Cellulite: how to get rid of it fast

  • As cellulite takes years to develop there is no solution that can be characterised as “fast”, so don't fall victim to clinics that promise instant results with one session - or even with 3-4. With the strongest possible treatment available, cellulite will typically take 6-12 sessions to be reduced to satisfactory levels.
  • The fastest results will be achieved with a combination of any or all the following: high intensity exercise (such as interval training); vibration plate training; vegetable/berry fruit juicing; a low carb / high protein / high vegetable diet; a strong, skilfully provided radiofrequency / electro-mesotherapy / ultrasound cavitation treatment; very strong, cellulite-specific massage; a highly concentrated cream with multiple (not just 1-2) anti-cellulite actives in high concentrations
  • Any other measure, treatment or cream will yield slow or no results and a combination of many or all of the above measures will provide the fastest, most impressive results.