Combine radiofrequency with electro-mesotherapy for superior results with anti-ageing, skin tightening and cellulite reduction

  • Dual technologies whereby radiofrequency (the most effective skin firming / anti-cellulite technology) is combined with another technology, are very popular today.
  • Electro-mesotherapy is one of those technologies which can significantly add to the effectiveness of radiofrequency treatment, but only if high concentrations of active ingredients are used for electro-mesotherapy.
  • In simple words, electro-mesotherapy refers to increased absorption of active ingredients through the skin (without the use of needles and injections, as is the case with injection-based mesotherapy).
  • Monopolar radiofrequency (the only type of radiofrequency that works) is ideal for skin tightening, cellulite reduction, circulation improvement, overall skin rejuvenation / anti-aeging and acne reduction.
  • On the other hand, with electro-mesotherapy, high concentrations of active ingredients can make a big difference with skin firming, cellulite, circulation, anti-ageing and acne (unfortunately low concentrations of actives simply don't work well enough to make any sense as a stand-alone treatment, and that's where most electro-mesotherapy treatments fail: they simply contain too small amounts of active ingredients).
  • So the simultaneous application of both technologies produces a powerful synergistic effect that boosts micro-circulation and firms, rejuvenates, smoothens and clears skin faster than radiofrequency or electro-mesotherapy alone. And this simultaneous combination is even better than when those technologies are applied separately on different days.
  • Radiofrequency stimulates fibroblasts and adipocytes via the intense heat it produces, while the actives used for electro-mesotherapy provide biochemical stimulation that enhances the effect of radiofrequency, for maximum results.