How to focus the effect of intensive exercise on a specific cellulite area

You cannot burn cellulite fat from a particular area with exercise alone

Exercise alone cannot lead to cellulite reduction in any particular area of the body (spot cellulite reduction). During exercise, the body decides where to draw fat from according to your genetic inheritance, lifestyle and hormones. In most women, fat on the thighs and butt (including cellulite fat) are the last places from where the body removes fat during exercise. This is because: fat cells in those areas have naturally occurring chemicals that can be described as metabolic brakes which ensure fat release during exercise or when dieting is kept at a minimum; and because the "cellulite tissues" have reduced circulation, and as a result they receive less lipolytic agents from the bloodstream (such as adrenaline) during exercise than other tissues.


But you can focus the effects of exercise by combining it with a strong cellulite treatment or cream

Therefore you can maximise the effectiveness of cellulite on a particular cellulite area by taking one or both of the following measures: you can block those metabolic brakes (alpha-2 adrenoreceptors and phosphodiesterases, among others) with a good cellulite cream that contains the right ingredients (alpha-2 adrenoreceptor inhibitors and phosphodiesterase inhibitors, respectively); you can increase circulation deep in the cellulite tissues during exercise with a suitable cellulite cream - or immediately before/after exercise with a strong anti-cellulite treatment that significantly increases circulation. 


Examples of cellulite treatments that maximise the effects of exercise when applied before or after exercise

Any cellulite treatment that significantly increases circulation can be used immediately before or immediately after exercise, in order to maximise it's effectiveness on a specific cellulite area. The best examples are cellulite-specific massage, pressotherapy, high-power radiofrequency, high-power ultrasound and vacuum treatments. High intensive monopolar radiofrequency stands out as an anti-cellulite treatment, as it provides both significant skin firming and significantly increased circulation.


Cellulite cream ingredients that maximise the effects of exercise when applied before and after exercise

Two common alpha-2 adrenoreceptors are golden chamomile extract and the herbal extract yohimbine. An examples of phosphodiesterase inhibitor is caffeine. In addition to inhibitors, a good cellulite cream should also contain fat release stimulators, such as forskolin, and circulation enhancers such as the horse chestnut extract escin, the butcher’s broom extract ruscogenin etc.

These are some of the many anti-cellulite cream ingredients that can be used together with vigorous exercise to maximise and focus the effect of exercise where the cellulite cream is applied. Needless to say that a cellulite cream that is more concentrated and contains many different active ingredients will have more effectiveness than one with a low concentration of a couple of active ingredients.

The effect of a cellulite cream combined with exercise is more subdued than that of a cellulite treatment combined with exercise. However, given that an one-month supply of a quality anti-cellulite cream costs roughly the same as a single anti-cellulite treatment, cellulite creams are is a very cost-efficient solution. Furthermore, if you exercise very often you can further enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the cream.


Cellulite treatments and creams cannot be used with low intensity exercise for spot cellulite reduction

This combination of cellulite creams and treatments with exercise is only effective when vigorous types of exercise are performed, such as interval training, fast running, spinning classes, fast cycling, or when playing vigorous sports such as basketball, football, netball etc. Unfortunately, light, slow exercise - such as Yoga, Pilates, slow walking and slow running - is not expected to provide any significant results, due to the low amount of adrenaline and noradrenaline released during such activities.

This is because, at low adrenaline levels (low intensity exercise) fat cells stop releasing fat after about 20 minutes of exercise. After that time, whatever fat is to be burned during exercise originates from the liver or from fat stored in the muscles - not from fat cells. As a result, low intensity exercise can not boost the effectiveness of the treatment or cream, because it can not stimulate the release of significant amounts of fat. All in all, low intensity exercise is better than nothing, but if you really want to reduce cellulite fast you should opt for high intensity exercise or sports.

[Safety note: always check with your doctor if you are unsure about your ability to safely perform vigorous exercise]

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