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"I jumped up and looked back at myself in the mirror. Yes! ‘I am a happy man,’ said Georgios. But nowhere near as happy as me. There appeared to be hardly any cellulite at all. I honestly thought I was stuck with my cellulite for life, but my skin is much firmer and the dimples are obviously reduced."
Daily Mail, June 2015

Meso-CRF® Advanced Protocol™
  • Meso-CRF® Advanced Protocol™ combines the strongest radiofrequency, cavitation and electro-mesotherapy, with 40x natural actives for maximum results.
  • Dubbed the "Dimple Destructor Treatment" by the media, this is by far the strongest anti-cellulite, body contouring and skin tightening technology available today.
  • The secret of the Meso-CRF® Advanced Protocol™ treatment is the advanced treatment protocols (hence the name) which are based on Physics and allow us to provide a super-strong treatment without any pain! This is combined with the most concentrated, highest quality anti-cellulite, skin firming and slimming natural actives.
  • Ideal for treatment on the whole body: calves, top of knees, front thighs, inner thighs, saddle bags, back of thighs, hips, buttocks, stomach, waist/flanks, bra rolls and upper arms.
  • Meso-CRF® Intensive is the combination of Meso-CRF® Advanced Protocol™ with the super-concentrated, super-intensive Celluence® creams used at home, for faster, more pronounced results!

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Mezo-CRF® Instant.jpg
  • Meso-CRF® Instant combines the strongest radiofrequency  and electro-mesotherapy technology for the face available today, with 20x natural actives.
  • Experience immediate, impressive skin tightening, lifting, wrinkle softening, pore reduction, acne improvement and facial rejuvenation in just one session - quite often within minutes - and long-lasting results with a course of 6x treatments.
  • The secret of the Mezo-CRF® Instant treatment is the advanced treatment protocols based on Physics that allow us to provide a super-strong treatment without any pain! This is combined with the most concentrated, highest quality skin tightening and anti-ageing natural actives.
  • Ideal for the treatment of the whole face: neck, under-chin, jowl, cheeks, nasolabial folds, cheekbones, crow's feet, under-eye area, forehead & glabellar lines.
  • We are so confident that you will love - and your friends will be impressed by - this treatment, that we offer a free session for every friend you recommend. Mezo-CRF® Instant has to be experienced to be believed!

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The SKIN tightening and CELLULITE experts

Welcome to LipoTherapeia, the only aesthetic practice in London dedicated exclusively to cellulite reduction and skin tightening (face / body) for the last 15 years.

At LipoTherapeia you will receive boutique service, honest, science-based advice by an expert and high-quality, effective treatments (our genuine before & after photos speak for themselves) using the best technology and natural treatment formulations available today.



LipoTherapeia is the only clinic in London where you can exclusively be treated with the advanced Meso-CRF® procedure, which simultaneously combines the three most effective skin tightening, cellulite reduction and anti-ageing technologies combined with the unique Celluence® creams:



Special treatments and protocols are also available for your specific needs for:


MOST ADVANCED anti-cellulite formulations

To help you achieve maximum results, for the last 12 years we have also specialised in anti-ageing, skin firming and anti-cellulite cream formulation and we have developed Celluence®, the only creams in the world with 40x high quality, natural anti-cellulite active ingredients in liposome form and in high concentrations, including the highest quality:

  • centella asiatica
  • escin / horse chestnut extract
  • caffeine
  • forskolin
  • hyaluronic acid
  • retinol (Vitamin A)
  • ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)
  • resveratrol
  • curcumin
  • carnosine
  • hydroxyproline peptide
  • EGCG / green tea extract
  • ruscogenin / butcher's broom
  • conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)
  • pine bark polyphenols
  • and 25x other natural actives...

These are simply the most concentrated and comprehensive anti-cellulite creams in the world.




Our treatments and formulations are regularly featured in - and we are interviewed by - most major national magazines, newspapers and TV, including the Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, OK, Grazia, The Times, The Telegraph, The Express, Daily Mirror, She and BBC among many others.



In order to offer you the best possible treatment, the last 15 years we have focused only - and became truly specialised in - skin firming and cellulite reduction. During this time we have treated more than 2,500 clients and have provided more than 14,000 cellulite and skin tightening treatments, including more than 4,000 Meso-CRF® face & body procedures since 2011.



Our background in Physics enabled us to  develop advanced radiofrequency treatment protocols (hence the name Meso-CRF® Advanced Protocol™) in order to offer you the strongest radiofrequency treatments currently available, for high intensity yet comfortable, pain-free, non-invasive treatments and maximum results with zero downtime. No other clinic in London uses such protocols or provides such a strong, yet comfortable treatment.

Your treatment will be provided by a therapist with excellent knowledge of the physiology of cellulite & skin tightening, deep understanding of the science of radiofrequency, ultrasound & electro-mesotherapy and long experience in nutrition & exercise. Free expert nutrition and exercise advice is available to you throughout your course treatments.



Despite offering the most advanced technologies and products in London, we aim to keep our prices affordable for you: most radiofrequency treatments in London cost £250+, while our combined Meso-CRF® treatments cost a typical of £145/session (as part of a course of 6x sessions).

It is simply impossible to find anywhere else in London this combination of three advanced technologies with 40x high-quality natural active ingredients at any price, let alone at £145 per session.  

Please note that at LipoTherapeia you will not be sold miracles or hear exaggerated claims about instant cellulite removal with just one or two sessions, as advertised by many London clinics (sadly even by famous surgeons), because this is biologically impossible.


The Peach Factor Blog

To offer you the best possible advice and treatment we daily follow all the scientific research in our field, assess all new equipment for our treatments and natural active ingredients for our products. And we are pleased to share our knowledge with you through our Peach Factor blog.



We have a long list of frequently asked questions answered for you, but in summary you should know that:

  • An average of 6x sessions are needed for most women for long-term results, typically provided twice a week to once in two weeks
  • Treatments are pain-free, non-intrusive and super safe
  • Results are very long-lasting (18+ months), if a healthy lifestyle is followed after treatment. For the less motivated among us, maintenance treatments once a month are recommended or a course of 3-6 sessions once a year.