I am skinny - how come I have cellulite?

  • Cellulite is superficial fat accumulation and it is found in the innermost layer of the skin. This means that cellulite is fat encapsulated IN the skin itself (that's why it cannot be removed by liposuction).
  • On the other hand, what we call "fat" as found in overweight people - and as opposed to cellulite - is fat stored just UNDER the skin.
  • Skinny people are those who do not have a lot of deep fat but they (mainly women) quite often have cellulite, especially after the age of 30 - and almost universally these days after the age of 40.
  • The causes of cellulite and (deep) fat are similar, but one of them, estrogen, stands out as the main cause of cellulite. Estrogen is the reason why most men do not cellulite. Hormonal contraception (pill, injections, patches, medicated coil) is the number one cause of excessive estrogen, and therefore cellulite, today. Sugar, lack of protein int he diet smoking, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, alcohol are other important causes of cellulite.
  • Slim women who suffer from cellulite, apparently keep a good calorie balance (otherwise they would not be skinny!), but they either take contraceptives, are not very active, consume sugary foods, smoke, binge-drink, follow a faddy low-protein diet - or a combination of the above.