Why centella asiatica is one of the most important anti-cellulite cream active ingredients

  • Gotu kola / centella asiatica extract acts at multiple levels to fight cellulite: it has connective tissue repair, skin firming, lipolytic, anti-glycation and blood vessel-supporting properties, thereby acting in five out of seven aspects of cellulite.
  • Of course, not all centella extracts are the same, with some containing as little as .1%  of the plant's main active chemicals, asiatic acid and madecassic acid, while others contain as much as 100% of those two actives.
  • This means that the difference between a cheap and a high quality cellulite cream, each containing 1% centella extract but of different qualities, can be 1000-fold. Or, in other words, if you buy the wrong cellulite cream you may literally need 1,000 of those creams to have the same results as a good cellulite cream.
  • So before buying a cellulite cream it makes sense to do your research and look for quality, highly concentrated creams
  • Furthermore, because of the many different facets of cellulite, one ingredient is never enough, so it is a good idea to use a cream with multiple actives - not the usual 1-2 actives - ideally including centella asiatica of course.

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