8 unexpected ways to reduce cellulite

Forget body brushing and coffee bean scrubbing…

…There are much smarter ways to reduce cellulite. We are pleased to share a few unknown ones with you.

1/ Have an espresso instead of rubbing coffee beans on your legs

And when I say have an espresso, I do not mean to drink it but to apply it on your legs. The whole coffee bean scrubbing hype is based on the assumption that caffeine passes through the beans into your skin, to fight cellulite. However, caffeine is so tightly bound on the coffee scrubs that there is not a chance in hell that it will ever reach your deep skin fat cells. All this hyped up practice does is exfoliate your skin. A cup of espresso, on the other hand, contains 100 mg of pure caffeine, ready to be absorbed by your skin. So instead of using the ground coffee beans, take advantage of this amazing caffeine extraction technology called “the espresso machine” and use it to your advantage to fight cellulite. Clever huh?

2/ Massage your skin with your hands instead of dry body brushing

Body brushing is another case of exfoliation touted as a cellulite reduction method. The problem with dry brushing is that in order to reach the deeper layers of the skin where cellulite lives, you would first need to scratch the epidermis to the point of bleeding, and you would still not achieve much. On the other hand, applying a very small amount of oil and massaging strongly your skin, not your muscles, with long upward strokes alternated by strong kneading, will actually make an impact on your cellulite. Not as much as professional treatments do, but definitely a whole lot more than dry brushing which achieves almost nothing.

3/ Stop the “pill”

Estrogen is the reason why women develop cellulite and men don’t, and the contraceptive pill contains a whole lot of artificial estrogen, which is known to stimulate fat accumulation on your thigh skin, a.k.a. cellulite. So go to your GP and discuss some alternative methods of contraception, and your legs will thank you for that.

4/ Have some decaf coffee - and tea and green tea...

No, decaf coffee is not made with “chemicals” these days and actually coffee, sans the caffeine (which some people cannot tolerate) is good for you. Most decaffeinated drinks are made these days with the Swiss Water Method which removes the caffeine but keeps all the beneficial polyphenols that are known to actually fight caffeine.

5/ Discover the wonders of the sea

Wakame, a seaweed you can find at most health food stores these days, is known to help burn fat, via a process called thermogenesis, especially when combined with omega-3 fish oils. So go on, indulge in some poached salmon and wakame salad, with a nice decaffeinated green tea on the side. That’s as healthy as an anti-cellulite meal can get.

6/ Have a turmeric shot

Curcumin, found in turmeric, has lipolytic (fat burning), anti-fibrotic and anti-inflammatory action (fibrosis and inflammation are two important aspects of cellulite). So add some turmeric powder to some coconut milk and perhaps a bit of stevia and make a leg-friendly and surprisingly yummy drink. You could always add a pure espresso shot to the mix for added oomph.

7/ Be a black Venus

Black rice, also known as “black Venus rice”, is packed with fibre as well as polyphenols (what most people identify as “antioxidants”. which are known to fight multiple aspects of cellulite). When it comes down to healthy carbs and cellulite, black Venus rice is the best compromise and a clear winner.

8/ Reconsider cellulite creams

Most women reject anti-cellulite creams as being “gimmicks” ad ineffective and quite rightly so, as most contain too few in the way of active ingredients to make any real impact. However, some cellulite creams do contain a high amount of actives, and in high concentrations, and combined with a healthy diet and exercise they can make a good difference. The Celluence® creams contain 40 different anti-cellulite actives, including polyphenols mentioned above. In addition to their effect on cellulite, the Celluence® creams also offer an instant relief for tired heavy legs, ideal for the summer.