Irisin, the fat "browning" hormone, is low in obese people

  • In a recent study it was found that irisin, the recently discovered hormone that turns fat-storing white fat cells into fat-burning "beige" fat cells, is low on obese people.
  • In the same study, irisin has also been found to be associated with endothelial dysfunction, therefore low irisin may also be the cause of endothelial dysfunction in obese people
  • As the researchers put it: "Circulating irisin level was decreased in non-hypertensive, non-diabetic, obese subjects compared with lean healthy control. Lower levels of irisin are independently associated with endothelial dysfunction. Therefore, irisin may be involved in the regulation of endothelial function in obesity".
  • Source: The Relationship between Circulating Irisin Levels and Endothelial Function in Lean and Obese Subjects,