Why only very few electro-mesotherapy treatments work - and how to find one that does

  • Mesotherapy is a well-known aesthetic procedure that involves the multiple injection of substances - anything from vitamins and homeopathic "remedies" to quite nasty chemicals into the skin. Part of the effectiveness of mesotherapy is due to the injury - and subsequent healing - the needles cause and part is due to the actual substances injected.
  • Electro-mesotherapy, also known as needle-free mesotherapy or no-needle mesotherapy, is the application of the principles of mesotherapy, i.e. increased absorption of actives into the skin, without the intrusiveness and complications of injections.
  • Electro-mesotherapy sounds like a great idea on paper but unfortunately in most cases it does not work so well in practice, as many women who have tried this technique can attest.
  • The main reason these treatments do not work is not so much that the machines are not good enough but that the electro-mesotherapy gels / serums / creams used for the treatment are just not concentrated or comprehensive enough. Simple as that.
  • For most skin conditions, such as cellulite, acne, ageing, hair loss etc., using just one or two actives is simply not enough. A cocktail of several high quality actives is necessary for good results.
  • But most importantly, the vast majority of such serums, gels and creams, are simply not concentrated enough.  A 0.1% concentration of an active chemical will not achieve anything. However, these are the concentrations used in many electro-mesotherapy products. Of course, gimmicks such as homeopathic remedies or irrelevant "actives" such as seaweed or artichoke extract for cellulite will simply not work.
  • So to choose the right electromesotherapy treatment you must do your research, ask questions and ensure that the products used are highly concentrated and contain multiple natural actives, for best results.
  • Of course, electro-mesotherapy combined with other technologies, will yield faster and more impressive results than the stand-alone procedure.