How to use graduated compression garments

How to make the most of graduated compression stockings and tights

As we explained in a previous article graduated compression tights and stockings offer limited effectiveness against water retention and cellulite, especially in comparison to mechanised intermittent compression (pressotherapy) or strong cellulite-specific massage.

However, given the low price of the garments their use is still advised, but only if they are worn for a maximum of 5-6 hours every other day and if your cellulite is of the water retention type. This is to avoid their negative side effects on skin firmness and reduced circulation.


Here are a few pointers on how to get the most out of your compression garments.

  • For a local fat loss effect combine the use of the tights with a good diet & exercise plan, use a quality anti-cellulite cream before putting them on and wear them after a good cellulite treatment, if possible.
  • Because cellulite is mainly found on the thighs and hips, tights are preferred to stockings and socks
  • Prefer ONLY graduated compression garments. Plain (constant) compression stockings and tights apply the same pressure on the calves as they apply on the hips, therefore they do not significantly reduce water retention and consequently do not really help in cellulite reduction. So the use of constant compression garments (as in grannies’ pants) is not advised.
  • Steer clear of ludicrous anti-cellulite pants that claim to “cause the fat layers that make up cellulite to be melted down into a liquid”. Cynical marketing statements such as these are simply an insult to women’s intelligence...
  • Finally, if you want the ultimate in compression therapy opt for pressotherapy treatments in combination with a quality cellulite cream.