Best cellulite treatment in London, by LipoTherapeia.jpg
Best cellulite treatment in London, by LipoTherapeia.jpg

Most advanced cellulite treatments in London

Science-based skin firming, anti-ageing & cellulite reduction
Deep Tissue Radiofrequency™ | Cavitation | ElectroMesotherapy

The Hale Clinic, 7 Park Crescent, London, W1  |  02071182014
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Most advanced cellulite treatments in London

Science-based skin firming, anti-ageing & cellulite reduction
Deep Tissue Radiofrequency™ | Cavitation | ElectroMesotherapy

The Hale Clinic, 7 Park Crescent, London, W1  |  02071182014
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London's cellulite & skin tightening experts

LipoTherapeia is the only aesthetic practice in London dedicated only to cellulite reduction and skin tightening for the face and body.

We offer a high-quality, personalised, boutique treatment, exclusively using Meso-CRF®, the simultaneous combination of:

  • Deep Tissue Radiofrequency™, the strongest and most effective radiofrequency technology for skin tightening & cellulite: 350W deep, monopolar treatment, as opposed to, for example, to the 65W superficial bipolar treatment of Velashape!
  • High-Power Ultrasound Cavitation, highest power cavitation for fat reduction and cellulite (100W)
  • Electro-Mesotherapy (also known as virtual mesotherapy, no-needle mesotherapy or needle-free mesotherapy) with 40x high quality natural active ingredients in high concentrations, including centella asiatica / gotu kola, escin / horse chestnut, forskolin, caffeine, retinol, and 35 other natural actives!

Combining three powerful technologies all at the same time saves you time and money and provides you with a 3x times more effective treatment. Practically, this means that each course of 6x Meso-CRF® Advanced Protocol™ treatments is equivalent to 18x separately applied cavitation radiofrequency and electromesotherapy treatments.

Furthermore, we combine Meso-CRF® with the Celluence® anti-cellulite creams, that feature the same 40x high quality, natural anti-cellulite actives in high concentrations used for our treatments.



Our background in Physics enabled us to develop advanced radiofrequency treatment protocols that are unique in our industry and exclusive to us. For you, this means high intensity yet comfortable, pain-free, zero downtime treatment, for maximum results.

The last 15 years we have dedicated our practice only to cellulite reduction and skin firming, we have treated more than 2,500 clients and have provided more than 14,000 cellulite & skin tightening treatments (including more than 4,000 Meso-CRF® face & body procedures since 2011).

This exclusive focus in one area of expertise (we don't do laser hair removal, waxing and the like) guarantees that you will always receive the most effective anti-cellulite and skin tightening treatments possible.


  • Meso-CRF® Advanced Protocol™ is ideal for cellulite reduction and skin tightening on the whole body (calves, top of knees, inner thighs, front thighs, saddle bags, hips, buttocks, stomach, waist/flanks, bra roll, upper arms and décolleté.
  • Meso-CRF® Facial Instant: Experience both instant and long-lasting facial skin tightening, lifting, wrinkle softening and overall facial rejuvenation with just one treatment. Ideal for treatment of the neck, under-chin, jowl, cheeks, "laugh lines" (nasolabial folds), cheekbones, crow's feet, under-eye area, forehead, glabellar lines.
  • Meso-CRF® Face Contour is ideal for fat removal and skin tightening/lifting specifically for the jaw line/jowl, cheeks and under-chin
  • Focused treatments are concentrated specifically on small problem spots for impressive results
  • Specialised treatments are also available after pregnancy, for acne-prone skin, for circulation / lymphatic drainage stimulation on the legs and after liposuction for skin tightening and for the removal of leftover fat after surgery.


HONEST advice & expert, professional treatment

At LipoTherapeia we offer honest, science-based advice without hype or exaggerated claims about instant cellulite and fat reductIon with one-session, as misleadingly promoted at many clinics, even by famous doctors, because this is biologically impossible.

(Unfortunately, the body does not work that way, regardless of the hype and deceptive marketing in the press and on the web. Every time a new cellulite machine comes to the market, the hype is that "only one treatment is needed", which is of course proven wrong a few months later)

All our treatments are provided by a therapist with excellent knowledge of the physiology of cellulite / skin tightening and deep understanding of the science of radiofrequency, ultrasound and electro-mesotherapy.

Our number one focus is you and we aim to offer you a caring, professional service, a super-safe treatment and great results.

And we are also keen to share our knowledge with you, regarding all things anti-ageing, skin firming, slimming and cellulite prevention via our Peach Factor website.

Check our 100% genuine, Photoshop-free before and after photos and what the press has to say about us, our formulations and our treatments


Introductory sessions last about 75' and comprise assessment, consultation and full treatment (what to expect on your first session).