Centella / gotu kola and rutin improve chronic venous insufficiency / water retention - clinical study

  • This is one of multiple clinical studies that report on the efficacy of centella asiatica and other natural vasoactive compounds (in this case, rutin, melilotus and vitamin E)
  • In this study, which was performed on patients suffering from chronic venous insufficiency / water retention without compressive stockings, the treatment group reported improved oedema, reduced cramps and overall reduced water retention symptoms, after just 30 days of treatment.
  • Rutin and centella asiatica are widely used in Europe in oral supplements against water retention, as well as anti-cellulite creams and leg wellness creams to offer relief against heavy legs
  • Melilotus is now used very little, while tocopherol seems to be unrelated to water retention improvement and superfluous in the compound tested, so the main compounds of interest are rutin and centella (gotu kola)
  • Source: Effectiveness of the combination of alpha tocopherol, rutin, melilotus, and centella asiatica in the treatment of patients with chronic venous insufficiency
  • Abstract: BACKGROUND: The aim of this comparative clinical study was to evaluate the efficacy of the association of alpha tocopherol, rutin, melilotus officinalis, and centella asiatica with oral administration in patients with chronic venous insufficiency. METHODS: Thirty patients with chronic venous insufficiency have been randomized in two groups of fifteen subjects (control and treatment group). During the period of treatment the patients didn't wear elastocompressive stockings. The therapeutic efficacy and the clinical tolerability of this association have been valued with clinical-instrumental evaluations and by a control after 15 and 30 days. Functional bothers, cramps and the edema have been valued in function presence and of their gravity with a clinical-score between 0 and 4. RESULTS: At the end of the observation period, a significant improvement of the clinical simptomatology was obtained, characterised by a diminution of the sovrafascial edema. CONCLUSIONS: The present study confirms previous clinical experiences regarding the described treatment and suggests its application in chronic venous insufficiency

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