Aftercare treatments post-liposuction, vaser, smart lipo and bodytite

Why is post-lipo aftercare is needed

Like with all surgery, some aftercare treatments are essential after all types of liposuction, even if liposuction is performed by a very skilled surgeon. This is because pain and swelling always follow any intrusive procedure. The following side effects typically occur:

  • Loose skin (with plain lipo)
  • Excessive hardening of the skin (with vaser / smart lipo / bodytite)
  • Scar tissue formation / bumps (with all procedures)
  • Lumps of fat left unremoved (with all procedures)
  • Skin adhesion onto the underlying tissue, which leads to movement restriction (with all procedures, but especially so with vaser / smart lipo / bodytite)


Post-lipo aftercare treatment timeline

The recommended treatments differ depending on the timeline after surgery. Here is a short list: 

  • Day 3-20: Focusing on pain, swelling and tissue healing. During the first 2-3 weeks post-lipo aftercare treatments are very gentle and aim to minimise pain and swelling and prevent excessive scar tissue from forming. Mild lymphatic drainage massage by hand or with special lymphatic drainage equipment is needed in the first few days after any liposuction surgery. A firmer massage - but not too strong - must be applied from the second week onwards.
  • Day 21+: Focusing on scar tissue breakdown and cellulite reduction. From the third week onwards treatment can become progressively more vigorous: stronger lymphatic stimulation massage is preferred to the "fluffy" MLD variety used the first three weeks. In addition to reducing water retention, stronger massage also helps with the breakdown of scar tissue / hard bumps that typically form after lipo surgery, reduce fatty lumps and reduce cellulite (which liposuction does NOT remove), uncouple skin stuck on underlying tissue and increase range of movement.
  • Day 60+: After about 8 weeks you can start having a strong radiofrequency treatment to more effectively break down leftover fat and cellulite and tighten up the skin.


A good, multi-ingredient cellulite cream can help enormously

A good anti-cellulite cream, i.e. a cream that contains anti-inflammatory, circulation/lymph drainage-enhancing and lipolytic ingredients, should offer valuable with recovery as well as with cellulite and residual fat removal, and it can be applied throughout the different stages of recovery.

Cream application can start immediately, as long as contact with the portals (cannula insertion points) is avoided while the wounds are still open.