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Check our diary, book & buy your treatments securely online.
Or call us on 0207 118 2104 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm).

For expert advice call us on 0207 118 2015.

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Meso-CRF® treatments
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Meso-CRF® Treatments are applied on 2-3 body/face areas at a time. These body area combinations are:

  • back of thighs, buttocks & saddlebags
  • front of thighs, inner thighs and knee tops
  • stomach, waist & area under bra
  • stomach & upper arms
  • upper arms, waist & area under bra
  • stomach & inner thighs
  • jowl, cheeks, under-chin (fat reduction & skin tightening)
  • full face, from under-chin to forehead (anti-ageing & skin tightening)

Introductory treatments comprise assessment, consultation, science-based answers to all your questions and full treatment by an expert (learn more).

Prices are the same for all Meso-CRF® Treatments and you can use your course for any mix of body areas, detailed above, as you wish.

  • Introductory treatment:  £162 (40% discount)
  • Single follow-up treatment:  £270 (full price)
  • Course of 3x treatments: £648 (20% discount, £216/session)
  • Course of 6x treatments:  £1134 (30% discount, £189/session)
  • Course of 12x treatments:  £1944 (40% discount, £162/session)
  • Course of 24x treatments: £3600 (45% discount, £150/session)

You do not need to buy a course of 6x or 12x sessions in advance to benefit from the better discounts. You can start with a course of 3x first and then buy another 3x sessions to upgrade to a course of 6x and still benefit from the higher discount. For example:

  • To upgrade from 3x to 6x sessions, you simply pay the difference (which is £1134 - £648 = £486) and therefore benefit from the 30% discount
  • To upgrade from 6x to 12x sessions, after you finish your 6x sessions, again you pay the difference (which is £1944 - £1134 = £810) and therefore benefit from the 40% discount
  • To upgrade from 12x to 24x sessions, after you finish your 12x sessions, again you pay the difference (which is £3600- £1944 = £1656) and therefore benefit from the 45% discount



Please note:

Please check our simple terms and conditions before you place an order
We operate a strict, full-fee 48-hour cancellation policy. Only exception to our cancellation policy is emergency hospitalisation.
All appointments last 45' (40' treatment time + 5' setup and preparation).
These prices are valid from 4/2/2015 and cannot be applied retrospectively. As of 4/2/2015 no free Celluence® creams are offered for Meso-CRF® courses.
The Celluence® creams are available for purchase to everyone with free worldwide delivery, even if they are not LipoTherapeia clients.
All sessions and courses strictly expire in 6 months. Please use all your sessions in 6 months to avoid losing them.

To benefit from the upgrade option, the upgrade course of 3x, 6x or 12x should be bought no later than three months after the purchase of the previous course.
All our prices, discounts and special offers are subject to amendment/withdrawal at any time and without prior notice
We do not allow a third person (friend, partner etc.) in the room during treatment.
No exceptions can be made to any of these T&Cs
All treatments are provided by and payments are made to LipoTherapeia Ltd (Company House Reg: 07675379)
For enhanced security, all online payments are made via Stripe, our third-party payment processor, regulated by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
LipoTherapeia Ltd does not have access to your card details.