Which is your favourite summer weight loss / anti-cellulite food?

  • If I had to choose a weight loss food, that would be lightly grilled wild salmon with wakame  seaweed and pomegranate seed salad with green tea. It makes a light and refreshing meal, full of healthy weight loss ingredients.
  • Oily fish is proven in human trials to help with weight loss and is one of the very few foods that do so - as opposed to foods like vegetables which just prevent weight gain by not containing too many calories
  • Farmed salmon contains too little long-chain omega-3 oil to have a good effect, so only wild salmon can deliver the goods
  • Wakame seaweed contains the thermogenic phytochemical fucoxanthin, which is also proven in human trials to help with weight loss, especially if combined with pomegranate seed oil
  • Human trials have also shown that long-chain omega-3 fatty acids enhance the effect of fucoxanthin
  • Wakame can make a nice salad with some lemon drizzled over it and a few sesame seeds and pomegranate grains poured over
  • A cup of green tea is ideal with this food, as it contains the phytochemical EGCG that enhances the effect of thermogenic foods