No cellulite cream can reduce your cellulite by 45% in 8 minutes - do not fall for the hype!

"Reduce the appearance of cellulite by 45% in 8 minutes"

Cellulite affects 90% of women after the age of thirty so demand for effective solutions is high. Unfortunately when there is high demand for a solution to a problem there is also a high supply of deceptively marketed and exaggerated claims. Be it cellulite, baldness, erectile dysfunction or overweight - you name it - there is always a product that can supposedly immediately eliminate those problems - in no time...

However, ludicrous claims such as the one on the heading of this paragraph have nothing to do with reality. Cellulite cannot be reduced by 45%, or any other imaginary percentage, in 8 or so minutes by a mere “anti-cellulite” gel, serum, lotion or cream. Such claims simply have no scientific base.

It is physiologically impossible to reduce cellulite in such a short period of time and to such an extent, with any treatment or any cream, of any kind. This is yet another example of a “too good to be true” claim that the only thing it achieves is make women disappointed, suspicious and cynical of real treatments and creams that do work.


"Remove your cellulite in one convenient lunchtime procedure"

Similarly to misleading claims of instant cellulite reduction with a mere serum, there are also instant cellulite removal "lunchtime treatments" advertised that claim to remove all - or most - your cellulite in one or two, "non-surgical" lunchtime procedures. These "non-intrusive" treatments typically cost a small fortune and unfortunately the only thing they remove is the money of women with more money than sense.

In fact, we regularly receive phone calls from women who ask us why don't our treatments completely remove all cellulite in one single treatment as "XYZ" treatments does, and we try to educate them and advise them not to believe in miracles. However, in many cases people are not prepared to listen, given that quite often the sound of marketing hype is much louder than the voice of reason.


Real cellulite reduction

The fact of the matter is that in most cases cellulite cannot be completely eliminated due to permanent changes occuring in the skin connective tissue architecture. However, cellulite can be significantly reduced with a combination of exercise, healthy diet, a concentrated anti-cellulite cream and a course of 6-12 intensive cellulite treatments (depending on severity, and definitely not in one or two "lunchtime procedures"). Quite simply, there exists no instant, effortless and/or complete cellulite removal with any serum, treatment or cream - no more than Santa exists, anyway...