How increased blood coagulation can cause water retention

Increased blood coagulation is one of the causes of water retention

Increased blood clotting hinders the ability of red blood cells to squeeze through the smaller blood vessels, known as arterioles, venules and capillaries. Considering that some capillaries have a width of one erythrocyte (red blood cell), it is easy to understand what can happen to the circulation if blood cells and more sticky: they clump together shutting down the entrance to small blood vessels, and thereby reducing the delivery of nutrients and removal of waste products/toxins and excess water.

The end results are:

  • water retention / puffiness
  • cellulite (cellulite is affected to a large extent by water retention)
  • low energy levels (poor tissue oxygenation and nourishing results, and poor detoxification leads to low energy levels)
  • poor brain blood circulation and oxygenation and therefore poor motivation, focus and energy (brain function depends a lot on the function of capillaries and tissue oxygenation)


Causes of increased blood coagulation

Balanced blood clotting is essential for health, with both excessively high or excessively low blood clotting being detrimental to health.

In addition to genetic and medical factors, increased blood clotting can occur due to:

  • low grade chronic inflammation
  • the use of the contraceptive pill or other hormonal contraception, such as patches, injections etc.
  • excessive estrogen in the body
  • the consumption of sugar or saturated / fried / hydrogenated fat (trans fatty acids)
  • certain types of medication
  • other factors


Some natural methods to reduce increased blood coagulation include:

  • consuming highly unsaturated fatty acids (HUFA) in the form of oily fish or a quality EPA-rich and DHA-rich fish oil (NOT cod liver oil, which contains excessive amounts of vitamin A)
  • eating natto, the traditional japanese fermented soya product (or taking a nattokinase supplement, which contains the active ingredient in a concentrated form and without the "yukky" taste)
  • eating garlic, which has a blood thinning effect 
  • replacing of hormonal contraception with natural contraceptives, such as non-medicated coil or condoms
  • avoiding smoking, saturated fats, trans-fats and fried food
  • normalising estrogen levels in the body (with the help or a doctor and/or naturopath/nutritionist)


Please note

As we mentioned above, excessively low coagulation can be as detrimental as excessively high coagulation, so please ask for proper advice by a suitably qualified health care professional before embarking on any supplementation.

Especially, you should never combine any of the three (fish oil/oily fish / nattokinase / garlic) or overdo it with fish oil-only supplementation of nattokinase-only supplementation. More is not always better!