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Welcome to LipoTherapeia. At our practice (7 Park Crescent, London, W1 / 0207 118 2014) you can have Meso-CRF® Body | Turmeric, the strongest skin tightening/cellulite treatment currently available, simultaneously combining three technologies and 10+ natural actives.

Curcumin cellulite treatment
Green tea / EGCG cellulite treatment
Resveratrol cellulite treatment
Cocoa polyphenols cellulite treatment
Hyaluronic acid cellulite treatment

Meso-CRF® Body | Turmeric is our exclusive combination of Deep Tissue Radiofrequency™ (we pride ourselves in our science-based expertise in radiofrequency), High-Power Ultrasound Cavitation and injection-free mesotherapy with the most amazing, high-purity, high-concentration anti-cellulite / skin tightening natural actives:

Curcumin (Turmeric extract)
EGCG (Green tea extract)
Resveratrol (Grape skin extract)
Gotu kola / Centella asiatica
Cocoa flavanols
Hyaluronic acid
Escin (Horse chestnut extract)

[Typical price: £145/session  |  Typical course of treatments: 6-12x sessions per area]


Literally no other clinic in the world offers this exclusive combination of intensive advanced technologies and concentrated pure actives to their clients, for maximum results, naturally.




As seen oN

Our work has been featured on the Daily Mail, Sunday Mirror, Daily Express, Times, Sun, Metro, Telegraph, Cosmopolitan, Grazia, She, OK, Top Sante, Health & Fitness, Slim at Home and many more...


"There appeared to be hardly any cellulite at all. I honestly thought I was stuck with my cellulite for life, but my skin is much firmer and the dimples are obviously reduced."
Daily Mail


"Of all the things I’ve tried over 13 years as a health, wellbeing and beauty journalist, this is one I’d do again"
Top Sante


"Amazing, I haven't seen my body looking this smooth and toned in years!"
Sunday Mirror




Science-based skin tightening & cellulite reduction

Prevent   ~   Maintain   ~   Reduce

Cellulite treatment

To offer you the absolutely best advice, treatment and skin products we read all the new science papers regarding cellulite, fat tissue, connective tissue, anti-ageing and skin tightening every single day. We assess all new quality equipment that comes to market (there is no point trying cheap chinese machines). We test all new natural actives relative to skin tightening and cellulite removal. And we share some of this knowledge via our blog.

All our treatments are based on physics and biology, not beauty therapy myths, and are offered by a specialist with 17-year experience, not a machine operator. Our Meso-CRF® treatments are non-surgical, non-invasive, pain-free, bruise-free, comfortable, super-safe (99.8% safe, to be precise) and require zero downtime (you can go straight to work or play immediately after our treatments). During the last 17 years we have treated more than 2,700 clients and have provided more than 17,000 cellulite and skin tightening procedures.

Our before & after pictures are 100% Photoshop-free and our Celluence® cream testimonies are 100% genuine. Our treatments, creams and expert advice are regularly featured in most major national magazines, newspapers and TV, including the Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, OK, Grazia, The Times, Telegraph, Express, Daily Mirror, The Sun, She, Top Sante and BBC, among many others.




Monopolar radiofrequency   ~   Ultrasound cavitation   ~   Injection-free mesotherapy with concentrated actives

Due to our artificial lifestyle (drinking, smoking, contraceptive pill, unhealthy diet, sedentary occupation, lack of vigorous movement/exercise), most women today suffer from skin looseness and cellulite. A change in lifestyle will improve the health and appearance of the thighs and butt area, but on its own it is usually not very fast acting and not very effective, either on cellulite or on skin firmness. For those two, a very strong anti-cellulite / skin tightening treatment is needed.

Most cellulite / skin tightening / bum lifting treatments also do not work, simply because they are either too light (not powerful enough), too irrelevant (they don't even affect the deep skin tissues, focusing instead on the epidermis) or not comprehensive enough to act powerfully on all aspects of cellulite and skin looseness. Most cellulite creams do not work either because they are simply not concentrated and comprehensive enough.

Meso-CRF® is different. It specifically focuses on the dermis and hypodermis (where the large collagen structures and cellulite fat is located), it is strong, yet safe, and it combines the three most effective anti-cellulite / skin tightening / lifting technologies with the most important anti-cellulite natural active ingredients. Together, all these act on all seven aspects of cellulite: superficial fat accumulation, skin looseness, water retention / poor circulation, fibrosis, oxidative damage, inflammation and glycation.

Our niche is cellulite and we constantly follow all the technological developments and research new natural actives. As soon as an effective new technology or active comes up, we aim to immediately incorporate it into our treatments. To the best of our knowledge, there is currently no more effective anti-cellulite technology or active ingredient, other than the ones used for the Meso-CRF® treatments. And this is why we use those specific technologies and actives.



The most amazing anti-cellulite actives, combined

ALL the important skin tightening and cellulite natural actives, highly concentrated

We are the only clinic in the world to use multiple, high purity botanical actives at high concentrations for our treatments, comprising 100% pure curcumin/turmeric extract, EGCG/green tea extract, cocoa polyphenols, resveratrol, gotu kola/centella asiatica extract, forskolin, caffeine, escin among several other natural actives (most clinics and salons would not use a treatment cream/gel with such VERY expensive actives, even if it was commercially available).

Curcumin, specifically, is well researched for its anti-inflammatory, lipolytic, antifibrotic and antioxidant action, making it an ideal ingredient in the fight against cellulite. EGCG from green tea, resveratrol from berries and grape skin, gotu kola and all other compounds used, possess similar actions and have maximum impact against cellulite and skin looseness when combined with radiofrequency and ultrasound. And the results speak for themselves!




High power, cooled, resistive, monopolar radiofrequency.

This is the strongest technology known today for cellulite reduction, skin tightening, non-surgical butt lifting and "thigh gap" treatment. This is the only type of radiofrequency treatment that focuses with accuracy on the dermis and hypodermis, deep inside the skin (in contrast to bipolar, non-cooled, unipolar or capacitive radiofrequency which are all very superficial and therefore a waste of money). This type of radiofrequency technology is by far the most effective and most suitable to skin tightening / bum lifting (only second to surgery) and cellulite (cellulite surgery is a disaster, leaving you with either flabby skin (subcision cellulite surgery) or scar tissue and more bumps than before (laser cellulite surgery). In addition, we combine this unique technology with our exclusive treatment protocols based on Physics for maximum results with zero pain and zero downtime (you can go straight to work, gym or social life after treatment).


High power, low frequency ultrasound cavitation
This is the most suitable and highest power ultrasound treatment for cellulite and complements the effects of radiofrequency


Injection-free mesotherapy with turmeric, green tea, cocoa and resveratrol extracts
Contrary to popular belief, skin formulations do get absorbed by the skin, and technologies such as injection-free mesotherapy boost the absorption of actives contained in such creams by 500% or more. Our injection-free mesotherapy is based on the best skin firming and anti-cellulite natural active ingredients, including curcumin/turmeric extract, EGCG/green tea extract, cocoa polyphenols, resveratrol, centella asiatica, forskolin, caffeine, escin and several others.


Celluence® Phase One + Phase Two creams
Contrary to the urban myth, highly concentrated cellulite creams do work - cellulite creams that don't work are simply not concentrated enough and/or do not contain the right actives. The Celluence® creams are an important aspect of the treatment and help in ways that no cellulite treatment of any kind can, by working on glycation, oxidative damage, fibrosis and inflammation and by complementing the action of the treatment on skin firmness, circulation and fat reduction. The Celluence® creams are the most comprehensive and concentrated anti-cellulite creams available today, featuring 40x natural anti-cellulite active ingredients. The Celluence® creams are used at home, twice a day, either on their own or in combination with the Meso-CRF® Cellulite treatment, for maximum results. 



What does treatment involve?

Radiofrequency body treatment

Expert assessment and consultation

Your introductory session first starts with an assessment of your aesthetic problem: body skin looseness, cellulite or stubborn topical fat. After the assessment, your therapist will discuss and explain the causes of that aesthetic concern and answer all your questions in simple terms but with science-backed answers (no "toxin" talk, "melted fat that is removed by urine", "drinks loads of water" and the like).

Then your therapist will suggest a treatment plan, according to your specific needs. This is followed by a brief explanation of how the treatment works and also how it feels. After your assessment and consultation, you will receive your first Meso-CRF® Body | Turmeric treatment. Our Meso-CRF® sessions involve treatment with the machine for 40' (one area) or 80' (two areas).


How treatment feels

For the treatment you simply lie down on the treatment table and after your therapist sets the treatment settings on the equipment, they will apply a concentrated treatment cream-gel on the area to be treated. Unlike any other treatment cream/gel, the treatment cream-gels used for Meso-CRF® Body | Turmeric contain high concentrations of multiple actives, for maximum results.

Your therapist will then glide the equipment applicator with slow circular movements and in a few seconds you will start feeling heat developing in the area treated. However, the surface of your skin will not become red and it will not feel very hot to the touch. This is the result of our Deep Tissue Radiofrequency™ technology which accurately focuses on the deep collagen fibres and deep fat, as opposed to the epidermis, that most other RF treatments affect. So, although your fat and collagen tissues under your skin will become very hot (in order to release cellulite down fat and stimulate skin tightening), your skin will remain at a much cooler temperature, with no redness, pain or other drama. This is unlike most RF treatments on the market, which can be very painful.


Impressively strong, yet super-safe treatment

In fact, if you have previously tried other radiofrequency treatments, such as the usual Velashape or LipoFirm Pro/Plus, you will be impressed by how much stronger and yet how comfortable Meso-CRF® Body | Turmeric treatment is, in relation to other RF treatments. This is the result of our physics-based protocols and high-tech equipment which allow us to offer you this amazing combination of powerful yet pleasant treatment. In the rare case of discomfort, your experienced therapist will amend the treatment settings to ensure that you receive a comfortable, pain-free treatment (some women even doze off during treatment).


Impressive absorption of natural actives into your skin, for maximum results

After a few minutes you will also notice that more and more of our concentrated treatment cream-gel is applied and is absorbed by your skin. This is the result of the injection-free mesotherapy component of the treatment, which allows you to absorb 500% more cream-gel during Meso-CRF® treatment than if you applied the same cream-gel yourself at home.


Tighter skin in 45 minutes

By end of the treatment you will feel your skin buzzing and tingling with vitality and considerably tighter. Of course, long-term skin tightening and cellulite reduction takes several weeks to be reduced. However, even a single session will offer you an opportunity to feel of how powerful Meso-CRF® Body | Turmeric treatment is.


Inclusive nutrition and exercise advice

After the treatment you will have an opportunity to optionally book your follow-up sessions and ask any more questions you may have, regarding either the treatment itself or anything that comes to mind (nutrition, exercise, cellulite, skin firmness, fat, dieting etc.) will be answered accurately. So Meso-CRF® Body | Turmeric treatment includes unlimited free nutrition and exercise advice too.


No hard sales, no hype

However, please note that there is never pressure to book a course, or to book more sessions than you need and can afford. Thankfully we are super busy and do not have any need to hard-sell. Similarly, after treatment, and if you do not book any follow-up treatments, we will only send you two follow-up emails - so no spam from us either!



Frequently asked questions

Skin tightening treatments

Number of sessions / maintenance treatments

In most cases we recommend 6x-12x weekly or fortnightly sessions, depending on severity (even with the strongest treatment in the world you need repeated stimulation (treatments) and to allow some time for results to occur - we do not sell overnight miracle lies).

Maintenance treatments are recommended once a month or a course of 6x sessions once a year / every two years to maintain firmness and prevent cellulite. As with any medical / aesthetic treatment or product, results vary from person to person.



We do not do free consultations, because in many cases people do not show up, thereby wasting precious clinical time, which could be used for your treatment. However, you can buy a 30' expert consultation (£50) and if you buy a session afterwards, you will be refunded the cost of the consultation, after you attend your first session.

Introductory sessions include consultation and full treatment, so when you buy an introductory session you don't need to book or buy a consultation separately.



Body areas treated

Meso-CRF® Body | Turmeric is super-powerful and super-safe so single 45' sessions can treat:
The whole back of the legs (back of thighs, outer thighs and buttocks), or...
The whole front of legs (front of thighs, inner thighs / thigh gap, knee tops), or...
The entire back and front of upper arms
Single, 45' sessions can also be applied on a smaller area for a super-intensive treatment on the:
Stomach only, or...
Buttocks only (non-surgical butt lift), or...
Inner thighs only (thigh gap).
Double, 90' sessions can treat:
The entire back and front of thighs, or...
Any combination of two areas, e.g. whole front of legs + intensive stomach treatment; or whole back of legs + intensive thigh gap treatment; etc.

All Meso-CRF® Body | Turmeric treatments simultaneously treat cellulite and tighten skin on the area they are applied.



30' consultations with an expert: £50

Single treatments (one area)
Single session (one area): £200
Discounted introductory single session (includes free consultation): £145
3-5 single sessions: £165/session (£495 for 3x)
6-11 single sessions: £145/session (£870 for 6x)
12+ single sessions: £135/session (£1620 for 12x)

Double treatments (two areas)
Double session (two areas): £400
Discounted introductory double session (includes consultation): £290
3-5x double sessions: £290/session (£870 for 3x)
6+ double sessions: £270/session (£1620 for 6x, £3240 for 12x)

Advanced leg wellness / cellulite creams:
Celluence® Phase One/Two, 250ml, £95
Celluence® Phase One+Two, 250+250ml, £155



Our contact

No hype, no fake Instagram photos, no fake 'Groupon pricing'

At LipoTherapeia we do not do mass-market "cellulite treatments" provided with cheap machines, diluted products and random protocols. We do not use a misleading initial price of £800, only to then offer 90% Groupon discounts at £80. Our pricing is simple and clear.

We do not sell you miracles or make exaggerated claims about "instant cellulite removal", "fat melting" and "permanent skin tightening" with just 1-3 sessions, as falsely advertised, sadly even by famous doctors, at many Harley Street clinics.

And we definitely do not post "before and after" pictures of C-list celebrities on Instagram with blatantly obvious Photoshop filters and shaded lighting, showing "amazing results in just one session", "non-surgical bum lift at your home" or "non-surgical liposuction", as is so fashionable lately. This is because we know that such results are biologically impossible (the body takes weeks and months to change - not minutes, hours or days).


Honesty, science-based advice, highest tech, boutique service

We always offer honest, science-based advice and the strongest SAFE skin tightening / cellulite treatments available today. At our practice you will receive quality treatment at modest prices - especially when considering our advanced technology, long experience and very expensive actives put in our treatment formulations. And you will be treated to a personal, boutique service, always provided by an expert. We are highly specialised, so your therapist does not do any Hollywood waxing, manicures, laser hair removal, eyelash tinting or tattoo removal - just cellulite and skin tightening.



Intensive non-surgical bum lift

Non-surgical bum lift.jpg

What are the causes of soft, "droopy" buttocks?
Lack of exercise, especially of the gluteus maximus muscle, excess calorie intake, sitting down for long periods of time and normal ageing result in skin looseness, the accumulation of excess fat, cellulite, water retention on the buttock area, leading to an enlarged and saggy/droopy bottom with puffy, spongy skin.

Squats are great for butt muscles - but they do nothing for skin
Dieting and buttock liposuction remove the excess fat but further worsen the saggy, spongy, puffy look and feel. Hip extensions and other exercises that target the "gluteus maximus" muscle are very helpful, as they lift the butt area and fill the void left by weight loss, thereby improving the shape and tone under the skin. However, exercises do nothing to address the problem of looseness, puffiness and sponginess on the skin itself.

Butt lift surgery
Only surgical removal of skin, can offer better results than a good radiofrequency+mesotherapy treatment, and obviously this is not applicable on the buttock area, as it leads to shape distortion of the butt and very unsightly scars. Butt lift surgery is better reserved only for overweight / obese women with quite a lot of excess skin, and it is not relevant to slim, normal weight or even "curvy" women with butt skin looseness.

Brazilian butt lift: good for 2-3 years, then things start looking South...
The addition of fat in the butt area (the so called Brazilian butt lift) can improve the shape of the bum, but only temporarily: in 2-3 years the fat starts to accumulate sideways and "downwards" (fat is known to disintegrate the connective tissue around it), thereby causing the butt to become saggy, droopy and loose. Furthermore, the brazilian butt lift cannot do anything for cellulite. In fact, the extra stretching of the skin by the fat underneath it look worse.

Cooled, high-power, monopolar radiofrequency: the strongest butt tightening and lifting technology known today. Guaranteed.
Thankfully, technology can be used to tighten/lift the skin naturally, on non-overweight women, when surgery is not suitable. As mentioned above, it is widely established today that the only butt lifting treatment that works, barring surgery, is cooled, high intensity, resistive, monopolar radiofrequency (low power or bipolar radiofrequency treatments are just a waste of time). It is also widely accepted that highly concentrated extracts of centella asiatica, hydroxyproline and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) are some of the strongest skin firming natural actives available (low purity or low concentration actives don't work). Injection-free mesotherapy can help skin absorb those actives 500% more effectively. Meso-CRF® combines all these elements and is the strongest bum lifting technology available today, and together with some gluteus muscle exercises can work wonders for your bum. In addition to bum lifting / skin tightening, Meso-CRF® also works intensively on cellulite and even has a mild effect on stretch marks, so you get a combined benefit by the use of this technology. In most cases we recommend 6-12 sessions for best results.



Intensive Thigh gap treatment

Thigh gap treatment

What are the causes of skin looseness, fat accumulation and cellulite on the inner thighs?
Lack of exercise, especially of the adductor muscles of the inner thighs, excess calorie intake, sitting down for long periods of time and normal ageing result in the accumulation of excess fat, water retention, cellulite and skin looseness on the inner thigh area, leading to an enlarged and saggy/droopy bottom with puffy, spongy skin.

Adductor exercises at the gym are great for inner thigh muscles - but they do nothing for skin
Dieting and inner thigh liposuction remove the excess fat but further worsen the saggy, spongy, puffy look and feel. Adductor exercises at the machine, lunges and other exercises that target the "adductor muscles" muscle are very helpful, as they tighten the inner thigh musculature and fill the void left by weight loss, thereby improving the shape and tone under the skin. However, exercises do nothing to address the problem of looseness, puffiness and sponginess on the skin itself.

Thigh tuck / thigh lift surgery: only for the worst cases
The so-called thigh-tuck or thigh lift, i.e. the surgical lifting and tightening of the thigh area leaves the skin with quite unsightly scars which must be hidden behind large swimwear or underwear, which defies the purpose of having surgery. This is only reserved for overweight / obese women with quite a lot of excess skin, and it is not relevant to slim, normal weight or even "curvy" women with thigh skin looseness.

Cooled, high-power, monopolar radiofrequency: the strongest thigh tightening technology known today. Guaranteed.
Thankfully, technology can be used to tighten/lift the skin naturally, on non-obese women, when surgery is not suitable. As mentioned above, it is widely established today that the only thigh tightening treatment that works, barring surgery, is cooled, high intensity, resistive, monopolar radiofrequency (low power or bipolar radiofrequency treatments are just a waste of time). It is also widely accepted that highly concentrated extracts of centella asiatica, hydroxyproline and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) are the strongest skin firming natural actives available (low purity or low concentration actives are just ineffective). Injection-free mesotherapy can help skin absorb those actives 500% more effectively. Meso-CRF® combines all these elements and is the strongest "thigh gap" treatment available today, and together with some adductor muscle exercises can work wonders for your inner thighs. In addition to inner thigh lifting / skin tightening, Meso-CRF® also works intensively on cellulite, so you get a combined benefit by the use of this technology. In most cases we recommend 6-12 sessions for best results.



office workers | post-pregnancy | post-lipo | slim women | cellulite massage

Our Meso-CRF® treatments are ideal for all women with cellulite and skin looseness, including office workers who suffer from these problems due to long office work hours; women with cellulite and poor circulation due to constant travelling; after-pregnancy, which is a major cause of cellulite; after liposuction / tummy tuck / vaser / laser lipo, cellulaze / cellfina (liposuction and cellulite surgery leave skin saggy and with scar tissue lumps and bumps, necessitating corrective work with radiofrequency and ultrasound); models and slim women also do get cellulite, quite often from the age of 25, and our skin tightening / cellulite treatments are perfect for them; intensive cellulite massages for those who don't like technology based treatments.


Cellulite BEFORE and AFTER pictures




The effectiveness of our treatments is clearly reflected in our 100% genuine "before and after" photos displayed below. In contrast to the usual fake "before and after" photos found on most websites, all of our "before and after" pictures are:

100% unretouched
(no Photoshop manipulation)

Taken with identical lighting both "before" and "after" to offer accurate proof of treatment effectiveness
(no misleading lighting manipulation, such as changing room-type spotlights "before" and then full frontal flash light "after")

Of our own clients treated at our own clinic by the same specialists who will treat you
(no pictures provided by the manufacturers, of clients treated at some clinic somewhere in the world...)

Using our own exclusive technology, treatment protocols and treatment products that will be used for your treatment too
(same advanced technology, exclusive treatment protocols, concentrated treatment formulations and expert therapist)




Please note that our "before and after" cellulite treatment pictures were taken in 2011 with the previous version of the Meso-CRF® Body equipment, formulations and treatment protocols of that time. With the vastly more advanced Meso-CRF® Body | Turmerictreatment protocols, equipment and natural actives we use today, results are even more impressive.

Also, you may note that the results do not only include cellulite reduction, but also:
skin tightening
non-surgical butt lifting
thigh gap reduction
non-surgical local fat removal




All photos: © LipoTherapeia Ltd. All rights reserved. No photos can be reproduced without written permission. Please note that, as with any medical or aesthetic treatment / body product, results vary from person to person.







Unfortunately, most before and after cellulite pictures are fake

The sad truth is that the vast majority of "before & after" photos found on most websites, and lately on Instagram, are simply fake, aiming to take advantage of the public's ignorance and gullibility.


Fake "before and after" pictures are taken with harsh lighting "before" and flattering lighting "after"
This is as misleading for the consumer as retouching. Again, beware: if you see photos too good to be true on a website, ask if they can confirm in writing that their photos are taken with identical lighting "before and after". Or simply ask an experienced photographer to have a look at the photos - they can immediately tell the difference (click on the photo below for a hi-res example of lighting manipulation.

Fake "before and after" pictures are heavily retouched on Photoshop to remove the cellulite on the "after" photos
The use of retouching on celebrity photos may be unethical, but the use of retouched "before and after" photos by salons is actually fraud. So if you see photos too good to be true on a website ask if they can confirm in writing that their photos are not retouched. Unfortunately, before and after cellulite pictures have become quite crude lately on Instagram, with quite obvious "soft focus" filters applied on the "after" pictures of some C-list celebs. Even teenagers apply more subtle filters on their selfies than some of those Instagram "bum lifting" and cellulite "experts". It is so sad...

Fake "before and after" pictures are provided by the equipment manufacturer, i.e. photos are not of clients treated at the clinic/salon in question
Treatment quality varies widely from clinic to clinic, even if the same equipment is used, so using manufacturer-provided photos means absolutely nothing about the expertise and results offered at a specific clinic. Besides that, most manufacturer-provided photos (even by several famous machine manufacturers) are fake pictures taken by some of their clients.



NO HYPE, NO EXAGGERATIONS, NO FAKE PHOTOS - just honest before and after pics

You can rest assured that we do not follow such misleading practices. All our photos are of clients that we have treated, at our own practice with our own exclusive treatment protocols and products, are completely unretouched and are taken with exactly the same lighting "before" and "after".

In fact, there were a few occasions when we found our photos stolen and adorning another clinics' website (yes, it does happen), hence the prominent copyright notice in the middle of our photos.

Finally, please note that despite using the most powerful anti-cellulite technology available today, we do not lie to our clients about results with only one, two or even three miracle sessions, as many clinics do. We prefer to be honest and keep our word.

In fact, in order to clearly show the difference, we intentionally used harsh lighting on these pictures, so cellulite on both the "before" and "after" photos looks more severe than it normally is (of course the light was identical before and after, for accuracy and honesty).




The clinic

All our treatments are exclusively provided at the Hale Clinic, Europe's largest complementary health clinic (7 Park Crescent, London, W1B 1PF). The Hale Clinic was established in 1987 and officially opened by H.R.H. The Prince of Wales in 1988. 

The clinic is just moments away from Harley Street, London's premier medical district, and from Regent's Park. Our practice faces the beautiful gardens of Park Crescent, directly opposite the clinic. We are located outside the congestion zone and there is plenty of pay & display parking outside the clinic.




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[Our Meso-CRF® Body | Turmeric treatments are extremely popular so please book well in advance to ensure availability]


Single sessions
Back of thighs, outer thighs, buttocks, 45'
Front of thighs, inner thighs, knee-tops, 45'
Upper arms, 45'
Inner thighs / Thigh gap (intensive), 45'
Non-surgical butt lift (Inner thighs / Thigh gap (intensive), 45'
Stomach (intensive), 45'

Double sessions
Any two of the above, 90'

Consultation with an expert, 30'


Please do not click on the diary - nothing will happen! Instead, just VIEW our availability on the diary and then SUBMIT your booking(s) by using the form below. For double sessions, simply look for two consecutive slots in a row, e.g. 12:15+13:15 or 18:00+19:00 etc. To view more appointments simply scroll the calendar down.





To avoid wasting clinical time with no-shows and short-notice cancellations we require all bookings to be prepaid at the same time the booking is made. So immediately after submitting your bookings, kindly ensure you also buy your introductory treatment or course of treatments below (unpaid sessions will NOT be booked).

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Advanced Meso-CRF® Body | Turmeric skin tightening and cellulite treatments, always provided by an expert

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For enhanced security, all online payments (Visa, Mastercard and Amex) are made via Stripe or ApplePay (if you use an iPhone, iPad or Mac for your payments), while payments over the phone or at the clinic are processed by WorldPay. All processing companies are regulated by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). LipoTherapeia Ltd does NOT have access to your card details through online payments.

All services are provided by, and payments are made to, LipoTherapeia Ltd (Company House Reg: 07675379).




To avoid no-shows and short-notice cancellations, we operate a strict, full-fee 48-hour cancellation policy (72 hours for double sessions and for ALL Monday sessions) - only exception to our cancellation policy is emergency hospitalisation. Please check our simple terms and conditions, before you place an order. All photos: © LipoTherapeia Ltd 2011. Please note that, as with any medical or aesthetic treatment, results vary from person to person.