Can a cellulite treatment make your exercise effort go further?

  • Vigorous exercise (such as running, interval running, cycling/spinning, fast swimming etc.) provides the most potent lipolytic (fat releasing) stimulus in the body. This stimulus is much stronger than any drug could ever provide. And contrary to drugs, exercise is good for you and free of side-effects.
  • However, the fat release stimulus of exercise is applied on the whole body. You cannot reduce fat on a specific area by exercising the adjacent muscles. Even worse, areas that suffer from poor lymph drainage (such as the cellulite tissues) actually benefit less from the lipolytic effects of exercise than circulation-rich tissues.
  • That's where a strong cellulite treatment, such as high intensity, deep tissue radiofrequency, comes into play. A strong radiofrequency treatment releases fat from SPECIFIC fat cells, and also increases LOCAL circulation, which helps remove that fat away from the cellulite tissues and into the general circulation, where it can be burned for energy by the muscles.
  • The synergy is obvious: both exercise and radiofrequency stimulate fat release from fat cells and they both both boost circulation, making sure fat is taken away from the fat cells and into the muscles, and then the muscles burn this fat for energy. However, radiofrequency ensures fat is taken away from SPECIFIC fat tissue sites and circulation is boosted in that SPECIFIC fat tissue, two things which cannot happen with exercise. Not bad!
  • It would be perfect if you were able to run and have radiofrequency at the same time, but as this is impossible, you can compromise by having a your radiofrequency session (or a session of any other strong anti-cellulite treatment, such as high intensity ultrasound) just before or after exercise.
  • Perfectionists can have treatment both before and after :)