Ginseng boosts brown fat thermogenesis and fat loss

  • A recent paper has demonstrated that ginsenoside Rb1, a natural chemical found in ginseng, promotes browning of white fat tissue and the consequent oxidation / burning of fat inside fat cells. This process is known as brown fat thermogenesis.
  • Specifically, it was found that ginsenoside Rb1 increased UCP-1, PGC-1α, PPARγ, basal respiration rate, ATP production and uncoupling capacity in 3T3-L1 adipocytes, all key proteins and processes for brown fat thermogenesis.
  • The researchers conclude that the weight loss effect of ginseng is due to the stimulation by ginsenoside Rb1 of brown adipose tissue thermogenesis.
  • Ginseng could be potentially used as a supplement in conjunction with other natural thermogenic chemicals, including curcumin (whose thermogenic activity is also examined on this website today), fucoxanthine etc.
  • Source: Ginsenoside Rb1 promotes browning through regulation of PPARγ in 3T3-L1 adipocytes,