Cocoa flavanols and your skin

Antioxidant protection, microcirculation, collagen production, cellulite

Polyphenols from the cocoa bean (Theobroma cacao) have been widely researched for decades and have been found in numerous studies to fight free radical damage (antioxidant), fat tissue inflammationprotect collagen and boost circulation and thereby fight water retention, cellulite and ageing. 


Cocoa flavanol creams

For all these reasons, cocoa polyphenols / flavanols are of great importance as an active ingredient in anti-celluliteleg wellness, skin firming and under-eye creams [the Celluence® cellulite creams are the only creams in the world to contain 95% pure, high quality cocoa flavanols in a patented, enhanced skin absorption form, plus another 39 natural anti-cellulite actives].


Flavanol content of cocoa powder

Ever wondered how much in the way of flavanols is contained in a teaspoon of cocoa? Well, brace for the answers!

Normal cocoa powder contains about 0.5% flavanols (~25mg per teaspoon), so called "raw cocoa" contains about 1% (~50mg per teaspoon) and the best high flavanol cocoa on the market today contains about 8% flavanols, i.e. 16x times more than normal cocoa (~400mg per teaspoon). The cocoa we use for our treatments and creams comprises 95% flavanols and its price is about £2500 per kg, wholesale.