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The essentials: what is it, how much, how many, where?

What is it: Meso-CRF® Body, the most advanced non-surgical bum lift treatment in London, featuring 300 Watt monopolar radiofrequency PLUS 100 Watt ultrasound cavitation PLUS electro-mesotherapy with multiple natural skin tightening actives at high concentrations, for maximum results

Typical price: £160/session (as part of a course of 6x sessions, £960 in total; full pricelist here)

Areas treated: entire bum and “banana rolls”

Big buns! Large sizes are treated quickly and effectively (most treatments are just about good enough for the very petite only)

Typical course of treatments: 6-12x sessions for long-term results (we don't sell three-session miracles)

How often: Twice a week, once a week, once in two weeks (equally effective)

Maintenance after your course of 6x or 12x sessions: top-up treatment once every 6-8 weeks

Super-intensive, yet super-safe • Injection-free • Non-invasive • Never painful • Zero downtime

Two decades of expertise in cellulite, skin tightening & natural anti-ageing
A decade of expertise in radiofrequency, ultrasound and needle-free mesotherapy

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On bubble butts, non-surgical bum lifts & Brazilian butt lifts

(All you ever wanted to know - minus the marketing BS)

What are the causes of soft/"saggy" buttocks?

Squats are great for butt muscles, but they do nothing for skin

The best possible option for non-surgical bum lift: high intensity, monopolar radiofrequency

Big buns? That could be a problem.

What about the banana rolls?

Butt lift surgery?

Brazilian butt lift surgery: good for 2-3 years, then things start looking South...

Non-surgical Brazilian bum lift (BBL)? Bubble butt without surgery? Don’t waste your time and money, it doesn’t exist

Instant bum lifting with 1-4 monthly sessions? Seriously?

“Get a non-surgical bum lift by building butt muscle with four electromagnetic muscle stimulation treatments”. Good luck with that…

Non-surgical Brazilian bum lift with fillers (injectables)

Lifted yes, bigger no

What are the causes of soft, "saggy" buttocks?

Lack of exercise, especially of the gluteus maximus muscle, excess calorie intake, sitting down for long periods of time and normal ageing result in skin looseness, the accumulation of excess fat, cellulite, water retention on the buttock area, leading to an enlarged and saggy/droopy bottom with puffy, spongy skin.


Squats are great for butt muscles, but they do nothing for skin

Dieting and liposuction on the butt area remove the excess fat but further worsen the saggy / spongy / droopy / puffy look and feel. Isolated gluteus muscle exercises that target the "gluteus maximus" muscle (such as “donkey kicks” with ankle weights, “pelvic thrusts” with barbells, hip extensions on the machine or “deadlifts”) or more functional exercises (such as one legged squats, one legged leg presses on the machine or lunges) are very helpful. They lift the butt area and fill the void left by weight loss, thereby improving the shape and tone under the skin. However, exercises do nothing to address the problem of sagginess, puffiness and sponginess of the skin itself and connective tissue (fascia) underneath it, which allows gravity to drag the whole bum down.

The best possible option for non-surgical bum lift:
High intensity, monopolar radiofrequency

As explained above, intensive gluteus maximus work will lift the bum from inside (muscle and deep connective tissue), but quite often some help is needed to lift the outside (skin and superficial connective tissue). At the moment of writing this (Spring 2019), the most effective technology available for skin tightening lifting is cooled, high intensity (250-300 Watts), monopolar radiofrequency.

Other types of radiofrequency are also commonly advertised (due to lower cost or due to ignorance), such as superficial (bipolar/tripolar/octipolar) radiofrequency, low intensity (below 250 Watts) radiofrequency, or both, but these are too superficial and/or too weak to provide any significant results, with the difference between expectations and results bridged with hype and fake before and after photos…

Big buns? That could be a problem

Specifically for larger sizes, the usual low-power / superficially-acting radiofrequency treatments available at most clinics/salons can only scratch the surface. The larger the size of the buttocks the more power is needed to provide results - so the 120 Watt or 160 Watt machines found in most places are a total waste of time and money. For larger bums 300 Watts and ideally monopolar RF is the only option.

What about the banana rolls?

The fat deposits underneath the butt (at the top of the thighs) are often called "banana rolls". Their surgical removal results in droopy bottom, as the banana rolls, with all their connective tissue and fat, provide support to the bum above. Not a good idea to remove them! The best solution to the issue of banana rolls is to have a strong monopolar radiofrequency treatment on both butt and banana rolls, in order to lift and tighten the connective tissue in the overall area and to do LOADS of butt exercises for the gluteus maximus muscle, as described above.


Butt lift surgery?

Only surgical removal of skin, can offer good results in areas that suffer from loose, saggy skin and obviously this is not applicable on the buttock area, as it leads to shape distortion of the butt and very unsightly scars. Butt lift surgery is better reserved only for overweight / obese women with quite a lot of excess skin, and it is not relevant to slim, normal weight or even "curvy" women with butt skin looseness.


Brazilian butt lift surgery:
good for 2-3 years, then things start looking South...

The addition of fat in the butt area (the so called "Brazilian bum lift") can improve the shape of the bum, but only temporarily: in 2-3 years the fat starts to accumulate sideways and "downwards". Fat is known to "eat away" the connective tissue around it, thereby causing the butt to become saggy, droopy and loose. Furthermore, the Brazilian butt lift cannot do anything for cellulite. So for 2-3 years the Brazilian bum lift is the best option, if performed on the right candidate by a good surgeon. But to maintain it for 10-15 years you must follow a permanent strict healthy diet and exercise regime, which few women do.

One last thing about Brazilian butt lifts (BBL). They have the highest mortality rate of all surgical cosmetic procedures: one in 3,000, as opposed to one in 5,000 for normal lipo and one in 100,000 for all surgery procedures in general, with two Brits dead because of BBL surgery already last year. Food for thought...


Non-surgical Brazilian bum lift (BBL)?
Bubble butt without surgery?
Don’t waste your time and money, it doesn’t exist

Despite claims made by certain unscrupulous practitioners on Instagram, no machine and no non-surgical treatment in the world can add volume (=fat) to your bum to create the round "bubble butt" / "Brazilian bum" look, out of a flat or out of a small bum.

The “Brazilian bum” / “bubble butt” look is possible for small/fat bums only with surgical fat transfer (or, to a much lesser extent, with intensive gluteus maximus exercise for several months).

You can indeed have a "non-surgical bum lift" with high intensity monopolar radiofrequency (not the low intensity bipolar RF advertised by those practitioners) or with squats and similar exercises, but NOT a "non-surgical Brazilian bum lift", as these practitioners advertise.

You cannot possibly increase bum fat with a machine that supposedly reduces fat - this is absurd. Such claims are only good as cheap C-list celebrity PR stunts and titillating tabloid spreads - nothing else. Do not believe the lies and the ridiculously fake "before and after pictures" on Instagram.

Here is an example of such a celebrity PR stunt about getting a “bubble butt” without surgery. What the celeb actually had to do in the end to get an actual “bubble butt” look was actual Brazilian butt lift surgery. No matter what some practitioners say, you can’t add fat or muscle (see below) to your bum with a machine to get a “Brazilian bum”. Reality check.

Instant bum lifting with 1-4 monthly sessions? Seriously?

The same applies to instant "bum lifting" results promised with 1-4 monthly sessions: this is pure fraud. The structure of your connective tissue does not change neither in minutes or hours, neither in one, two, three or even four monthly sessions. Your body needs regular, repeated stimulation to change. Otherwise, nothing happens.


“The laws of biology do not change because some impossible types on Instagram or on the internet claim so. The body needs time (i.e. several weeks) and repeated stimulation (i.e. several regular treatments) to change long-term. Otherwise nothing happens. Don’t become a victim of hype.”


Furthermore, you can’t claim to lift someone’s bum in 1-3 monthly sessions because it suits you, and at the same time give a celeb 10-15 weekly sessions to achieve the same thing. This means that you are honest with the celeb who gets the free sessions and then dishonest with your clients who pay you with their hard earned money.

So don’t believe the hype: 1-3 monthly sessions of light, superficial radiofrequency will achieve nothing. For bum lifting something like 12 weekly sessions with strong, deep radiofrequency (and if possible, other technologies combined with it) is needed.

“Get a non-surgical bum lift by building butt muscle with four electromagnetic muscle stimulation treatments”. Good luck with that…

That’s the latest fad: pay three grand for four sessions with the latest “muscle building” machine, “equivalent to 20,000 muscle contractions”, and you will have a pert, lifted bum in two weeks. Nice try. However, life doesn’t work this way.

The principle of “trophic muscle stimulation” and “build muscle while you watch TV” is decades old, with many such iterations appearing, disappearing and then reappearing again and again over the last four decades. But the outcome is the same: results are typically weak and not anywhere close to the ones produced by good, old heavy duty squats or similar exercises.

Even with the stronger contractions that the latest tech provides, you would still need 10-20 such sessions for good results to justify your three grand - not four sessions. Or vice versa, with the current pricing you would need to pay £7.5-£15k for your 10-20 sessions, money which not even billionaires will pay, because they are not stupid.

Now if you don’t buy into the “you only need four” hype, and pay £3000 for twelve sessions instead of four (i.e. £250 per session, a realistic price point for affluent or semi-affluent people), then you may be happy with the results. But not with just four sessions, at any price.

On the other hand, 5x sets of 12x squats or “deadlifts“ or “pelvic thrusts” or “donkey kicks” still take just twenty minutes (as opposed to 40-60 minutes at the clinic with the muscle stimulation machine), they cost £0/session and they actually offer superior results to any muscle stimulation machine, even the very latest fad one. And no, your 5x12=60 heavy duty squats at the gym are not inferior to the “20,000” passive contractions with the machine - they are superior to them.

Now, if you can’t build muscle with squats because of low anabolism, and you think that perhaps the machine will help you build muscle, well, think again. The machine cannot make your endocrine system more anabolic. Actually real exercise, with real huffing and puffing will stimulate more anabolism than laying down and getting passive contractions by a machine.

Of course, the new electromagnetic - or the old fashioned electrical - muscle stimulation will only work on your muscles inside and will do nothing for your skin outside. So if you skin is loose and has cellulite then you will still need to have a deep, strong radiofrequency treatment, perhaps combined with other technologies, to tighten, smooth and lift the actual skin.

If money and time is not a problem and you are too lazy to do some squats, then you can have both electromagnetic muscle stimulation and deep, high-power radiofrequency. Otherwise the best choice is to spend your money on RF for your skin and do good old squats, deadlifts, thrusts or kicks for your muscles for free.

non-surgical Brazilian bum lift with fillers (injectables)

As opposed to surgery, hyaluronic acid filler injections for “bum enlargement” / “non-surgical Brazilian bum lifting” offer minimal, unnatural and temporary results: as they are broken down, continuous "filling" is required every few months. This is the worst of all options.

Bum enlargement with suction cups

Just like suction cup breast enlargement, bum enlargement with suction cups is a very old and low tech option and equally pointless. I cannot believe that in 2019 people are still trying to enlarge their breasts or bum with suction cups. It beggars belief…

Lifted yes, bigger no

All in all, if you have a small or flat bum and unless you are prepared to have Brazilian butt lift (BBL) surgery (with all its shortcomings, such as increased risk of complications), you should forget about the words “Brazilian”, “bigger” and “bubble“ next to the word “bum”. Non-surgically, these things are impossible and clinics / practitioners who use them on their websites / Instagram profiles just lie to you. Blatantly.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a non-surgical bum LIFT (without bubbles or Brazilians!) then the best possible option available today is high intensity monopolar radiofrequency, as described above. Find a good reputable practitioner with good equipment and be prepared to have 6-12 weekly sessions for good results. Don’t fall for “bubble butt” “transformations” “in one session”… 


Non-invasive, Non-surgical bum lift treatments
At LipoTherapeia

The LipoTherapeia approach

At LipoTherapeia we offer advanced, high intensity treatments and honest, science-based advice.

No shallowness, no preying on the naive and vulnerable with fake 'before and after' pictures of C-list celebrities, no ridiculous claims about ‘bubble butts’ and ‘non-surgical Brazilian bum lifts’, no miracle results with just “one session which keeps giving you results for four months”.

In order to change, the body needs repeated stimulation, so even though we use the strongest radiofrequency technology in the world (300 Watts of deep-acting, monopolar radiofrequency), we still advise 6-12 sessions for best results - NEVER one session.

In summary, we do offer "non-surgical bum lift" treatments with the strongest technology available today
(but we do not offer "non-surgical Brazilian bum lift" or “bubble butt” treatments, which do not exist).

Read more about our treatments below.

Cooled, high-power (300 Watt), monopolar radiofrequency:
the strongest butt lifting technology known today

Thankfully, technology can be used to tighten/lift the skin naturally when surgery is not suitable. It is widely established today that the only butt lifting treatment that works, barring surgery, is cooled, high-intensity, monopolar radiofrequency.

This type of radiofrequency focuses on the dermis, hypodermis and superficial fascia (the connective tissue under the skin), where the skin's large collagen structures and cellulite fat are located. It helps tighten up the skin, boost circulation and remove cellulite, all at the same time.

Injection-free mesotherapy

It is also widely accepted that highly concentrated extracts of centella asiatica, hydroxyproline and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) are some of the strongest skin tightening natural actives available (low purity or low concentration actives don't work). Injection-free mesotherapy can help skin absorb those actives 500% more effectively and thereby can assist with cellulite/fat removal and skin firming, but only if a highly concentrated mix of several natural active ingredients is used. 

high power cavitation

And high-power (100 Watt) ultrasound cavitation can help break down cellulite fatty deposits and cellulite by vibrating cellulite fat cells and literally bursting them up via a process called cavitation.


Meso-CRF® Body

Deep Tissue Radiofrequency™ + Ultrasound + Injection-free mesotherapy with multiple natural actives

Meso-CRF® Body combines all these three technologies, at the same time, thereby offering maximum results at minimum cost and at the least possible time. Together with some gluteus muscle exercises it can work wonders for your bum. In addition to bum lifting / skin tightening, Meso-CRF® also works intensively on cellulite and even has a mild beneficial effect on stretch marks, so you get a combined benefit by the use of this technology.

Meso-CRF® Body is provided with a treatment gel-cream which comprises several high quality, active ingredients in high concentrations and specific to the needs of women with cellulite and skin laxity on the butt area: hyaluronic acid, gotu kola / centella asiatica, hydroxyproline, ascorbic acid, caffeine, forskolin, retinol and multiple other actives. The combination of three technologies and multiple, high quality, high purity, high concentration active ingredients aims to fight cellulite, skin looseness offer the best chance to reduce cellulite and boost skin tightening, in a natural, non-invasive way.

Big buns? Not a problem!

Meso-CRF® Body is super-strong (yet super-safe!) and deep acting so it effectively and quickly treats LARGE SIZES TOO, not just the very petite ones, as is the case with low-spec/superficially acting equipment used at most clinics.

More info

For full information on all the aspects of the group of Meso-CRF® Body treatments click on the link below.


Meso-CRF® Body | Centella for emphasis on skin tightening / lifting

For clients where the biggest problem on the butt area is droopy/loose skin, we prefer to use centella asiatica as the "signature" active ingredient for our non-surgical bum lift treatments. Centella asiatica is known to be a potent skin tightening active. You don't need to know or decide now which Meso-CRF® treatment you need. We will decide what's the best for you on your first session, after your assessment and provide the appropriate treatment.


Meso-CRF® Body | Turmeric for emphasis on cellulite

For clients where the biggest problem on the bum area is cellulite, we prefer to use curcumin as the "signature" active ingredient for our non-surgical butt lift treatments. Curcumin, the main active in turmeric, is known to be a potent antifibrotic. You don't need to know or decide now which Meso-CRF® treatment you need. We will decide what's the best for you on your first session, after your assessment and provide the appropriate treatment.


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