Rhodiola rosea extract can be used in the fight against obesity and cellulite

  • The Rhodiola rosea herb is well known for it's anti-fatigue, anti-stress and anti-inflammatory activity and for this reason is very popular as a food supplement. 
  • Rhodiola is also known to improve glucose and fat metabolism and a new study has now shown that it may also be used in the fight against obesity, as it also possesses anti-adipogenic and lipolytic activity.
  • Specifically, the study has shown that the combination of the Rhodiola rosea extract chemicals salidroside and rosavines had the following effects on visceral fat cells: they induced adipocyte apoptosis (i.e. early fat cell death), lipolysis (i.e. fat release from fat cells), reduced triglyceride incorporation (i.e. reduced absorption of fat into fat cells) and reduced the levels of PPAR-gamma, a protein that stimulates adipogenesis (new fat cell creation).
  • In summary, salidroside and rosavines from Rhodiola hold great promise in the fight against overweight and it's complications (in the form of a food supplement) and in their fight against cellulite (in the form of an anti-cellulite cream rich in those two phytochemicals).
  • Source:  Effects of Two Different Rhodiola rosea Extracts on Primary Human Visceral Adipocytes, http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/25970041/