How does pressotherapy boost lymphatic drainage and blood circulation?

  • Pressotherapy is widely used today for the purposes of boosting lymphatic drainage and circulation in hospitals, beauty salons and complementary health clinics

  • A pressotherapy device consists of inflatable garments (long leg boots, arm sleeves or abdominal belts) and a machine to which those inflatable garments connect to, with air tubes. These inflate and deflate rhythmically with air provided by the machine.
  • Every time the pressotherapy garment inflates, blood and lymph laden with toxins and waste products contained in veins and lymphatic vessels is pushed towards the heart. Every time the garment deflates, blood and lymph from the tissues is allowed to enter the lymph vessels and veins. This lymph/blood is again pushed towards the heart on the next inflation cycle etc. Ultimately, the toxins and waste products are eliminated by the body through the kidneys and the liver.
  • In addition, the rhythmical compression and decompression also boosts arterial flow, thereby oxygenating and nourishing tissues of the legs and arms that suffer from poor circulation
  • In effect, pressotherapy produces a pressure wave between feet and legs (or hands and arms) that effectively stimulates arterial flow, lymphatic drainage, venous return and detoxification, thereby offering valuable relief for tired, swollen, heavy feet, calves, knees, thighs and hips (or hands, forearms and arms, respectively)
  • Pressotherapy represents a cost-effective and time-effective solution to the problem of water retention, typically much more effective than the old-fashioned manual lymphatic drainage massage techniques