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Inactivity is a major cause of cellulite, even with a perfect diet. Conversely, exercise does help, gradually and slowly, to reduce cellulite. Best types of exercise against cellulite are, in order of effectiveness: interval sprinting (that can be running, cycling, rowing, uphill walking, spinning etc.); power-plate training; continuous (non-interval) running; continuous swimming or cycling; fast walking; intensive forms of Pilates and Yoga. Anything else, including the softer types of Pilates and Yoga, do not help much. For faster, better results you must combine exercise with diet and a concentrated cellulite cream and/or a strong cellulite treatment.


Cellulite and estrogen

Estrogen is a major cause of cellulite and the main reason why women get and men don't get cellulite. It is also the reason why male-to-female transexuals develop cellulite. Estrogen-containing contraceptive pills/implants/injections do cause cellulite. Women with higher levels of oestrogen (oestrogen dominance) are also more susceptible to cellulite. Hormone replacement therapy / HRT also causes cellulite in perimenopausal / menopausal women. To reduce cellulite caused by estrogen, try alternative methods of contraception / natural methods of menopause symptom management, and combine with exercise and diet. For faster resets, consider a good cellulite cream and/or treatment.


Cellulite and essential oils

Most essential oils significantly boost circulation and some of them may also inhibit fat accumulation, although research is limited. Good examples are essential oils of lemon, mandarin, orange, pine, cypress, mint etc. Some essential oils though, such as lavender, have an estrogenic action, so they should not be used for cellulite. The problem with essential oils for cellulite reduction is that with continuous use they become irritating and you can develop intolerance / allergy. Always dilute essential oils in carrier oil at less than 3% concentration, before applying on skin. Never use internally.


Cellulite and eating meat

Fatty meat will contribute to cellulite, due to the calories contained in it, while lean meat (<7% fat) won't.  Meat grilled at very high temperatures does taste better, but also contains cancer causing and metabolism disrupting chemicals, so it should be avoided. The same applies to cured/processed meat, such as salami, ham etc. Fried meat contains peroxidised fat, which seriously disrupts metabolism and health. However, fresh organic lean meat that is not cooked at high temperatures, is absolutely healthy. It provides iron and protein, both of which most women lack, ending up with fatigue and loose skin, respectively. There is really nothing wrong with this kind of meat and it will probably help reduce cellulite, due to it's lean protein and low fat content. 


Cellulite and clean eating

Clean eating refers to eating whole unprocessed foods, such as fresh meat, fruit, vegetables, wholemeal grains etc, and it is definitely a cellulite-preventing eating regime. However, the term clean eating has been corrupted to mean all sorts of things to suit different interests. For example agave syrup, maple syrup, honey, having loads of coconut oil, frying "only with good oils" etc are supposed to be "clean eating", when they are not. Sugar is sugar, no matter how natural and unprocessed it is and cannot be part of any "clean eating" diet. Coconut oil still has 9 calories per gram and, contrary to popular myth, does not burn itself into thin air if you don't exercise or keep your overall calories low. Also, frying is lethal for your heart and your thighs, regardless of the oil you use: all oils become peroxidised, especially the "healthy ones". And no, coconut oil is not good for frying, it has a very low smoke point, which means it gets chemically damaged by frying. So keep to the so-called "clean eating" to prevent cellulite, but with no "natural" sugars, no frying and no excess fat, even "healthy fats".


Cellulite and thigh exercises

Thigh exercises are great for muscle toning UNDERNEATH cellulite-afflicted skin, but they do nothing about cellulite itself. It is impossible to reduce cellulite on an area of skin by exercising the muscle beneath that area of skin. So don't waste money and time on videos and web articles on thigh exercises for cellulite. Intensive overall exercise, as described above, healthy eating, and if possible, a good cellulite cream and a strong cellulite treatment are your best chances of reducing cellulite. By all means, do loads of squats to tighten up your butt, but cellulite on your butt will not reduce AT ALL just because of those squats.


Cellulite and epsom salts

Epsom salt baths may help reduce water retention temporarily due to osmosis and diffusion (transfer of fluids from your sin into the water), improving the appearance of cellulite for a day or two, but that's all. Epsom salts are "healthy" and make you feel good, but they will NOT reduce cellulite in the long-run. It would be nice if life was so easy...


Cellulite everywhere | Universal cellulite

Quite a few women suffer from cellulite almost anywhere on their body: calves, thighs, butt, stomach, upper arms, you name it. Normally mild cellulite appears on one or two areas, usually thighs and buttocks, so cases of cellulite throughout the body are quite progressed, both in terms of time and severity. Cellulite has been developing for years, starting usually on the thighs and buttocks and then affecting more areas. Thighs and butt have quite a lot of cellulite, usually stage 2, 3 or even 4, with arms, stomach and calves having cellulite stage 1, 2 or even 3. Although cellulite is not a disease and - at least - a little cellulite occurs in more than 90% of women, "universal cellulite" shows that there is a serious underlying health problem, usually due to poor diet, stress, no exercise, hormonal imbalances, medication etc. It is probably impossible to have "universal cellulite" and be healthy or living a healthy lifestyle. Cellulite, especially progressed cellulite, signifies excess fat accumulation, poor circulation, skin looseness, fibrosis, inflammation, glycation and oxidative damage, and those physiological changes are causes/symptoms of several degeneration diseases. In this case, cellulite can be treated holistically with healthy diet, exercise, treatments, creams and, if necessary, by medical intervention (balancing hormones, changing medication etc).