Overeating, binge-drinking and cellulite

  • Cellulite does not develop if you overeat a little bit more each day - in that case metabolism takes care of the few extra calories. Cellulite is the result of binge-eating, binge-drinking or both, especially on sedentary days
  • Every time your body receives an excessive amount of calories due to binge eating/drinking, it uses whatever it can for energy and then dumps and traps the rest on your fat deposits, including those on the surface of your thighs, i.e. the “pre-cellulite” layer.
  • Due to genetic and hormonal reasons, the fat cells in those areas act as fat traps which are "happy" to absorb fat but "hate" to release it.
  • With repeated binges, the initially invisible pre-cellulite fat accumulates and grows and in a few months/years it becomes visible, i.e. cellulite
  • Predictably, inactivity makes things worse, so if you intend to eat a rich meal or drink more than 3 units of alcohol, you can try to minimise the creation of cellulite by exercising on that or the next day