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The essentials: what is it, how much, how many, where?

We know that the first questions on your mind are "how much", "how many sessions", "what body areas", "where is the clinic", so please check the essentials below, before scrolling down to read more detailed information

What we offer

Meso-CRF® Body, the most advanced cellulite and skin tightening treatment available in London, featuring 300 Watt monopolar radiofrequency PLUS 100 Watt ultrasound cavitation PLUS electro-mesotherapy with multiple natural skin tightening actives at high concentrations, for maximum results

Body areas treated

Thighs, butt, stomach, upper arms, hands

Typical price

£160/session (as part of a course of 6x sessions, £960 in total; full pricelist here)

Typical course of treatments

6-12x sessions for long-term results (we don't sell three-session miracles)

How often

Twice a week, once a week, once in two weeks (equally effective)

Maintenance after your course of 6x or 12x sessions

Top-up treatments once every 6-8 weeks

What about comfort / safety?

Never painful • Zero downtime •  Super-intensive, yet 99.5% safe • Non-invasive • No injections

Experience / Location

LipoTherapeia offers two decades of expertise in cellulite, skin tightening & natural anti-ageing and a decade of expertise in radiofrequency, ultrasound and needle-free mesotherapy

Exclusively at LipoTherapeia in London - nowhere else

The Courtyard, 151 Sydney Street, South Kensington/Chelsea, London0207 118 2014

19 years of specialisation

We just do cellulite, body skin tightening and facial skin tightening - and nothing else! - 1000 times a year


Advanced skin tightening/cellulite technologies and natural actives

Welcome to LipoTherapeia, the only aesthetic practice in London dedicated 100% to skin tightening and cellulite.

Our exclusive to us Meso-CRF® Body procedure combines the most advanced skin tightening / cellulite technology (the strongest SAFE radiofrequency available anywhere in London) with high purity natural active ingredients (the most concentrated anti-cellulite cream-gel formulations anywhere in the world - no exaggeration) for the treatment of thighs, butt, stomach, upper arms and hands (for our face, neck & décolletage treatments please click on the link). 

In the last two decades we have treated more than 2,900 clients and we have provided more than 19,000 cellulite and skin tightening procedures. That includes 9,000 radiofrequency, ultrasound cavitation and needle-free mesotherapy treatments in the last 9 years, in which we specialise.

Our science background, constant innovation and experience guarantees that you will receive quality treatment and care, free of hype and fake Instagram photos. Instead we offer honest, science-based, hype-free advice and treatment, the highest technology and a personable, boutique service.

Our work has been featured on the Daily Mail, Evening Standard, Daily Mirror, Daily Express, The Times, The Sun, Metro, Telegraph, Cosmopolitan, Grazia, She, OK, Top Sante, Women's Health, Health & Fitness and many, many more. Check all our press coverage here.

"There appeared to be hardly any cellulite at all. I honestly thought I was stuck with my cellulite for life, but my skin is much firmer and the dimples are obviously reduced."
Daily Mail

"Of all the things I’ve tried over 13 years as a health, wellbeing and beauty journalist, this is one I’d do again"
Top Sante

Science-based expertise in radiofrequency & ultrasound

Meso-CRF® Body is based on Deep Tissue Radiofrequency™, a special type of monopolar radiofrequency, ultrasound cavitation and multiple, highly concentrated anti-cellulite and skin tightening natural active ingredients.

Monopolar radiofrequency is universally accepted as the most effective technology for body (and facial) skin tightening and cellulite - and we use high-power, cooled, resistive, monopolar radiofrequency. This is the only type of RF treatment that bypasses the epidermis and focuses with accuracy on the dermis, hypodermis and dermal/hypodermal junction, deep inside the skin where collagen cells, fat cells and the large collagen structures are found (we know all cellulite and skin tightening technologies inside-out and skin tightening/cellulite is our speciality, so if there was a better technology we would be using it). Unfortunately, most radiofrequency treatments are either too weak or too superficial (or both) - and thereby either ineffective, unsafe or both.

Our Deep Tissue Radiofrequency™ technology is the outcome of our intensive work on, and eight year experience in, the Physics of radiofrequency. The result is maximum intensity, non-invasive treatment with maximum comfort, zero pain and zero downtime, no injections and no nasty lasers. You can go straight to work, gym or social life right after treatment (see also: how does treatment feel / what does treatment involve).

Depending on each client's needs we may combine our radiofrequency with real, high-power ultrasound cavitation. Our 8-year, 8000-session, science-based expertise in radiofrequency and ultrasound and our advanced radiofrequency equipment guarantees that you will receive a high quality treatment.



The most amazing natural actives, exclusively at LipoTherapeia

Almost all radiofrequency and ultrasound treatments on the market today are applied with an "empty" cream, gel or oil, i.e. one that contains 0% active ingredients. The few treatment mediums that contain some actives, do not contain more than 0.5% pure actives.

However, our Meso-CRF® Body is applied via a treatment cream-gel with multiple, 100% purity, natural actives: centella asiatica, EGCG/green tea extract, curcumin/turmeric extract, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, escin/horse chestnut extract, forskolin and caffeine, among others.

These actives are specifically chosen for Meso-CRF® Body because they are the most widely researched natural anti-cellulite and skin tightening agents and known to nourish the skin from within and stimulate collagen/elastin synthesis, fat release, circulation and overall skin rejuvenation, in an effective and natural way.

We have researched and tested more than 160 anti-cellulite and skin tightening actives and we use only the best from the most respected manufacturers in the world, some costing up to £4000/kg, so again you are guaranteed to receive nothing but the highest quality (we know cellulite and skin tightening actives inside-out and if there were any any better actives we would be using them).

Due to misinformation on the web, most people believe that creams do not get absorbed or that they do not "work". That may apply to the usual commercial creams with 0.1-1% actives, applied at home. However, an optimised treatment gel/lotion with 10% actives - and absorbed 500% more effectively during a radiofrequency/ultrasound treatment - is a totally different matter altogether. In fact, in our experience, these natural actives make our radiofrequency/ultrasound treatment much more effective.

Meso-CRF® is the result of years of constant development, innovation and extremely hard work, to offer our clients a quality treatment, based on high technology and the best actives. We do go the extra mile, but we do not promise miracles.

[Salons and clinics: unfortunately we do not sell our treatment cream-gels, as due to the high concentration of actives the cost is about £30/body area, so it is not viable to sell these products commercially for the very few clinics that would add this cost to their treatments]



No miracles, but honest advice and advanced treatments, provided by an expert

Of course, Meso-CRF® Body is not a miracle treatment, neither 100% safe (although our 99.6% non-irritation record is pretty close). But if you suffer from cellulite or loose, saggy skin, then your best option is to have an advanced cellulite / skin tightening treatment, provided by a real cellulite and skin tightening expert with two decades of experience.

We never promise long-term results in one, very expensive, session, as many clinics do, because we know that these are biologically impossible, and we don't try to compete with obviously fake "before and after photos" of C-list celebrities on Instagram.

Instead we always offer science-based advice, safe, natural treatments and honestly insist on an average of 6-12 sessions, even with our advanced equipment and natural actives. We leave it to those with much inferior equipment to promise "you only need four sessions".


Not available anywhere else in London

You cannot find the Meso-CRF® Body procedures anywhere else in London, simply because our machine was exclusively adapted for us by a leading European manufacturer, to our exacting, high-performance specifications, for the strongest and safest radiofrequency and ultrasound available: 300 Watts of monopolar, resistive, cooled, high-intensity RF and 100 Watts of low-frequency ultrasound cavitation, i.e. the best technologies for cellulite. There are plenty of other treatments for cellulite and skin tightening, so if you feel like doing some "Google research", we urge you to compare our specifications to the most well known names, such as 3D Lipo, Tripolar, Velashape, Exilis, Thermage and Venus Freeze, or perhaps to the dozens of, irrelevant to cellulite and skin tightening (superficially acting), IPL, laser or LED machines...

We also use exclusive, very expensive treatment-gel creams with the highest concentration / highest purity natural actives. Unfortunately, there are no similar cream-gels on the market, worldwide, to suggest for you to make comparisons, simply because they don't exist: not a single company in the world goes into the expense of manufacturing/using such expensive treatment cream-gels (£30/session, wholesale price) for their clients. All that exist in the market are empty, or almost empty (extremely diluted), serums/creams/gels - or even plain oil/baby oil/vaseline...

So please feel free to research other clinics on the internet and compare our equipment specifications, products used, experience, knowledge, science-based advice and very moderate prices (especially for all that we offer), in addition to our client reviews, press reviews, expert press articles and interviews, real before/after pictures and the highly specialised information that we have to offer on our website, with that of other clinics.

Talk is cheap, however, so the best way to directly compare it with any other treatment available anywhere in London, is to physically have a Meso-CRF® Body treatment and feel, see and touch the difference for yourself.



areas treated

Meso-CRF® Body treatments can be applied on the whole body.

Single (40', £160*) sessions are ideal for either the back of legs, outer thighs & bum lift; front of legs, knees & thigh gap lift (both legs of course!). Double (80', £320*) sessions treat both these two areas (entire thighs (both thighs of course!) and bum lift).

Single (40', £160*) sessions are also great for intensive, focused treatments on small areas: non-surgical butt lift, stomach, thigh gap lift, upper arms (both arms of course!) and for the hands (both hands of course!).

You may also use a double session to combine any of the 40’ options outlined above.

(* typical price per session as part of a course of 6x sessions)




The Meso-CRF® Body treatments are also ideal for skin tightening after pregnancy; cellulite and skin looseness, experienced by most office workers; post-liposuction surgery (to tighten up sagging skin and/or cellulite left after liposuction, liposculpture, smartlipo, vaser, bodytite, cellulaze, subcision and celfina surgery); models, dancers and slim women.



Meso-CRF® Body Signature Treatments

We currently offer two signature body treatments, each combining the use of a "signature active" (centella asiatica or turmeric extract) in high concentrations with our advanced radiofrequency technology. Prices are the same as all Meso-CRF® Body treatments. You don't necessarily need to decide which one of the two you need: we will always recommend the best option for you on your first session.



Only genuine before & after cellulite pictures

Check our 100% Photoshop-free, lighting manipulation-free, trick-free before & after cellulite pictures



Number of sessions / maintenance treatments

One session is great for an immediate skin tightening effect, but in most cases we recommend 6x-12x weekly or fortnightly sessions, depending on severity (even with the strongest treatment possible you need repeated stimulation (i.e. treatments) and to allow some time for results to occur; we do not do the usual "you only need one session" lies).

For maintenance we recommend treatment once every 4-8 weeks or a course of 6x sessions once every 1-2 years to maintain firmness and help prevent cellulite. As with any medical / aesthetic treatment or product, results vary from person to person.



Our expert consultations last 30' and offer science-based, honest answers to all your questions.
Consultations cost £95 and must be pre-booked here or on 02071182014
(we do not do walk-ins).

Your first treatment always includes full consultation and full treatment, so when you book your first session you don't need to book a consultation separately.

(Please note that the cost of the consultation (£95) is NOT redeemed off the cost of treatments or courses later. If you wish to have a free consultation, you must book straight away your first treatment or a course, both of which include a FREE consultation)



Body areas

The Meso-CRF® Body skin tightening and anti-cellulite treatments are super-safe and super-powerful, and one 40' session is typically more than enough for the treatment of one body area (no need for the 90'-120' sessions needed with clinics and mobile "Instagram therapists" that use low power, superficially acting equipment). For prices, just scroll down a bit.


Single, 40' sessions

Outer thighs, back of thighs & bum lift
Front of thighs and thigh gap lift
Upper arms
Non-surgical bum lift INTENSIVE
Thigh gap lift INTENSIVE



Double, 80' sessions

Entire thighs (including thigh gap) and bum lift
(You may also have double (80') sessions combining any two single sessions, e.g. upper arms and back of thighs; or stomach and front of thighs; or back and front of thighs etc. Any combination is fine!)



Individually paid sessions

Consultation with an expert | 30', £95

Single session (treatment on one area) | 40', £190
Double session (treatment on two areas) | 80', £380
*** All first treatments include FREE consultation ***

Prepaid packages

Course of 3x sessions | £540, £180/session
(ideal if you are in London for only a few days)

Course of 6x sessions | £960, £160/session
(our most popular course)

Course of 12x sessions | £1800, £150/session
(for 6x sessions each, on ANY two areas; or for perfectionists who want 12x sessions on one area)

Course of 12x double sessions | £3600, £150/session
(for perfectionists who want 12x sessions each on two areas)

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New clients | Your first session

All first treatments, either individual ones or the first of a course of 3x, 6x, 12x or 24x treatments, include free 30’ consultation, worth £95 (as we are currently extremely busy we do not offer consultation-only sessions). You do not need to do anything for that, your first session will be automatically longer (about 1 hour and 15 minutes).


How do I know which Meso-CRF® treatment I need?

You do not necessarily need to know in advance or choose yourself which exact treatment is the best for you: just book a Meso-CRF® session and after assessing and discussing your needs we will provide the appropriate treatment, placing emphasis on your specific needs. You can even book a Meso-CRF® Facial treatment and switch to Meso-CRF® Body and vice-versa - no stress!

Book in advance with confidence

As Meso-CRF® Body is EXTREMELY popular, we are currently very busy for the next 4-6 weeks, so if you would like to experience the treatment please pre-book your whole course of 3x, 6x or 12x sessions now to secure the best appointment slots for you. You first treatment always includes a free consultation and in the very unlikely event that on your first session you do not like the treatment for any reason, we will give you a full refund for the remaining 2x, 5x or 11x sessions - no questions asked and no obligation.

To check the availability before buying a course, simple click on the “Single” or “Double” session options below.

£50/£100/£200 discount off your first course booked online

To thank you as a new client for buying and pre-booking in advance your first course of 6x sessions / 12x sessions / 12x double sessions, we offer £50 / £100 / £200, respectively, off your course, if pre-booked entirely online. Your discount will be given when you attend your first session.

As mentioned above, you can always cancel your course if you are not happy after your first session, in which case you will only be charged the normal price for single sessions (£190), with the remaining balance (£770 for courses of 6x sessions, £1610 for courses of 12x sessions or £3410 for courses of 12x double sessions) refunded to you. The £50/£100/£200 online discount does not apply if you cancel your course.

And of course you can cancel / reschedule your booked appointments at any time on the website or by phone.


Encrypted website, Secure payments

Our entire website is SSL-encrypted, for maximum security with your browsing and shopping.

Stripe etc.gif

For enhanced security, all online payments (Visa, Mastercard and Amex) are made via Stripe, while payments over the phone or at the clinic are processed by WorldPay (Visa, Mastercard, Amex and China Union). Our creams purchases are processed by Stripe or ApplePay (only if you use an iPhone, iPad or Mac for your payments). All our payment processing companies are regulated by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). LipoTherapeia Ltd does NOT have access to ANY of your card details through online payments.

All services are provided by, and payments are made to, LipoTherapeia Ltd (Company House Reg: 07675379).



Cancellation policy / disclaimer

To avoid constant no-shows and short-notice cancellations, we operate a strict, full-fee 48-hour cancellation policy (72 hours for double sessions and for ALL Monday sessions) and we kindly request that all appointments be prepaid at the time of booking. Only exception to our cancellation policy is emergency hospitalisation, once. Please check our simple terms and conditions, before you place an order. Please note that, as with any medical or aesthetic treatment, results vary from person to person and although we apply the strongest possible treatment to each and every client, we cannot guarantee specific results.