minutes, hours or even days.

In addition, we never pressurise you to book a course or to book more sessions than you need or can afford. Thankfully we are super busy and do not have any need to resort to hard selling. Similarly, after your first treatment, and if you do not book any follow-up treatments, we will only send you two follow-up emails. So no spam from us either.

We offer honest, realistic, hype-free, science-based advice and treatment. We respect you.

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In the press

DM 750.jpg

Our work (both our treatments and our expert comments and entire articles) has been featured on the Harper’s Bazaar, Daily Mail, Evening Standard, Daily Mirror, Daily Express, The Times, The Sun, Metro, Telegraph, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Grazia, She, OK, Top Sante, Women's Health, Health & Fitness and many more publications

  • Daily Mail: "There appeared to be hardly any cellulite at all. I honestly thought I was stuck with my cellulite for life, but my skin is much firmer and the dimples are obviously reduced” (Body)

  • Evening Standard: "While I only had one session, I saw immediate effects. My dry, dull British weather-beaten skin looked “glowing” as my friend told me. If I were to have the full six to 12 recommended sessions I'm sure my results would have been longer-lasting, but if you want to look fresh for a special event even one session does the job." (Face)

  • Sunday Mirror: "Amazing, I haven't seen my body looking this smooth and toned in years!" (Body)

  • Top Sante: "Of all the things I’ve tried over 13 years as a health, wellbeing and beauty journalist, this is one I’d do again" (Body)

  • Woman's Own: "I wanted firmer skin but I couldn’t face needles, so I tried the Centella Asiatica facial treatment, as it’s often compared to Botox. Using radio frequency (so no pain), it drives high-performing ingredients to work at a deeper level, as well as improving the surface of the skin. And it works – after one session my skin is lovely and plump! Twelve sessions are recommended for results lasting 12-18 months." (Face)

These are just some press quotes regarding our face and body treatments.

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Our clinic in Chelsea / South Kensington, London

Our advanced face and body treatments are exclusively provided in one location, at the discreet and luxurious Chelsea Private Clinic in London - nowhere else. The full address is 151 Sydney Street (just off King’s Road, opposite the old Chelsea Town Hall), London, SW3 6NT, United Kingdom.

Our clients are both local and from all over London, the UK and abroad (we do 1-3 week intensive courses for people who live outside London). We treat everyone, from au-pairs to lawyers to billionaires, with politeness, honesty, professionalism and confidentiality.

We are looking forward to seeing you here and treating you like the VIP that you are - no matter what walk of life or part of the world you come from.

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How many sessions? How often?

Your body does not change in minutes, hours or even days after an one-off miracle treatment. Even with the best treatment in the world, your body needs repeated, weekly stimulation to change.. The expensive 1-4 monthly sessions only suit the salons and clinics scheduling and profitability - not you.

Therefore, as we discussed above, we typically suggest 6-12 sessions, for both body (skin tightening, lifting and cellulite treatments) or face (skin tightening and lifting treatments). This depends on severity, on how fast your body responds and on how perfectionist you are (in extreme cases we do up to 24). But in most cases we suggest you start with 6 sessions, see the results and then, if needed, you will be motivated to have another 6. We do not promise one-session imaginary body “transformations”.

Treatments can be received twice a week, once a week or once in two weeks.

After your course of treatments is finished you can have top-up maintenance sessions once every 4, 6 or 8 weeks - depending on how healthy or unhealthy your lifestyle is. Some women prefer to do top-up courses of 3 or 6 sessions once a year instead.

These suggestions are for your own benefit, so that you get the best outcome from your treatment.

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What if I live outside London? What if I only have 3 weeks before my holiday / wedding?

If you are in London for only 1-3 weeks, or if you have very little time before a holiday, wedding or other important occasion, you can have treatment up to three times a week for up to three weeks (with one day’s break between the sessions).

In this way you can have up to 9x treatments in three weeks.

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What about comfort & safety?

Meso-CRF® treatment is NEVER painful. Some people find it relaxing, some find it a bit uncomfortable, but you never feel pain or burning, despite the strength of our treatment. We do things differently.

There is ZERO downtime - you can do literally anything you want (gym, run, swim, work, socialise - anything) and there is no bruising, burns or other evidence that you have had treatment (some residual redness typically goes away in 30-45 minutes).

Our safety record is 99.6% (in the other 0.4% of treatments clients have some temporary irritation).

Our cellulite and body/face skin tightening/lifting treatments are on-surgical, non-invasive. No lasers, no injections, no chemical peels, no fillers, no threads, no burns, no bruises, no downtime, no scar tissue, no "trout pout", no "poker face", no drama.

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Our pricing structure

You may have seen those £750 per area (yet appallingly low spec) treatments that are supposed to give results in 1-4 sessions. The misleading small number of sessions is specifically chosen to justify the exorbitant high price tag. The body does not change overnight, regardless how much money you throw at it for a treatment. You never need one session, NEVER, no matter what the marketing hype says or how painful or expensive the treatment is - and that applies to both body and face treatments.

We don’t do that. With our expertise, upmarket location and hi-spec equipment we could also charge £750 per area, but then you could only afford 1-4 sessions, instead of the 6-12 required, even with the best treatment available. Not even billionaires would pay 12x£750=£9000, because they are not naive (but sadly many of them are naive enough to pay £3,000 for four sessions to “get rid of their cellulite for good” - I know a few of them and of course their cellulite is still there after the £3k miracle)…

Besides, we would have to spend half the money you pay us on PR, celeb freebies (celebs never pay for things they promote), influencers, sponsored posts, social media marketing and online advertising - which would mean that half your money would go towards our marketing and half towards your results. Not very smart. At the moment we spend £0 for marketing and for the last few years we have been more or less fully booked. It seems to work ;)


Although we use the highest specification equipment, the most advanced treatment protocols based on science, and the purest and most expensive natural actives in the world, we charge a realistic price of £180-£230 per area, to allow you to have the required 6-12 sessions per area for best results for yourself. One cannot be more honest and more customer-centred than that:

These prices are per area, as defined below. If you wish to combine two of these areas, just book a double session.

One area is defined as:

  • Outer thighs/saddlebags, back of thighs & bum lift [MOST POPULAR]

  • Inner thighs/thigh gap, knees & front of thighs

  • Waist/love handles & back

  • Upper arms

  • Calves/lower legs

  • Non-surgical stomach lift - SUPER INTENSIVE

  • Non-surgical bum lift - SUPER INTENSIVE [VERY POPULAR]

  • Non-surgical thigh gap lift - SUPER INTENSIVE

  • Non-surgical jowl lift / face lift: under-chin, jowl/jawline, nasolabial folds/laugh lines, cheeks - SUPER INTENSIVE [VERY POPULAR]

  • Non-surgical décolletage lift - SUPER INTENSIVE

Book a treatment / Check our availability

Receive expert and honest advice and get started with a treatment. Book now online in 5 minutes (or call us on 02071182014, office hours).

  • All first treatments (either individual ones or the first of a course of treatments) include free 30’ consultation, worth £115 (as we are currently extremely busy we do not offer consultation-only sessions). When you book your first session, it will be automatically 30’ longer to include your free consultation.

  • You do not necessarily need to know in advance or choose yourself which exact treatment is the best for you: just book any Meso-CRF® session or course and after assessing and discussing your needs on your first session, we will provide the appropriate treatment, placing emphasis on your specific needs. Everything can be changed and adjusted!

  • As Meso-CRF® is EXTREMELY popular, we are currently booked up for about two months, with the exception of occasional availability in the meantime due to cancellations. So if you would like to experience the Meso-CRF® treatment please buy and book your entire course of 3x, 6x, 12x or 24x sessions now to secure the best availability. Your first treatment always includes a free consultation, worth £115, and in the very unlikely event that on your first session you do not like the treatment for any reason, we will refund the rest of your course course of 2x, 5x, 11x or 23x sessions, respectively. No questions asked and no obligation. You can easily cancel or reschedule your appointments or course over the phone or online with a couple of clicks.

Please note

  • If you change your mind and wish to cancel your single session or course, give us 48/72 hour notice before your first session and we will give you an immediate full refund - no questions asked!

  • You can mix and match different areas in your courses of 3x, 6x, 12x or 24x or sessions and you can use your courses for a mix of single or double sessions - no stress!

  • To avoid constant no-shows and short-notice cancellations, a strict, full-fee 48-hour cancellation policy (72 hours for double sessions and for ALL Monday sessions) and we kindly request that all appointments be prepaid at the time of booking. Only exception to our cancellation policy is emergency hospitalisation, once. Please check our simple terms and conditions, before you place an order.

  • Please note that, as with any medical or aesthetic treatment, results vary from person to person and although we apply the strongest possible treatment to each and every client, we cannot guarantee specific results.

  • For maximum security with your browsing and shopping, our entire website is SSL-encrypted.

  • For enhanced security, all online payments (Visa, Mastercard and Amex) are made via Stripe, while payments over the phone or at the clinic are processed by Stripe or Square (Visa, Mastercard and Amex). You may also use ApplePay for all online order (only if you use an iPhone, iPad or Mac for your payments). All our payment processing companies are regulated by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). LipoTherapeia Ltd does NOT have access to ANY of your card details through online payments.

  • All services are provided by, and payments are made to, LipoTherapeia Ltd (Company House Reg: 07675379).

Payment methods

Science-based expertise in radio frequency treatment

The strongest and most comprehensive cellulite and skin tightening treatment in London, exclusively at LipoTherapeia in Chelsea

Meso-CRF® is based on Deep Tissue Radio Frequency™ + Ultrasound Cavitation + Electro Mesotherapy with multiple, highly concentrated anti-cellulite and skin tightening natural active ingredients.

High-power, deep-acting radio frequency is universally accepted as the most effective technology for body and facial skin tightening and cellulite and this is exactly what we use: cooled, high-power, deep-acting radiofrequency treatment (what we call Deep Tissue Radio Frequency™).

This is the only type of RF treatment that bypasses the epidermis and focuses with accuracy on the dermis, hypodermis, dermal/hypodermal junction and upper subcutaneous tissue, i.e. deep inside the skin where adipocytes (fat cells), fibroblasts (collagen cells) and the large collagen and fat structures are found (and where cellulite, skin laxity and stretch marks occur). On the face those skin layers are collectively called the SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system).

Although not targeted specifically, the epidermis is also inadvertently treated, which leads to fresher, healthier looking skin with tighter pores and less acne (although we do not claim acne reduction). However, the most important results come from treating the deeper tissues described above.

Unfortunately, most radio frequency treatments are of too low power or too superficial (or both), and thereby either ineffective, unsafe or both.

  • Low power means that, as a therapist, you will never be able to provide enough treatment to produce real results to your client, even if you perform a two-hour session.

  • And superficial RF treatment (such as bipolar or so called tripolar/quadripolar/octipolar radio frequency treatment) means that to treat the deeper tissues effectively you must first "burn" the epidermis. If you do not wish to damage the epidermis, you just offer a lighter treatment to your client. This means that the deeper tissues do not get treated adequately, which leads to poor results. On the other hand, if you take chances and offer an extreme treatment to the epidermis, in order to adequately treat the deeper tissues laying behind, then you will inevitably cause pain, burns and all sorts of drama.

  • Another option is to provide extreme heat deep in the tissues and literally burn them (euphemistically called “coagulation”, it is a burn to you and me) with the hope that the body will repair the damage with plenty of scar tissue, which is also "euphemistically called “skin tightening” (it is hardened scar tissue, to you and me). At LipoTherapeia we do not need to offer this extreme heat with scar tissue-causing/painful RF neither do we offer high-intensity focused ultrasound/HIFU based on the same principle.

Our Deep Tissue RadioFrequency™ technology is different. It is the outcome of our intensive work and nine year experience in the Physics of radio frequency treatment. The result is maximum intensity (300+ Watts on the body, 120+ Watts on the face), non-invasive treatment with maximum comfort, zero pain, zero downtime, no injections and no nasty lasers. You can go straight to work, gym or social life right after treatment.

All in all, we offer the most effective skin tightening technology (universally acknowledged to be high-power, deep-acting radio frequency treatment), without all the drama. 

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The most amazing natural actives, exclusively at LipoTherapeia

100% Pure Concentrated Centella Asiatica extract

100% Pure Bioavailable Caffeine

100% Pure Concentrated Green Tea extract

100% Pure Bioavailable Resveratrol

100% Pure Bioavailable Curcumin

100% Pure Bioavailable Cocoa Flavanols

100% Pure Concentrated Forskolin

Almost all radio frequency and ultrasound treatments on the market today are applied with an "empty" cream, gel or oil, i.e. one that contains 0% active ingredients. The few treatment mediums that contain some actives, typically do not contain more than 0.5% pure actives.

In contrast, Meso-CRF® is applied via a treatment cream-gel with multiple, 100% purity, high concentration, natural actives: centella asiatica, forskolin, curcumin/turmeric extract, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and liposomal caffeine, among others.

These actives are specifically chosen for Meso-CRF® because they are the most widely researched natural anti-cellulite and skin tightening agents and known to nourish the skin from within and stimulate collagen/elastin synthesis, fat release, circulation and overall skin rejuvenation, in a natural way.

We have researched and tested more than 160 anti-cellulite and skin tightening actives and we use only the best from the most respected manufacturers in the world, some costing up to £4000/kg, so again you are guaranteed to receive nothing but the highest quality.

Due to misinformation on the web, most people believe that creams do not get absorbed or that they do not "work". That may apply to the usual commercial creams with 0.1-1% actives, applied at home. However, an optimised treatment gel with 10% actives - and absorbed 500% more effectively during a radio frequency/ultrasound treatment - is a totally different matter altogether. In fact, in our experience, these natural actives make our radio frequency/ultrasound treatment much more effective.

(Salons and clinics: unfortunately we do not sell our treatment cream-gels, as due to the high concentration of actives the cost is about £30/body area, wholesale price, so it is not viable to sell these products commercially for the very few clinics that would add this cost to their treatments.)

Meso-CRF® is the result of years of constant development, innovation and extremely hard work, to offer our clients a quality treatment, based on high technology and the best actives. We do go the extra mile for you.

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Not available anywhere else in London

You cannot find the Meso-CRF® procedures anywhere else in London, simply because our equipment was exclusively adapted for us by a leading European manufacturer, to our exacting, high-performance specifications, for the strongest and safest ultrasound radio frequency treatment available: 300 Watts of cooled, high-power, deep-acting RF and 100 Watts of low-frequency ultrasound cavitation, i.e. the best technologies for cellulite.

There are plenty of other treatments for cellulite and skin tightening and the technologies we have assessed include, among others, Thermage, Vanquish, Eximia, Viora Reaction, Pelleve, Ultrashape, Liposonix, LipoFreeze, Zeltiq Coolsculpting, Venus Freeze & Legacy, Med-Contour, Ulthera (Ultherapy), 3D Lipo, CACI, LipoFirm Pro, TriLipo, Tripolar, Cavislim, Cellulaze, Cellfina, Cellutite, UltraFormer, Unison, Exilis Elite, Onda, Emsculpt, Sculpsure, T-Shape, acoustic wave therapy (aka AWT, pressure waves, lipotripsy and shockwaves), LPG/Endermologie, Endospheres and G5. We do NOT offer and are NOT interested in offering any of the above technologies.

We also use exclusive, very expensive treatment gel/creams with the highest concentration/highest purity natural actives.

There are no similar cream-gels on the market, worldwide, simply because not a single company in the world goes into the expense of manufacturing/using such expensive treatment cream-gels (£30/session, wholesale price) for their clients. All that exist in the market are empty, almost empty or extremely diluted serums, creams and gels. In fact, for most treatments plain oil, baby oil or vaseline is used...

Please feel free to research other treatments and clinics on the internet and compare them to our:

  • equipment specifications

  • treatment gels used

  • experience, knowledge, science-based advice

  • very moderate prices (suitable for courses of 6x or 12x sessions; no expensive one-session miracle scams)

  • client reviews

  • press reviews, expert press articles and interviews

  • real before/after pictures

  • and the highly specialised information that we have to offer on our website

However, the best way to directly compare it with any other treatment available anywhere in London, is to physically have a Meso-CRF® treatment and feel, see and touch the difference for yourself.

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