How do cellulite creams compare to cellulite treatments?

  • First of all it is important to note that, due to the multi-faceted nature of cellulite, most cellulite creams do not work, usually due to low concentration of actives in most creams. Likewise most cellulite treatments are not very effective due to low equipment specification / therapist knowledge of cellulite. However, a small number of treatments and creams are effective and the differences are as follows.
  • A good cellulite treatment will provide more impressive results and much faster than a good cellulite cream, but it also tends to be much more expensive. A typical quality cellulite treatment costs £150-£250 per session (price is not the best indicator, but these are the average prices for the few good treatments that exist) and a course of 6-12x sessions is typically recommended, bringing the total to £900-£3000 for good results. With treatments once a week, good, long-term results will be seen in about 6-12 weeks.
  • A good cellulite cream takes more time to produce results but it much more economical. A typical quality cellulite cream costs £100-£150 per one month supply and for good results 3-month use is recommended, bringing the total to £300-£450. 
  • Of course, some immediate, short-term results may be seen in as little as a few hours, with either treatments or creams, and the first long-term results may appear in as little as 2 weeks in both cases, but for long-lasting, good results the numbers of sessions or creams mentioned above are typically recommended.
  • Mild cases may need less treatments (even as little as 3x) and severe cases may need more treatments (even as many as 24x). The same applies to creams: mild cases may require just one month's use of cream, while the very severe cases may need up to 6 months' use, for some good results. It is important to note here that, contrary to misinformation in the press and on the web, cellulite cannot be completely eliminated with ANY method, so here we are talking about improvement according to severity of cellulite - not complete removal.
  • So in summary it can be said that a quality cellulite cream offers more value for money but acts more slowly, while a quality cellulite treatment is more expensive but acts much faster.
  • However, there is one aspect of cellulite where treatments cannot do much for: connective tissue distortion. Connective tissue distortion is what makes cellulite what it is, otherwise, it cellulite just look like normal fat. Quite a few natural actives can act against this problem, while no technology can do anything about it, and some technologies can actually make it worse. So, a quality, well-designed cellulite cream is an integral part of any cellulite reduction regime.
  • Naturally, the combination of both, i.e. a quality treatment and a quality cream, will offer the fastest and more impressive results and will provide a good balance between value for money, speed of results and effectiveness.
  • In all cases, healthy diet and regular exercise are essential for maximum results and also to get the best value for money out of treatments and creams. There is no point spending £300 or £3000 for creams or treatments, and then undermine the whole process with poor diet, alcohol and inactivity.