How fish oil can help you lose weight and fight cellulite

  • It is a little known fact that eating oily fish or taking concentrated fish oil can help with weight loss.
  • Multiple studies in humans have repeatedly shown that fish oil helps reduce fat accumulation in adipocytes (fat cells), by stimulating the expression of a protein called UCP1 in fat cells. However, the detailed mechanism of this effect was not known.
  • A new study has now shown that fish oil boosts both the protein UCP1 AND it's receptor, the β3 adrenergic receptor (β3AR), creating ideal conditions for thermogenesis (i.e. the burning of fat solely for heat creation).
  • However, the most interesting finding of this study was that fish oil boosts UCP1 and β3AR in both white and brown fat. This is very useful for fat loss, as human fat is mainly white fat.
  • In summary, a diet rich in oily fish or fish oil supplements can help you achieve your weight loss goals and reduce cellulite, as part of a healthy diet and exercise regime.
  • However, mega doses of fish oil should be avoided, as excessive fish oil intake can reduce immunity and impair blood clotting.
  • Source: Fish oil intake induces UCP1 upregulation in brown and white adipose tissue via the sympathetic nervous system,
  • Abstract: "Previous work indicated that fish oil intake reduces fat accumulation and induces UCP1 expression in BAT; however, the detailed mechanism of this effect remains unclear. In this study, we investigated the effect of fish oil on energy expenditure and the SNS. Fish oil intake increased oxygen consumption and rectal temperature, with concomitant upregulation of UCP1 and the β3 adrenergic receptor (β3AR), two markers of beige adipocytes, in the interscapular BAT and inguinal white adipose tissue (WAT). Additionally, fish oil intake increased the elimination of urinary catecholamines and the noradrenaline (NA) turnover rate in interscapular BAT and inguinal WAT. Furthermore, the effects of fish oil on SNS-mediated energy expenditure were abolished in transient receptor potential vanilloid 1 (TRPV1) knockout mice. In conclusion, fish oil intake can induce UCP1 expression in classical brown and beige adipocytes via the SNS, thereby attenuating fat accumulation and ameliorating lipid metabolism."