Can I have permanent results with cellulite removal? Do I need maintenance treatments?

Can I permanently remove/reduce my cellulite?

Cellulite can be significantly reduced with:

  • the right anti-cellulite treatment
  • with a quality anti-cellulite cream
  • (rarely) with diet/exercise alone
  • ideally with the combination of all the above.

After you achieve a good result you can maintain the newly attained smooth leg appearance, if you take care of your diet and exercise regularly afterwards, and avoid smoking and alcohol drinking. However, if you start eating to many sugary/fatty/"carby" foods, drink excessively and stay sedentary, then cellulite is bound to reappear.

The reason is that even after you eliminate your cellulite, including all the fat cells in the area, you can always create some new fat cells - and thereby new cellulite - by eating badly and by not moving enough.

Contrary to what was believed a decade ago, your body continuously creates new fat cells to replace old ones, but only IF there is a surplus of calories in your system or IF you remain inactive. So the only way not to create new fat cells/cellulite is to exercise and eat healthily.

The same applies to connective tissue and blood/lymphatic vessels. If you don't use them you lose them, thereby running the risk of becoming "flabby" (due to deteriorated connective tissue) and "puffy" (due to deteriorated blood/lymph vessels), thereby making cellulite look worse again.


Don't believe the hype!

So if you are careful you can indeed stay cellulite-free for ever. However, thinking that after you remove your cellulite then it will never come back, regardless of how badly you may eat and how little you may exercise, is simply wrong. It actually goes against all laws of biology.

Beauty therapists or doctors that make you believe that they can delete all laws of biology with a (usually very expensive) treatment, are only after your money, so just don't believe the hype.

If you are not careful, fat will always find a way, regardless of what treatment you may have had in the past and how expensive your doctor/therapist is...


"But I want to live my life - I love eating, drinking, smoking..."

Many of the clients I see at my practice tell me that they cannot live like saints forever just to keep cellulite at bay, which is understandable.

I have two answers to this problem. The first one is that in any case you must live healthily for health reasons: inactivity, smoking, excess alcohol and excess/greasy/sugary/carby food can cause cancer, cardiovascular disease, arthritis and a host of other civilisation diseases - not just cellulite.

In fact, cellulite is just another manifestation of the same underlying problems (low grade chronic inflammation, toxin accumulation, blood vessel deterioration etc.) which occur all over the body and cause those diseases - and cellulite. So, as much as possible, live healthy to stay healthy - and beautiful!

The other answer to the problem of both eating your cake and keeping it, i.e. sinning a little bit with food/alcohol/smoking etc., is to have regular maintenance anti-cellulite treatments and daily applying a good anti-cellulite cream.

The more unhealthy your are the more treatments you will need, even up to once a week for the hedonists among you...

On the other hand, if you generally live healthily, you will only need a top-up treatment once in a couple of months, or maybe a course of six sessions once a year, to maintain that firm, smooth appearance indefinitely.