Why most cellulite creams do not work | Which cellulite creams work | How to choose the best cellulite cream

When the cream "doesn't work"

Most women know that most cellulite creams do NOT work, hence the very common Google request for a cellulite cream that actually does work

Most creams do not work because companies prefer to spend a ton of money on advertising, PR, celebrity endorsements and fancy packaging, as well as another ton of money on distributors and middle-men, and very little on actual ingredients. So for profitability, marketing and distribution reasons, most cellulite creams contain just 1-2 actives in low concentrations, and as a result they simply “don’t work”.

Cellulite is a multi-faceted aesthetic condition, comprising excessive fat accumulation, water retention, inflammation, oxidative damage, skin looseness, glycation and fibrosis

As such, it can only be treated effectively by a cellulite cream that contains multiple active ingredients (not just one or two), in high concentrations and of high purity. Only such a cream can offer visible, long-term results with cellulite. Given that most women need to apply a cream on large areas (e.g. thighs, butt & waist), creams must be bought in larger packages.

However, high concentration of actives, large number of actives, high quality of actives and larger cellulite cream packages, i.e. more quality AND more quantity, mean higher prices. Unfortunately, a £30, 185ml tube will not offer anything more than a bit of very temporary improvement in skin feel and texture, effected by gimmicks such as silicones and other chemicals which do nothing to really improve cellulite.


What creams work

When doing your research you must look for a cream that contains skin firming and lipolytic and circulation-enhancing and skin repair and anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and anti-glycation and anti-fibrotic active ingredients, to work on all seven aspects of cellulite. Some examples of such ingredients are hydroxyproline, forskolin, escin, centella asiatica, curcumin, pine bark extract, carnosine and green tea extract, respectively.

The creams must also contain those ingredients in high concentrations to make maximum impact. Low concentrations of actives, a small number of ingredients or targeting just one aspect of cellulite (typically water retention, for faster but not very long-lasting results) will mean less effectiveness or even zero results.


When you "don't work"

After explaining why some creams work or don't work, depending on their active ingredients, lets examine why creams work or don't work, depending on how you sue those creams and live your life. No cellulite cream or treatment will ever work if you:

  • Keep eating the same foods that caused the cellulite in the first place (especially sugar, excessive cards and fried food); keep drinking and smoking excessively; and are very inactive / avoid exercise for months on end
  • Using the creams for just a couple of weeks and then expecting permanent results after that. It took years to develop cellulite, it won't "go" in two weeks, regardless of what the tabloid newspaper says. Ideally you should use a quality cellulite cream for 3 months, with one month being the absolute minimum, to see some good results.
  • Forgetting to use the cream 50% of the time: many women simply don't use the cream and then expect it to "work". No cream works if you don't use it.


It takes two to tango

In summary, most cellulite creams do not work either because they are not concentrated / comprehensive enough and/or because you do not take the necessary responsibility to make positive changes in your lifestyle. It takes two to tango!

So please do your research on what to buy, and after you buy a cream be diligent with it's application and responsible with your lifestyle.