Pressotherapy body wrap: improving on the classic anti-cellulite body wrap

Can pressotherapy be combined with anti-cellulite or circulation-boosting creams?

Pressotherapy enhances the absorption and effectiveness of cellulite creams. This can happen in a number of ways:

  • Because pressotherapy helps empty the intercellular spaces of excess fluid, the active ingredients of the cream are able to penetrate and reach the cells more easily
  • If the cellulite cream contains lipolytic (fat-releasing) ingredients, it is easier for fat released from the adipose cells (fat cells) to be removed away from them and into the general circulation, thereby inhibiting the re-absorption of fat by the fat cells
  • The rhythmical pressure exerted on the tissues enhances the absorption of the cellulite cream through the skin and into the cellulite tissues

Thereby, pressotherapy can often provide pretty impressive results when used together with a good anti-cellulite cream or a cream that contains circulation and lymphatic drainage-boosting ingredients. The best way to practicaly do so, without damaging the pressotherapy garments, is to wrap the legs (or arms or stomach) with cling film or similar material and wear the pressotherapy boots, sleeves or belt on top of the cling film.


Pressotherapy-assisted anti-cellulite body wrap

Thereby, the combination of pressotherapy with the anti-cellulite formulation can be described as an advanced, pressotherapy-assisted, body wrap: Pressotherapy + Anti-Cellulite Cream = Advanced, High-Tech Body Wrap.

This enhanced body wrap represents a vast improvement on the classic anti-cellulite wrap because of the synergy between the cellulite wrap ingredients and the intensive lymphatic drainage provided by pressotherapy. This kind of wrap is also ideal for chronic water retention sufferers, if circulation enhancing actives are used.