What is the best treatment for skin tightening?

  • Loose skin affects women of all ages and sizes, but especially those over 40 years of age; who live a sedentary life; who follow yo-yo diets or crash diets; who do not eat enough protein
  • The only treatment worth having for skin tightening is monopolar radiofrequency (RF).
  • There are hundreds of RF machines on the market and depending on how those machines are used at different clinics, on can say that there are thousands of RF treatments. Many are quite ineffective while a few are very effective but in summary a high intensity, deep, monopolar radiofrequency treatment is the only technology today that can provide significant skin firming for the body or face. Bipolar radiofrequency (including tripolar, tetrapolar and octapolar) are more superficial and less effective.
  • Anything else, inclusing most massages, ultrasound, AWT (acoustic wave therapy), vibration massage, suction massage (palper-rouler), microcurrents, low level laser therapy LLLT etc. will only offer a minimal benefit and are generally not worth spending money on. Focused ultrasound can offer significant skin tightening but at the cost of very frequent occurences of skin burning, scarring etc., so it is not really worth the risks.
  • Most creams do not really work for skin firming, as they do not contain any significant quantities of skin firming actives, for cost reasons. However, those who do, can significantly boost the results of monopolar radiofrequency or can also provide results on their own. The most well-known skin firming actives are hydroxyproline, centella asiatica, ascorbic acid and several peptides, but several others skin toning actives exist which are equally or even more effective. Combining multiple actives in high concentrations can offer tangible and visible results, while single-ingredient, low-concentration creams offer none.
  • So in summary, the only treatments that is worth spending money on for skin toning / lifting / tightening are high-power, monopolar radiofrequency treatments, especially if combined with a highly concentrated skin firming cream with mutliple actives, during or after treatment. Being in the industry for more than 15 years, I know that I would not spend money on anything else.