Adenosine stimulates fat burning in fat cells

  • Adenosine has been recently found to enhance the conversion of fat-storing white fat cells (white adipocytes) into fat-burning brown fat cells (brown adipocytes), both in human and animal fat cells, leading to reduced body eight.
  • On the other hand, adenosine is a well-known anti-lipolytic agent in white adipocytes, so possibly adenosine works by preserving adipocyte fat content and, in higher concentrations, transforming white adipocytes into brown adipocytes to oxidise this fat for energy.
  • This is an exciting development which may be utilised in the future for the prevention of obesity, but first a lot more research needs to be conducted in this field to fully clarify the role of adenosine on fat cells.
  • Source: Adenosine activates brown adipose tissue and recruits beige adipocytes via A2A receptors,