Why most cellulite creams don’t work?

  • If you have used cellulite creams before, you would know that most of them don't do much (if anything) or at best they offer a short-term effect. This is because most creams contain very little in the way of active ingredients and aim for a quick short-term effect (gimmick) based on functional ingredients (the "base" of the cream). 
  • The problem with cellulite is that, as we mentioned elsewhere on this website, it is a complex aesthetic problem. So by definition, an anti-cellulite cream that "works" must contain high concentrations of several high purity active ingredients, which act on many or all the aspects of cellulite, as mentioned above. However, out of ignorance and/or for reasons of keeping costs low and profits high, most anti-cellulite creams contain one, two or three active ingredients, of low specification and at low concentrations, hence the complaints by the public about cellulite creams.
  • Another reason is the use of the cellulite cream for too short a time for it to create any real changes. Adipose tissue and connective tissue take several weeks to respond to any anti-cellulite cream or treatment. So a 2-3 week use before holidays of even the best cream will not produce anything other than a short-term result based on water retention (puffiness) reduction.
  • Furthermore, for cellulite to be reduced, a healthy lifestyle must be maintained, which means exercise and avoidance of sweets, fried food, fatty food, excessive carbs, smoking and alcohol. It is unrealistic to indulge on all the above and then expect from a cream - or even a treatment - to offer any results. Unfortunately, in the fight between chocolate muffins and anti-cellulite creams the muffins win.
  • And finally, genetics and the overall health of the user has to be taken into account. A young, healthy woman with good genes will react faster and better than an older one, or one who suffers from different health/metabolic problems, or one who has "fat" genes, even if they have an identical lifestyle. In the latter case, more discipline with lifestyle and more perseverance with cellulite reduction methods (treatments, creams) will be needed.
  • So, in summary, there are three reasons why cellulite creams do not work: cream quality; lifestyle; genetics / overall health. A cream manufacturer has the responsibility to offer a quality, multi-ingredient cream that offers the user the best chances of reducing her cellulite, if she follows a healthy, cellulite-busting lifestyle. The rest really is up to nature!