The ultimate cellulite & skin tightening boot camp plan

The 10 hottest tips to fast cellulite reduction



How to get rid of cellulite and tighten skin, fast!

Panic before the holidays? Need to tone that body fast? No problem. Cellulite specialists LipoTherapeia have just released their ultimate, 10-point, no-compromise cellulite boot camp guide, to be followed by more than one hundred expert tips and comprehensive advice on how to achieve the perfect summer body in the next few weeks.

Here you can read five crucial tips. Some of these tips may not be easy to implement, but then again, losing cellulite or tightening skin in one, two or even four weeks is never going to be easy - but it's worth it. Follow these steps and enjoy hotter, firmer, smoother thighs and bum in just a few weeks.



1>  lose the sugar

Sugar and cellulite

It is said that "sugar is the new smoking", and for good reason. Sugar causes skin ageing and blood vessel damage throughout the body by boosting inflammation and collagen-damaging glycation, which makes skin aged, loose, inflamed, grey and is a factor in cellulite. But most importantly, sugar stimulates the accumulation of fat in the deeper layers of your skin, commonly known as "cellulite".

The best way is to get rid of sugar is to go cold turkey, now. Just replace sugar with more-but-healthy food for the first week and don't worry about calories, until you break free of the addiction. Chocolate lovers can indulge in the super-healthy, chocolate-crave busting,cocoa protein shake described below.



2>  Run for the hills

Uphill interval running - fast step climbing for cellulite

Interval training refers to intermittent intensity running, cycling, uphill walking, elliptical training, swimming etc, typically involving super fast exertion for 30-60" followed by slow exertion for 60-120". 

Interval training is more fun, helps you burn more calories and boosts your metabolism way more than steady speed training of the same duration. For these reasons, interval training is THE best exercise for cellulite. Interval running, specifically, is even better, and uphill interval running is the ultimate anti-cellulite exercise.

A great variation of uphill interval running involves climbing up steps fast for 30" and then stepping down to your starting point slowly for 90". If you have knee or other joint problems go for intensive interval swimming instead.

(Consult a doctor if you are not certain about your cardiovascular capacity for any vigorous exercise.)



3>  Discover cocoa, turmeric & whey

Curcumin, whey and cellulite


Skin is made of protein. Collagen, that makes your skin firm, and elastin, that makes your skin elastic, are proteins. If you avoid protein, because you are led to believe that excessive protein is bad for you, you will not have enough protein to repair and to firm up your skin.

A great way to get high quality protein is non-denatured whey (vegan protein powder is fine too). Mix it with with high-flavanol cocoa, to benefit from the amazing anti-cellulite properties of cocoa polyphenols and also to get your daily chocolate fix, but without all the fat and the evil sugar (did you know that 70% chocolate contains 30% sugar?).

Add some turmeric (turmeric is anti-inflammatory, lipolytic and anti-fibrotic, i.e. perfect for cellulite prevention and reduction) and a hint of stevia for taste, and you have a super nutritious, cellulite-busting high-protein shake :)



4>  Learn to love hot and cold

Contrast showers for cellulite


Contrast showers, also known as hot and cold showers, produce a profound increase in circulation and metabolism and summer is the optimum time to benefit from them (few people can tolerate cold showers in the winter).

The alternation of hot and cold water constricts and dilates blood vessels, respectively, producing a powerful blood vessel pumping effect. The skin itself reacts in much the same way, and the overall metabolism is boosted by the cold water via a process called thermogenesis.

Start with hot water for a few minutes and then alternate with hot and cold every 1-2 minutes, ending with five minutes of luke-warm water. Again, if you are not certain about your ability to tolerate hot and cold water, ask your doctor first.



5>  Go for radiofrequency



High intensity, deep acting radiofrequency is THE most effective skin tightening and anti-cellulite technology known today. Nothing else compares to it. Deep tissue RF goes deep into the skin tissues where cellulite and the skin's large collagen structures are found, to stimulate fat release, collagen production and circulation increase, thereby tackling three major cellulite aspects at once.

Just make sure that the machine is strong enough, especially if you are a bit curvy or overweight, as this requires higher intensities for good results and most machines on the market are just not strong enough.

Meso-CRF® Body | Turmeric combines the highest intensity, safest and most comfortable deep tissue RF technology with powerful, highly concentrated extracts of turmeric, green tea, gotu kola and forskolin, among others.



6-10>  Creams, vibrations and more... 

Check the rest of the 10 cellulite boot camp plan tips, plus hundreds of pages of information on skin tightening, anti-ageing and cellulite, on LipoTherapeia's website.




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