Botox for fat loss? Are you serious?

  • I saw a client a couple of days ago who came for face contouring on the under chin / jowl area and to my surprise she said that she also received Botox injections on that area for fat loss. 
  • As is well known, botulinum toxin (Botox) is a nerve toxin which relaxes muscles in order to reduce the appearance of wrinkles (muscles are attached to the skin of the face and when they contract they cause wrinkles - by relaxing the muscles you gradually soften the wrinkles).
  • However, Botox has no effect whatsoever on fat cells, so the injections on the under chin / jaw area  were suggested out of pure greed and they will have no other effect other than reduce the bank balance of my client and increase that of the Botox provider.
  • I hear about similar misleading claims every day: liposuction that reduces cellulite (this is impossible), cellulite reduction with one session (ditto), fillers injected in all the wrong places and Botox injected to tone up facial muscles (which is the opposite of what Botox does) - the list is endless.
  • it is sad to see people being misled by unscrupulous practitioners, which has the end result of making people cynical and resentful and hurts the entire aesthetic and cosmetic industry...