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Georgios Tzenichristos and LipoTherapeia

LipoTherapeia's director, cellulite/skin firming expert Georgios Tzenichristos (ECNP. MRNT. MIPTI. ITEC.) has initially studied Physics and then anatomy and physiology, nutritional therapy, sports nutrition, sports therapy, manual lymphatic drainage, deep tissue massage, exercise instruction and aromatherapy and has received specialist training in electrotherapy, and futher specialist training in radiofrequency (twice) and cavitation.



Georgios has 33 years of experience in exercise, 17 years of professional experience in body therapies and nutrition and 14 years of experience and specialisation in cellulite reduction, anti-ageing, skin firming and fat reduction.

Georgios was a competitive athlete (110m with hurdles and 400m with hurdles) for 7 years, reaching fourth position in Greece in 110m with hurdles. He trained with Olympic medal-winning athletes and coaches, deriving valuable skills which he now uses to help you achieve your goals for smoother, firmer, slimmer, healthier body.


14 years of specialisation

Georgios devoted the past 14 years of his career researching the anatomy, physiology and pathology of connective tissue and adipose tissue (the two primary tissues involved in the development of cellulite, skin looseness and localised fat accumulation) including their relation to nutritional, hormonal and circulatory factors. During the same time he has treated more than 2,000 clients, has assessed most anti-cellulite treatments, creams and machines available on the market, and researched more than 400 natural active ingredients, in the process of developing the perfect anti-cellulite, skin firming, anti-ageing and spot fat reduction creams, exclusively used at the LipoTherapeia practice. In addition, the Celluence® anti-cellulite creams are available worldwide via the dedicated website


Physics & nutrition background  |  Research & study

Georgios' background in Physics and nutrition/biochemistry has enabled him to develop a set of advanced treatment protocols for the radiofrequency, cavitation and electro-mesotherapy treatments offered at LipoTherapeia and led to the development of the exclusive Meso-CRF® treatments for the face and body. In contrast to most other similar treatments, Meso-CRF® focuses specifically on the deep-laying cellulite, collagen and fat tissues, in order to maximise both treatment effectiveness and comfort.

Georgios daily follows all related research and accordingly updates the treatments and creams offered at LipoTherapeia, to reflect the latest scientific advances. The sum of all this experience is used to help women worldwide (through this website and creams) and in London specifically (through his treatments) to reduce their cellulite, firm up their body, look younger, slim down, boost circulation and lymphatic drainage and improve their overall health and energy levels - naturally and effectively.


In the press

Georgios is a member of the Register of Nutritional Therapists and Independent Professional Therapists International. His work was featured in BBC1, BBC3, The Saturday Times, The Saturday Telegraph (twice), Zest magazine, Grazia, The Daily Express, The Sunday Mirror, She magazine (twice), Brand New You magazine, Prima magazine, Slim at Home magazine, Pride magazine and Yoga magazine, among other publications. For years Georgios presented lectures about cellulite internationally and provided specialist consultancy to anti-cellulite equipment manufacturers. Furthermore, Georgios is keen to educate people and share his knowledge via the dedicated website


Boutique treatments and personal care 

All treatments at LipoTherapeia are exclusively provided by Georgios and his assistant Eva, who between them perform more than 100 Meso-CRF® treatments each month.

Eva, Georgios' assistant, is trained in Anatomy, Physiology and Massage, advanced Manual Lymphatic Drainage and has received specialist training in radiofrequency and cavitation.