Liquifying the fat? Are you serious?

  • Many treatments - and even miracle pants or jeans - are presented as able to “liquify the fat, which is then expelled by the body”, by crafty marketers. However, it is unbelievable how one can squeeze three lies in such a short statement!
  • Firstly, no fat is expelled by the body due to any treatment, ever! This is biologically impossible. Fat has to be burned by the body, with exercise and diet and it is only "expelled" by the body in the stools of urine in disease states, such as liver or kidney damage.
  • Secondly, no treatment can liquify fat, because it is already liquid in the body, as any biology student knows. The fat in fat tissue in not in solid butter form, it's liquid, hence the the name "fat droplet" that biologists gave to fat stored inside the adipocytes.
  • Thirdly, this statement hides the notion that fat cells can be liquified, which is again a blatant lie. No treatment can do that expect vaser, bodytite or smart lipo/laser liposuction with a special heated cannula (yes, it's an intrusive surgery) and they can only do that on deep fat cells - not cellulite, which is fat enmeshed inside the skin itself
  • So wherever you see such fraudulent statement about a treatment or a piece of tights that liquify the fat you must recognise it as such: fraudulent.