Spot fat reduction with exercise, treatments or topical creams

Spot fat reduction with exercise does not exist. Period.

When we diet or exercise fat is released automatically from specific fat cells that are naturally prone to release fat more easily than other, more stubborn fat cells

In most women, due to the action of estrogen, those stubborn fat cells are found on the hips, butt and thighs. In some women, those stubborn fat deposits are found on the stomach, breast or arms instead.

In any case, when we exercise or diet fat is more readily released from the non-stubborn fat cells, which means that we cannot control where the fat is reduced in our bodies. This also means that if you have big hips and you want to reduce fat from your hips, you will have to lose most of your weight first from your face, breast and stomach and then you will see your hips significantly reduced.

Many women believe that they can cause spot fat reduction with exercise, i.e. they think that if they work a specific muscle hard enough, the fat that sits on top of that muscle will disappear. For example, they think that if they do lots of thigh adductions on the thigh adduction machine in the gym, they will burn the fat between their legs and become the proud owners of a "thigh gap". or they think that if they do lots of hip extensions ("donkey kicks" for example) they will burn their butt fat.

Unfortunately this is wishful thinking and some exercise specialists know that. However, many others, as well as 90% of the slimming / cellulite "experts" on the internet believe the superstition of spot fat reduction with exercise. The internet is awash with thousands of pages, pictures and videos on how to "lose" / "burn" / "get rid of" fat (and cellulite) from a specific area with exercise...

So let's make it clear once and for all: spot fat reduction with exercise does not exist: it is biologically impossible. Your fat molecules cannot travel and cross several tissues from your fat deposits on your butt into the adjacent gluteus maximus muscle (the main butt muscle) and get burned there while you exercise that muscle. The body just does not work that way.


Why you cannot affect fat on top of a muscle by exercising that muscle

In fact, when you exercise your gluteus maximus muscle, the fuel that this muscle uses is either already stored in the muscle itself or comes from the heart, via the arteries. So the fat that the gluteus maximus uses might have come from your arms or your calves or from anywhere in your body, via your heart. This practically means that you can exercise you upper body and still be losing some fat from your butt. And vice versa, it also explains why you lose fat on the upper body although you exercise your legs. You just cannot control where you will burn fat - you individual fat cells control that and this is controlled by your hormones and genetics.

Vice-versa, when you release fat molecules from your butt fat deposits (because of diet or general exercise ANYWHERE in the body), this released fat is taken up by your veins and then it travels into your heart from where it is distributed all over the body to burned ANYWHERE in the body. You cannot control where your fat molecules will end up and get "burned" for energy.

Although this is a simple physiological principle, still scientists performed tests again and again to find out if spot fat reduction may be possible, perhaps due to a mechanism that we did not know about - and at all times those experiments failed: spot fat reduction with exercise does not exist. Period.


How you can boost local fat reduction with technology and natural actives

On the other hand, a strong localised treatment (such as radiofrequency, cavitation, electro-mesotherapy, cryotherapy, cellulite-specific massage etc), or a highly concentrated anti-cellulite cream with multiple lipolytic active ingredients, can indeed help you lose weight from a  specific area, always in combination with healthy diet and exercise

(As you have noticed I have placed emphasis here on the terms "strong treatment" and "concentrated cream" because most treatments are not strong enough and most creams are not concentrated enough - and that's why most treatments and creams do not work).

Strong treatments and creams reduce fat LOCALLY by both reducing the viability of fat cells and also by stimulating fat cells to release fat on a specific SPOT. So in summary: spot fat reduction is only possible with a strong localised treatment and/or cream. Or with liposuction, of course...