This Valentine’s Day give the gift of a "Chocolate & Roses" facial

This Valentine’s Day give your skin the gift of Chocolate and Roses

Both Valentine’s Day and Mother's Day are closely linked to chocolate and flowers (roses in particular) in many people’s minds, so what better gift to offer yourself or a loved one than a Chocolate & Roses facial at LipoTherapeia, London’s natural anti-ageing clinic?


The treatment

Meso-CRF | Chocolate & Roses is a luxurious radiofrequency facial, specifically developed for Valentine’s and Mother's Day. It combines the anti-ageing benefits of dark chocolate, the skin tightening and lifting benefits of deep tissue radiofrequency and the indulgence of deep facial muscle massage with hyaluronic acid and sumptuous Rose de Mai essential oil.

The treatment aims to offer instant glow and lift to the face, neck and décolletage areas, based on a combination of nature and technology, while at the same time adding a touch of pampering and luxury.

A Meso-CRF | Chocolate & Roses facial session starts with a consultation and a cup of rose tea (rose chocolates are also offered for an extra touch of indulgence!) and followed by forty minutes of deep tissue radiofrequency treatment, applied with a formulation rich in hyaluronic acid and cocoa flavanols. The treatment ends with a deep facial massage, applied with a hyaluronic acid cream which is infused with essential oil of precious Rose de Mai essential oil (the "Provence" or "cabbage rose").


Cocoa flavanols, hyaluronic acid and radiofrequency

Cocoa flavanols, the “antioxidants” in dark chocolate, are renowned for their skin benefits. They have been proven by several studies to boost skin circulation, hydration, elastin and collagen, for a natural glow from within. Meso-CRF | Chocolate & Roses is totally different to the usual “chocolate facials” in that it it utilises pure cocoa flavanols, not just plain cocoa extract.

“We use the absolute best - and most expensive - cocoa polyphenol extract in the world, with 95% purity (as opposed to 0.5% found in cocoa and in common “chocolate facials”). That is £2,500 per kilogram of cocoa antioxidant goodness!”, LipoTherapeia’s director Georgios Tzenichristos explains. 

In addition to cocoa flavanols, the formulation also contains low molecular weight hyaluronic acid for deep penetration into all skin layers (normal hyaluronic acid stays on the surface). The hydration, skin plumping and anti-ageing benefits of hyaluronic acid are now widely known.

At the same time, LipoTherapeia’s Deep Tissue Radiofrequency™ technology boosts absorption of the cocoa flavanols and hyaluronic acid by 500% and intensively stimulates collagen and elastin production.


The rose de Mai facial massage

The treatment concludes with a luscious deep facial massage applied with a formulation rich in hyaluronic acid and the luxurious floral scent of Rose de Mai essential oil. This acts on expression muscles of the face to restore a fresh, relaxed expression and a plump, glowing complexion.


Luxurious, natural, non-invasive and effective

Radiofrequency intensity can be adjusted to very light for novices or for a more relaxing, pampering experience (skin feels soothingly warm during treatment and never uncomfortable). Or it can be more intensive (“but never, ever painful”, Georgios says), for a more impressive and long-lasting skin tightening and lifting effect.

In all cases, the treatment is non-invasive, natural (radiofrequency is basically "deep skin heat") and there is no downtime - you can go back to work or social life after your treatment.


Where to have it

Treatments are exclusively offered at LipoTherapeia, 151 Sydney Street, South Kensington/Chelsea, London, SW3

Single sessions last a bit less than sixty minutes (£200) and cover the entire face (including areas such as under eye, jawline, cheekbones, crows feet and forehead, for tightening, lifting and fine lines/wrinkles). Double sessions last a bit more than ninety minutes (£320) and cover the full face, neck and décolletage (ideal for crepey skin on the neck and for fine lines and wrinkles on the décolletage area). Courses of six sessions are also available (£960 for six single sessions and £1800 for six double sessions).

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