What is cellulite and what kind of cellulite creams can help reduce it?

  • Cellulite is scientifically defined as Oedematous Fibrosclerotic Superficial Panniculitis (OFSB). In plain English this means: inflammation of the excessive superficial deposits of fat, accompanied by water retention and connective tissue deformity / scar tissue. Cellulite has also been likened to hypodermal stretch marks, i.e. stretch marks of the deeper layers of the skin (hypodermis).
  • Since in most cases cellulite is accompanied by skin and connective tissue looseness, we should add that component to the official definition. In most cases, oxidation, glycation and capillary weakness / excessive permeability are also contributors to cellulite and integral aspects of this complex aesthetic condition.
  • Regarding cellulite creams, it is evident by the complex nature of cellulite that one, two, or even three active ingredients cannot be of much help. A multi-pronged approach that tackles all aspects of cellulite is needed: fat accumulation, skin/connective looseness/injury, circulation, glycation, oxidative damage, inflammation.
  • Therefore, an effective cellulite cream is one that contains multiple active ingredients that act on all aspects of cellulite, in high concentrations. 
  • Conversely, "cellulite creams" that contain one or two actives or more actives but in low concentration, just don't work.

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