What foods cause cellulite on legs?

Fried, fat, carbs and sugar

If I had to put it in just ten words I would say “anything sugary, anything fried, too many carbs, too much fat” causes cellulite, not just on legs and butt, but on the stomach, arms and waist too. And there is good justification for that statement.

  • Sugar is one of the top three causes of cellulite these days and a major reason for the increase in cellulite in the last few decades. Sugar is responsible for glycation, inflammation and fat accumulation, i.e. three distinct hallmarks of cellulite.

  • Fried oils and fat, as well as unnatural hydrogenated fats, is also responsible for inflammation and free radical damage (frying peroxidises fats and oils in food)

  • Too many carbs also lead to fat accumulation, obviously, as does too much fat consumption. Excess fat accumulation in the skin is the most important aspect of cellulite

  • On the other hand, the three remaining food components, protein, fibre and micronutrients, actually help reduce cellulite or are neutral to the development of cellulite

Examples of cellulite-causing foods

So if I had to give some typical examples of what foods cause cellulite - on legs or anywhere else on the body - those would be:

  • Doughnuts: they are fried and the contain sugar, fat and starch (carbs), plus horrible chemicals used in the frying process or as colorants, stabilisers etc. There is literally nothing good about a donut, nutritionally and cellulite-speaking, of course.

  • Muffins should not be far off, as they also contains carbs, fat and sugar - but at least they are not fried. The same applies to snacks like granola (fat, sugar and carbs), cookies (fat, sugar and carbs), chocolate (fat, sugar and carbs), except perhaps 70%+ dark chocolate, which is fat, sugar and carbs plus a bit of cocoa antioxidants, i.e. just a bit better.

  • Fried chicken with fries (fried, fat, sugar, starch)

  • Cola and other soda/fizzy drinks (pure sugar and water)

  • Excess bread, pasta (too many carbs)

  • Pizza, heavy on cheese and salami (carbs and fat), with a lighter, Italian-style pizza with vegetables or seafood, being a better option

  • Greasy cheeseburgers with soda (fat, sugar, carbs), with lighter, home-made, low-fat burgers being a better option

You get the drift: anything which has to many carbs or too much fat or too much sugar or is fried or all of the above, is great as a cellulite-causing food.

I know I sound like a spoilsport, but reality is reality and we always have a choice: either indulge in unhealthy foods that will clog our arteries, increase the risk of cancer and make us fat and give us cellulite or focus on healthy foods (salmon salad anyone?) with the minor occasional indulgence once a week.

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