How does pressotherapy help with cellulite reduction and prevention?

Pressotherapy and cellulite



How does pressotherapy work for cellulite?

Pressotherapy helps reduce cellulite by boosting circulation, lymph drainage and detoxification, which increases the effectiveness of other cellulite treatments that focus on fat removal.

Cellulite is partially a problem of poor circulation/water retention and consequent toxin accumulation/inflammation, so anything that boosts blood circulation/lymph drainage (and thereby aids detoxification and inflammation reduction) can decrease cellulite too.

Different women have different types of cellulite. If your type of cellulite is characterised by excess water retention/inflammation you will experience good results after a pressotherapy course.

Conversely, if your cellulite is characterised by a lot of fat accumulation, lack of skin firmness or a lot of fibrosis (connective tissue hardening), then a pressotherapy session will provide poor results and will have to be combined with, or replaced by, a vigorous cellulite treatment, such as high intensity radiofrequency and/or ultrasound.

In this way, pressotherapy can enhance the effectiveness of literally any cellulite treatment by expediting the transportation of fat released by the adipocytes (fat cells) away from the cellulite tissues.

Contrary to popular belief, fat that is not removed from an area after a lipolytic (=fat releasing) cellulite treatment, is typically re-absorbed by the adipocytes, thereby diminishing the effectiveness of the treatment. Because pressotherapy helps prevent this re-absorption, it is the ideal companion to all other cellulite treatments as it enhances their effectiveness.

Because all types of cellulite are characterised by water retention (only the severity of water retention varies), you will always experience some results with pressotherapy, even as a sole treatment. Only the degree of improvement will vary.

Of course, if you combine pressotherapy with a lipolytic or skin firming cellulite treatment, as mentioned above, you will always experience good results, regardless of your type of cellulite.