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The "Thigh gap"

What are the causes of skin looseness, puffiness and cellulite on the inner thighs?

Lack of exercise, especially of the adductor muscles, excess calorie intake, sitting down for long periods of time and normal ageing result in the accumulation of excess fat, water retention, cellulite and skin looseness on the inner thigh area, leading to an enlarged and saggy/droopy bottom with puffy, spongy skin.



Adductor exercises are great for inner thigh muscles - but do nothing for the skin

Dieting and inner thigh liposuction remove the excess fat but further worsen the saggy, spongy, puffy look and feel. Adductor exercises at the adductor machine, lunges and other exercises that target the "adductor muscles" muscle are very helpful, as they tighten the inner thigh musculature and fill the void left by weight loss, thereby improving the shape and tone under the skin. However, exercises do nothing to address the problem of loose / saggy / puffy / spongy on skin itself.



Thigh tuck / thigh lift surgery: only for the worst cases

The so-called thigh-tuck or thigh lift, i.e. the surgical lifting and tightening of the thigh area leaves the skin with quite unsightly scars which must be hidden behind large swimwear or underwear. This defies the purpose of having surgery and should only be reserved for overweight / obese women with quite a lot of excess skin and it is not relevant to slim, normal weight or even "curvy" women with thigh skin looseness. For these women, a non-surgical, non-invasive skin tightening and cellulite removal technology is recommended to help lift and define the "thigh gap" area.


Thigh gap treatments: skin tightening
and cellulite removal for the inner thigh area

Cooled, high-power, deep-acting radiofrequency:
the strongest skin tightening / lifting technology known today

Thankfully, technology can be used to tighten/lift the skin naturally and to remove cellulite. It is widely established today that the only skin tightening / lifting treatment that works, barring surgery, is high-intensity, deep-acting radiofrequency (the low power, bipolar radiofrequency treatments you see on Instagram performed by mobile therapists, are just a waste of time - no good radiofrequency machine is portable).

This type of radiofrequency focuses on the dermis and hypodermis, where the skin's large collagen structures and cellulite fat are located. It helps tighten up the skin, reduce local fat, boost circulation and remove cellulite, all at the same time.

It is also widely accepted that highly concentrated extracts of centella asiatica, hydroxyproline, caffeine, forskolin and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) are some of the strongest skin firming and anti-cellulite natural actives available (low purity or low concentration actives don't work). Injection-free mesotherapy can help skin absorb those actives 500% more effectively and thereby can assist with cellulite/fat removal and skin firming, but only if a highly concentrated mix of several natural active ingredients is used. 

And high-power ultrasound cavitation can help break down cellulite fatty deposits and cellulite by vibrating cellulite fat cells and literally bursting them up via a process called cavitation.



Meso-CRF® Body

Deep Tissue Radiofrequency™ + Ultrasound + Injection-free mesotherapy with multiple natural actives

Meso-CRF® Body combines all these three technologies, at the same time, thereby offering maximum results at minimum cost and at the least possible time. Together with some adductor muscle exercises it can work wonders for the thigh gap area. In addition to inner thigh skin tightening and cellulite removal, Meso-CRF® Body also has a mild beneficial effect on stretch marks, so you get a combined benefit by the use of this technology.

Meso-CRF® Body is provided with a treatment gel-cream which comprises several high quality, active ingredients in high concentrations and specific to the needs of women with cellulite and skin laxity on the inner thigh area: hyaluronic acid, gotu kola / centella asiatica, hydroxyproline, ascorbic acid, caffeine, forskolin, retinol and multiple other actives. The combination of three technologies and multiple, high quality, high purity, high concentration active ingredients aims to fight cellulite, skin looseness offer the best chance to reduce cellulite and boost skin tightening, in a natural, non-invasive way.



The essentials: what is it, how much, how many, where?

We know that the first questions on your mind are "how much", "how many sessions", "what body areas", "where is the clinic", so please check the essentials below, before scrolling down to read expert advice and more detailed information

What is it: Meso-CRF® Body, the most advanced non-surgical bum lift treatment in London, featuring 300 Watts of deep tissue radiofrequency PLUS 100 Watt ultrasound cavitation PLUS electro-mesotherapy with multiple natural skin tightening actives at high concentrations, for maximum results

Typical price: £200/session (as part of a course of 6x sessions, £1200 in total; full pricelist here)

Typical course of treatments: 6-12x sessions for long-term results (we don't sell 1-4 session miracles)

How often: Twice a week, once a week, once in two weeks (equally effective)

Maintenance after your course of 6x or 12x sessions: top-up treatment once every 6-8 weeks

Super-intensive, yet super-safe • Injection-free • Non-invasive • Never painful • Zero downtime

Two decades of expertise in cellulite, skin tightening & natural anti-ageing
A decade of expertise in radiofrequency, ultrasound and needle-free mesotherapy


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