About LipoTherapeia

“My practice today has been shaped by my background in athletics, physics, sports therapy and nutrition - and my sociable nature. I love science and technology, I love natural therapies, I appreciate beauty and I like to work with people, hence... LipoTherapeia.”

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Welcome to the "About us" page, here at LipoTherapeia.

My name is Georgios Tzenichristos and I am LipoTherapeia's director. For the last 19 years I have specialised in cellulite, skin tightening and natural anti-ageing with natural, safe, non-invasive methods, based on high technology and all-natural, advanced skincare formulations.

I typically work with my clients either one-to-one or at times assisted by one highly trained assistant, offering a high quality, high value for money, boutique, personalised service, focusing 100% on just cellulite and skin tightening - and nothing else. By definition, one can not be a specialist in 30 areas, so I am not interested in owning a big clinic with loads of unspecialized therapists who provide an average service for 30 different treatments.

I prefer in doing what I love and in doing it very well. And that's the essence of LipoTherapeia.

Georgios Tzenichristos

"He is the answer to women’s beach woes the world over, and treats plenty of celebrities as well as several billionaires (naturally Georgios won’t name his clients: nobody wants to be known for their cellulite requirements)"
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Not mere beauty therapy

"The most common question I get asked is how I got involved with skin firming and cellulite reduction. To some people it may seem weird that a male therapist provides this kind of treatment. However, I do not regard this as mere beauty therapy. Cellulite reduction, skin firming and natural anti-ageing encompass many different disciplines (nutrition and exercise consultancy; connective tissue and adipose tissue therapy; and the fine art and science of cosmetic formulation).

The fact that I spend endless hours researching, studying and experimenting in order to further improve my techniques and satisfy my clients, shows that there is a real interest and dedication here that no beauty therapist or doctor shows. For me it’s all an exciting learning and creative process. I love science and I love helping people, so I don’t just see this as mere work."


Working hard to offer you the best treatment possible

The last two decades I have assessed with scientific criteria all skin firming/anti-cellulite/anti-ageing treatments available and determined which methods work and which don't: radiofrequency (bipolar, monopolar, unipolar and the so called "tripolar", "tetrapolar" and "octipolar"), injection-based, mesotherapy, injection-free mesotherapy (electro-mesotherapy / electroporation), "hot" ultrasound (cavitation), "cold" ultrasound, acoustic wave therapy (AWT / shockwave therapy), low level laser therapy (LLLT / "laser lipo" / "cold laser"), cryotherapy / cryolipolysis ("fat freezing"), electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), microcurrents, high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), magnetic therapy, mechanical stimulation, infrared, IPL, different lasers, oxygen jet facials, pressotherapy, palper-rouler (endermologie / LPG), vibration/G5, lymphatic drainage and manual cellulite massage, among many others. 

Technologies I have assessed include: Thermage, Eporex, Vanquish, Eximia, Viora Reaction, Pelleve, Ultrashape, Liposonix, LipoFreeze, Zeltiq Coolsculpting, Venus Freeze & Legacy, Med-Contour, Ulthera (Ultherapy), 3D Lipo, LipoFirm Pro, Tripolar, Cavislim, Cellulaze, Cellfina, Cellutite, UltraFormer, Onda, Unison, Exilis, Emsculpt, LPG/Endermologie and G5, among many others.
[Note: I do NOT offer and would NOT like to offer any of the above technologies]

In order to offer my customers at LipoTherapeia the best treatment possible:

I get updated weekly on all scientific papers and research related to cellulite, anti-ageing and skin tightening, adipose tissue, connective tissue, microcirculation. I constantly assess and, if necessary, try hands-on all new worthwhile technologies and natural actives related to cellulite, anti-ageing and skin tightening. If a new and more effective technology or active ingredient comes up, I aim to immediately adopt it, however expensive it is. Equipment or reformulation cost is never an issue, as there is always very high demand in London for superior results.

I don't claim to have all the answers and certainly I do not promise miracle results, but based in my experience, constant research and investigation, I believe that Meso-CRF®, i.e. the combination of high-power, deep acting radio frequency, high-power ultrasound cavitation and multi-ingredient, injection-free mesotherapy with curcumin, EGCG, resveratrol, cocoa flavanols, caffeine, centella asiatica and multiple other natural actives, currently comprises the most comprehensive technology for the treatment of cellulite, skin laxity and skin ageing on the face and body.


My background

My practice today has been shaped by my background in athletics, physics, sports therapy and nutrition; and my sociable nature. I love science and technology, I love natural therapies, I appreciate beauty and I like to work with people, hence... LipoTherapeia.

I initially studied Physics at University and later anatomy and physiology, nutritional therapy, sports nutrition, sports therapy, manual lymphatic drainage, deep tissue massage, exercise instruction, aromatherapy and cosmetic formulation, and I have received specialist training in electrotherapy, and further specialist training in radiofrequency (twice) and ultrasound cavitation.

But most importantly, the study and research of cellulite reduction and skin tightening increased my understanding of adipose tissue and connective tissue exponentially. It has taught me more about nutrition, metabolism, adipose tissue and connective tissue than I would ever aspire to learn at any nutrition, naturopathy or physiotherapy degree course.

In my teens I was a competitive athlete (110m with hurdles and 400m with hurdles) for 7 years, reaching fourth position in Greece at 110m with hurdles. I have the luck to be trained with Olympic medal-winning athletes and coaches, deriving valuable skills which I now use to help my clients achieve their goals for smoother, firmer, slimmer, healthier body.

I had the luck to practice interval training, plyometrics, circuits, periodisation and all sorts of wonderful training methods which did not become popular until the 2000s from the age of 14, in the 1980s. I was introduced into sports nutrition and developed a keen interest in natural actives (such as vitamins, polyphenols, aminoacids etc.) from the age of 15.

So I use my 37-year experience in exercise, 21 years of professional experience in body therapies and nutrition, 19 years of experience and specialisation in cellulite reduction, anti-ageing, skin firming and fat reduction, 17 years of experience in cosmetic formulation and 9 years of experience in radiofrequency, ultrasound cavitation and injection-free mesotherapy treatment to do the best for my clients.

Today, in 2019, I still have the same enthusiasm about helping my clients and developing new and exciting techniques and body/face products."


Physics and radiofrequency

My background in Physics, together with my later studies and hands-on work, gave me my technical background in, and understanding of, radiofrequency and ultrasound, and has enabled me to develop Meso-CRF®, the only radiofrequency treatment to provide very high intensity, deep tissue radiofrequency but with minimal discomfort, maximum safety and no pain. This is in contrast to most other RF treatments, that are either too weak, too superficial or too painful and dangerous.

Natural cosmetic actives evangelist

I believe in the power of nutrients / natural actives in skin care and I am a vocal advocate of the use of highly concentrated actives in skin firming, anti-ageing and anti-cellulite formulations.

So I daily follow all research related polyphenols, flavonoids, proanthocyanidins, carotenoids, curcumin, cocoa flavanols, green tea extract, resveratrol and hyaluronic acid, among dozens of other natural actives that can be used orally (as supplements) or topically (as cosmetic formulation ingredients). I also have a keen interest in digestive health, cardiovascular health, immunity and chronic fatigue syndrome.

For a project spanning two years, I have also researched more than 400 natural active ingredients, in the process of developing the ideal anti-cellulite, skin firming and anti-ageing formulations for use at home an in the treatment room. I have shortlisted and tested in the lab 160 of these actives, before selecting the 40x actives used in the Celluence® creams and for the Meso-CRF® Body and Meso-CRF® Facial treatments exclusively provided at the LipoTherapeia practice.

PRESS / lectures

I regularly provide expert comments to the press in my fields of my specialisation and my work has been featured in BBC1, BBC3, The Times (twice), The Saturday Telegraph (twice), the Daily Mail (three times), Evening Standard, Metro, The Sun (three times), Cosmopolitan, OK Magazine, Grazia, Zest, The Daily Express (twice), The Sunday Mirror (twice), She (twice), InStyle, TV3 Ireland, Closer, Brand New You, Top Sante Women's Health, Prima, Slim at Home, Pride and Yoga magazine, among other publications.

For several years I have presented lectures internationally about cellulite and provided specialist consultancy to anti-cellulite equipment manufacturers.

Furthermore, I am keen to educate people and share some of my experience via this website.

For journalists: I would be pleased to offer my comments for your article. Please contact me on 02071182014 or email me.

The origins of LipoTherapeia

"It all started 10 years ago, when I used to provide nutrition consultations and sport therapy treatments. I was working on a client’s sports injury on her hip muscles, when she asked me if there is anything I can do about the cellulite found above those hip muscles. At that time all I could do for her was to offer her nutrition advice or prescribe muscle toning exercises: one leg-squats, dead squats, lunges, hip extensions and the like. This is clearly not enough, as you probably know, since muscle toning exercises only act on the muscles, not the cellulite. Similarly, restricting calories with diet and exercise usually makes you lose weight but not reduce cellulite. So, I could help her tone and lift her buttocks but I could not affect her cellulite to any significant degree. Back then I had no intention to deal with cellulite, so I forgot all about it for a while.

However, another female client asked me the same question a few days later (it was the beginning of the summer then, and cellulite is a very popular subject in June…) and intrigued my interest. Willing as I am to always help my clients with any health problems they may face, I started researching. After some initial research I realised that with the skills I already possessed I could develop an effective cellulite reduction treatment. Cellulite is a problem related to connective tissue abnormalities, fat accumulation and circulation/lymphatic flow disruption, all responding to physical therapy, aromatherapy, botanical extracts and nutrition/exercise. I found out that there was no integrated treatment for cellulite reduction available back then, nothing that combined several different disciplines and provided by a specialist passionate about that subject. Actually, thinking about it, 19 years on, such a thing still doesn’t exist today (2019), with the exception of LipoTherapeia...

It took me a whole year of research and study before I set to provide my first treatment for cellulite and skin firming, which was an immediate success. For the first time one could receive quality diet advice by a nutritionist, exercise prescription by an exercise specialist, and a cellulite/fat reduction treatment by someone with better theoretical background than a beauty therapist and more hands-on experience than a doctor – all from one person instead of an army of practitioners that don't communicate with each other."


The origins of the Celluence creams

"Back then, I used to supply my clients with an expensive commercial anti-cellulite cream, based on vitamin C, to enhance the results of the treatment. However, a few months later I realised that that wasn’t enough. I wanted to offer my clients something more potent, more advanced, more comprehensive and more valuable. Clearly, commercial creams were not adequate, regardless of how expensive they were or which designer endorsed them. Most of them contained only a couple of active ingredients - not cutting edge really, just some good old caffeine accompanied by one vitamin or one herbal extract, all in typically low concentrations. Oh yes, and lots of useless chemicals that offer a fine texture and smell, but zero benefits (thinking about it, 15 years on, the situation doesn’t seem to be much better today either)...

Clearly I could potentially do much better than that. So, I set to create my own anti-cellulite and skin firming creams. My initial attempts might not have had great texture but at least they contained more than 10 natural active ingredients, in meaningful, therapeutic concentrations. Using a large number of active ingredients in meaningful concentrations is hardly a rocket science concept, but nobody did it back then and still nobody does it that way today. Is profit maximisation the reason, or everybody in the industry is stupid? I’d like to think it’s the former…

Today the two Celluence creams contain 40 natural advanced active ingredients that are hand-picked for their research-proven action against several of aspects of cellulite, local adiposity and skin looseness through a multitude of mechanisms. They get absorbed quickly and you can feel their benefits almost immediately, and benefiting from cumulative results of used continuously. I am really proud of the Celluence creams, as they are a superior product that outperforms with any anti-cellulite/skin firming cream on the market, in terms of effectiveness and customer satisfaction."