Micro-stretching / mechanical stimulation (from movement or vibration) inhibits muscle from turning into fat

  • Source: Mechanical stretch inhibits myoblast-to-adipocyte differentiation through Wnt signaling.
  • Abstract: Myoblasts are able to differentiate into other mesenchymal lineages including adipocytes and osteoblasts. However, it is not known how this differentiation is normally regulated in intact animals and humans. Here, we subjected cultured C2C12 myoblasts to cyclic mechanical stretch (20% elongation) during differentiation into adipocytes. Mechanical stretch inhibited the myoblast-to-adipocyte differentiation significantly, concurrent with an enhanced expression of Wnt10b mRNA. Inhibition of the Wnt signaling by incubation of the myoblasts with a soluble Wnt ligand, sFRP-2, abolished the inhibitory function of mechanical stretch on adipogenesis. These findings provide evidence that mechanical stretch inhibits myoblast-to-adipocyte differentiation possibly through Wnt signaling.