Gotu kola / centella asiatica reduces leg heaviness, pain and oedema, review finds

  • In a meta-analysis of 8 randomised controlled trials assessing the efficacy of centella asiatica / gotu kola for chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) it was found that the herb significantly improves microcirculatory parameters, ankle swelling and other CVI signs such as leg heaviness, pain and oedema.
  • Multiple studies have shown that centella asiatica protects blood vessels from damage and stimulates their healing / repair, making it an identical active for use in supplements and topical creams against water retention, under-eye bags and cellulite.
  • Source: A Systematic Review of the Efficacy of Centella asiatica for Improvement of the Signs and Symptoms of Chronic Venous Insufficiency.
  • Abstract: We aimed to assess the efficacy of Centella asiatica for improvement of the signs and symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). We searched 13 electronic databases including the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials for randomised controlled trials assessing the efficacy of Centellaasiatica for CVI. Two review authors independently selected studies, assessed the risks of bias of included studies and extracted data. The treatment effects of similar studies were pooled whenever appropriate. Eight studies met the inclusion criteria. The pooling of data of similar studies showed that Centella asiatica significantly improved microcirculatory parameters such as transcutaneous partial pressure of CO2 and O2, rate of ankle swelling and venoarteriolar response. Three out of the eight studies did not provide quantitative data. However, these studies reported that patients treated with Centella asiatica showed significant improvement in CVI signs such as leg heaviness, pain and oedema. Our results show that Centella asiatica may be beneficial for improving signs and symptoms of CVI but this conclusion needs to be interpreted with caution as most of the studies were characterised by inadequate reporting and thus had unclear risks of bias, which may threaten the validity of the conclusions.

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