Eating more fat stimulates the growth of brown fat tissue in the body which in turn burns fat!

  • It is now widely known in the scientific community, but unfortunately not yet in the general public, that there are two types of fat tissue in our bodies: white fat, which stores fat tissue, and brown fat tissue which actually burns fat. There is also an intermediate type of fat tissue, called beige or brite fat tissue, which is white fat tissue but behaves like brown fat tissue, i.e. it burns fat, instead of storing fat.
  • White fat tissue can become "beige" naturally by intensive exercise or exposure to cold - with something that combines the two, such as swimming in cold water or running naked in the snow being even more effective, although a bit uncomfortable...
  • A new study has now shown that high fat diets, such as Paleo, Atkins, Ducan etc, can stimulate the growth of beige / brite fat tissue in our bodies, which will end up burning some of the ingested fat.
  • As the researchers put it, "acquisition of brown-adipocyte features in white adipose tissue could evidence an adaptation to try to counteract increased adiposity due to the intake of high fat diets".
  • In other words, the body reacts to eating more fat by burning more fat and produce heat in the adipose tissue itself (thermogenesis), not just the muscles and liver. This could explain the fact that most overweight people feel generally hotter than lean people. Their fat tissue burns fat for heat - it's not just the insulation from the fat that keeps them warm / hot.
  • Although eating more fat makes our adipocytes (fat cells) actually burn fat, they still do not burn all the ingested fat fast enough to prevent putting on weight and cellulite.
  • The best practical solution then, is to follow a high-fat, high-protein, high-vegetbale, low-carb, calorie-controlled diet combined with high intensity / medium duration exercise (such as interval running orinterval swimming in a non-heated pool), in order to make the most of the thermogenic potential of our fat cells, keep fat down and maintain skin firmness. 
  • Source: The intake of high fat diets induces the acquisition of brown adipocyte gene expression features in white adipose tissue,